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‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039-Best Programmable Thermostat upto 1 week

‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 feature
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‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039

‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039


The 1-week Honeywell Home RTH221B Programmable Thermostat is a straightforward and user-friendly thermostat. Every day of the week is covered by a single hassle-free program on this one-piece thermostat. The extra benefit of selecting from 4 pre-programmed choices, including wake, leave, return, and sleep, expands the adaptability of a thermostat that is already adaptable. A crystal clear digital display is used by the RTH221B to provide accurate temperature control. With no auxiliary heat choices, this thermostat works with heating, cooling, and heat pumps.

Notice: Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.

Easy way to manage temperature precision

This 1-Week Programmable Thermostat is simple to use and helps to maintain the ideal temperature in your house at all times. It allows you to program your schedule with four settings – “wake,” “leave,” “return,” and “sleep” – for accurate temperature management and increased comfort. It is programmable for one week. DIY installation is made simple by the thermostat’s clear step-by-step instructions.

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About this item

  • One show airs every day of the week (4 periods per day)
  • precise temperature regulation of +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • Simple to install
  • Simple controls and operations make programming simple.

Make your comfort a specific match for your weekly agenda

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Technical specification


Assurance & Customer service

You may get in touch with the manufacturer directly or find out more information on their website if you’d want a copy of the warranty for a product you saw on Amazon.com. Manufacturers’ warranties might not always be applicable, depending on things like how the product is used, where it was bought, and who sold it to you. Please carefully read the warranty, and if you have any problems, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Customer Feedback Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039

William Moscow

Our old, analog thermostat was lately the source of a gas furnace issue, and when the repairman arrived, he took one look at it and suggested that we replace it. Naturally, he offered to install the digital thermostat he had in his truck for us for $240, but we respectfully declined and chose this far less expensive alternative. This thermostat has performed admirably for us thus far. It doesn’t have any fancy features; it simply has a single software that runs continuously, and there is no phone access or anything of the kind. Nevertheless, it serves our purposes. We simply wanted a thermostat that we could set and forget about, and thus far, things are going well.

Angela Saint Petersburg

This thermostat was the ideal choice for us because it can be set for various temperatures throughout the day. We didn’t need anything fancy or with lights, and this was quite simple to install and use. There are a few excellent YouTube videos that show you how to install the until and configure it after. Additionally, I believe this device reads the real temperature in the home far more precisely than the old thermostat, which only provided the current temperature (which was always off by 4-6 degrees). You’ll be content with this if you’re not searching for something with incredible bells and whistles.

Malika Kazan

The thermostat is working well. Basic, straightforward, and effective. My only complaint is that less than a month after I bought it on Amazon, it is currently advertised as $3.00 cheaper than when I got it when it was sold at 33% off its original price.

Big. J Moscow

The RTH221B Programmable Thermostat is Simple to Use, just as the box claims. The directions are straightforward, but you probably won’t even need them given how easy and straightforward the design is. Despite not being the most cutting-edge technology (it lacks Bluetooth), it can be programmed for the night, day, and daily away settings. Who needs their thermostat to be Bluetooth enabled? I advise you to set it and forget it. Additionally, the price is unbeatable; for $20, you simply can’t go wrong. Finally, Honeywell is the manufacturer. a reputable business with a lengthy history. I heartily endorse this product.


What are the controls on my ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039?
FAQs for the ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 Setting the temperature on your Honeywell thermostat is easy if you have a manual thermostat. To adjust the temperature, simply push the up and down buttons. Until you adjust it again, the temperature you set will remain.

How can I adjust my ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 temperature permanently?
Press up or down until the appropriate temperature is shown to permanently ignore the timetable. Press the Hold button to keep the new temperature for an infinite period of time. On the screen, the word “Hold” will display. If you want to stop either override or start the schedule again, click the Run button.

What ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 settings should I use?
While you’re awake at home, Energy.gov advises keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees, but reducing it while you’re sleeping or gone. Your annual heating costs might drop by as much as 10% simply lowering your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours each day.

How should I use my ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039?
To choose between fan-only, cooling, and heating modes, use the buttons on the thermostat. With the arrow buttons up and down, change the temperature. To save energy, program or schedule thermostats to use less electricity when you are away from the house. For details on particular configuration instructions, refer to your user manual.

Why won’t my ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 activate the heat?
Checking the thermostat should be your first step if your heating system won’t turn on. It’s possible that the thermostat’s battery failed, turning it off. A power surge, brownout, or sudden power loss may have resulted in your hardwired thermostat losing its settings.

Why doesn’t a ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 turn on?
The batteries being dead is one of the most frequent causes of thermostat malfunctions. The thermostat won’t operate properly if its batteries are dead. The thermostat’s batteries will then need to be changed.

What may make a ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 in a house cease functioning?
Your thermostat may break down due to defective wiring, loose connections, or disconnections. Check the wiring in your thermostat and secure any wires that are visibly loose. To repair your wiring issues, take into account for replacing the damaged wires or seek the advice of an experienced HVAC technician.

What does ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 permanent hold mean?
When you set the temperature to a temporary hold setting, the temperature remains that way until the next change in the schedule. The temperature setting you have selected will remain in effect with the permanent hold setting indefinitely. This overrides any previously configured schedules.

What do the symbols for a wake, depart, and return indicate on a ‎Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039?
Leave The period of time during which the home is empty throughout the day. • Return: The time frame within which the user makes a nighttime return. • Sleep: The time when a person goes to bed at night

Is it better to have the‎ Honeywell Home Thermostat RTH221B1039 on or off?
Less energy is consumed overall when your thermostat is set to AUTO, which significantly lowers your power expenses. Additionally, if you leave your fan on and running continually, or in other words, if you leave it in the “on” position, your air filter will last longer than it would otherwise.

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