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LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat, Separate Program for Heating and Cooling

LUXPRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat feature
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LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat

LUXPRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat.


Easy-to-use programmable thermostat for heating and cooling systems with separate weekday and weekend settings.

Regarding this product

  • daily and weekend programming that are separate
  • 4 times per day on the exclusive Lux speed dial
  • separate heating and cooling regimes. Disagreeable With: Heat pumps with many stages, gas or oil furnaces with multiple stages, 3-wire hydronic systems, and 120V/240 line voltage systems (without transformers)
  • locks the keyboard.
  • Temperature control: 7° to 32° C, 45° to 90° F

Please take note that items with electrical plugs are made for use in the US. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

In the box

  • Programmable Thermostat


  • Simple Installation
  • 5/2-day program or not programmable
  • simple-to-see backlight
  • User choice: two or four periods each day
  • Unauthorized use of the keypad lock
  • Manual hold and temporary override
  • bypassing momentary compressor protection
  • Temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius

Thermostat: Programmable vs. Non-Programmable

  • Thermostats enable you to change settings frequently throughout the day in order to enhance comfort and energy savings.
  • A wide range of programmable figures are available for all your task and end-user demands, and the Lux family of thermostats offers up to a 99.6% dependability rating.
  • Our product offers value, depth, and savings from simple programmable features. Thermostats that can be programmed are designed to fit the way you live.



Guarantee and Support

You can get in touch with the manufacturer directly or find out more information on their website if you’d want a copy of the warranty for a product you saw on Amazon.com. Manufacturers’ warranties might not always be applicable, depending on things like how the product is used, where it was bought, and who sold it to you. Please carefully read the warranty, and if you have any problems, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

Angel Frankfurt
The LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat in my house had the same style, but the battery compartment was rusting and occasionally it turned off by itself. It had come time to upgrade. I finished the installation in only 10 minutes because it went so well. This thermostat is my favorite because it’s so easy to use.

Galaxy Stuttgart
This thermostat was bought to replace an earlier, defective model of a different brand. Programming and installation were both very easy and straightforward. Regarding wiring and operation, the packaging’s instructions were quite detailed and simple to understand. In less than thirty minutes, I was ready to go. My furnace seems to be performing better as a result of this unit, however, it may just be a placebo effect after only a few days.

The thermostat seems to be operating beautifully (more consistent, warmer air being produced) The furnace filter feature is useless, which is a drawback. Even if you frequently change your filter (which I always do! ), if you don’t remember to update the thermostat’s settings to reflect the change, the thermostat will shut off.

Works till you reset the filter setting, at least that’s how I understand it from youtube reviews. What if you must spend a few days away from home? Because your thermostat believes your filter is dirty, will your pipes freeze? How foolish

Micheal Dresden
A 25-year-old programmed thermostat needed to be replaced, but we didn’t want a wi-fi enabled model. separates the workday and weekend temperature zones and sets and regulates those zones. Although we really liked our previous one, this one is a terrific upgrade. One individual found this useful.

Malcolm Leipzig
A 25-year-old programmed thermostat needed to be replaced, but we didn’t want a wi-fi enabled model. separates the workday and weekend temperature zones and sets and regulates those zones. Although we really liked our previous one, this one is a terrific upgrade. One individual found this useful.


What does “override” mean on my LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat?
Press the HW RST button while adjusting dip switch #2, which is located on the back of the LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat, to the ON position. Your thermostat’s programming features will be disabled as a result. “Override” displays on the display when the set temperature is increased or decreased in comparison to the programmed temperature.

On a LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat, how do you maintain the temperature?
In the display’s lower left corner, click “HOLD.” The top of the display will say “Heat Hold” if the mode switch is set to Heat, informing you that the device is in Hold mode. If the mode switch is set to Cool, the top of the display will read “Cool Hold,” informing you that the mode is in Hold.

How do I modify the LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat settings on my Lux?
Make sure the slide switch is set to “Run” and that the system mode is “Off”. The ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons should be pressed for 5–7 seconds. The display will flash a number between -5 and +5. The up and down buttons can be used to alter it as needed.

On my LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat, how can I adjust the temperature?
For manual operation, make sure you can see “HOLD” on the display. Right now, you can change the temperature whenever you want by pressing the up and down buttons. Once that happens, the temperature won’t fluctuate again until eternity.

How can I turn off the LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat override?
If you want to stop either override or start the schedule again, click the Run button. The phrase “Hold” will vanish, and the thermostat will be set to the preset temperature for the time being. Additionally, make sure the heat-off-cool switch is in the desired run mode.

Override heating: What does that mean?
Pressing the override button will turn on the heater if you arrive at 2 PM feeling chilly, and it will turn off at its regularly scheduled time in the evening. Pressing the override will turn off the heating if it is on and turn it back on at the next scheduled time. For hot water, the same holds true.

What does override in a LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat mean?
In essence, your override option enables you to briefly turn on and off your air conditioning equipment. It is a feature of the automatic settings on your machine. Making use of the override feature on your AC has various advantages.

What causes the on/off blinking of my thermostat?
Your LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat’s screen blinking may just indicate that the battery is low and that you should change the batteries before the gadget completely shuts off. If so, remove the thermostat’s screws from the wall and install fresh batteries.

When the heat symbol blinks, what does that mean?
The LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat is telling the heating or cooling system to operate when the words HEAT or COOL flash. There is probably a problem with the system if the heating or cooling is not working. To have your equipment serviced, get in touch with a nearby heating and cooling contractor.

Why won’t my LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat stay at the temperature I set?
Your LUX PRO FBA_PSP511LC Thermostat’s ability to read your settings may be hampered by the accumulation of dirt and dust on its mechanical contacts. You should remove any visible dust or dirt residue with a soft cloth. You can use an electrical contact cleaner found in most hardware stores if you observe any corrosion.

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