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Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat-Best Programmable Thermostat by Google

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Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat


Smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat can learn your routine and set themselves to conserve energy. With the Nest app, you can manage it from any location, and it integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can change the temperature with your voice. Additionally, it has a gorgeous design, a sizable, brilliant display, and metal finishes to match any home’s decor.

  1. Working internet and Wi-Fi are required for remote control and smartphone alerts.
  2. For qualifying HVAC systems, alerts can let you know if there might be a problem. They are not intended as any type of endorsement, recommendation, or warranty regarding the condition of your HVAC system; rather, they are meant to offer useful information. Alerts aren’t meant to take the place of a professional HVAC diagnosis.
  3. Energy savings are not guaranteed and rely on the weather, energy consumption, and other variables.
  4. Voice control requires a device that is compatible, as well as active Wi-Fi and internet.
  5. Independent studies revealed that using a Nest thermostat can save heating and cooling costs by 10% to 12% and 15%, respectively. We calculated an average annual savings of $131 to $145 based on normal energy bills. Savings on your own are not secure.

In the box

  • Base
  • Optional Trim Kit
  • Display installing labels and screws
  • screwdriver nest
  • Installation instructions
  • an introduction
  • and a Nest Pro installation card

Easy to installation

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat 2

Regarding this product

  • Nothing more to program: The Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you and schedules itself with Auto-Schedule. Product note: On the Google Nest support page, you may use our online Nest Compatibility Checker to see whether a Nest thermostat will work with your system before you buy one.
  • Remote control: Using the Nest app, you can adjust your thermostat from anywhere.
  • Look for the Leaf: The Nest Leaf appears when you select an energy-saving setting for the thermostat.
  • Home/Away Assist: Avoid cooling or heating a vacant house. After you depart, Home/Away Assist changes the temperature.
  • Learn more to save more. To find out how much energy you consume and why to look at your Energy History.

The remote control

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat 3

makes promoting renewable energy simple

Google’s Nest Renew service helps you automatically prioritize your consumption to times when energy is cheaper or cleaner by integrating with compatible Nest thermostats. Joining is cost-free. And because installation is simple, you can start promoting a greener energy future from the comfort of your own home.

After you depart

Home/Away Assist automatically modifies the temperature. Therefore, a vacant home is not heated or cooled.

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat 4

Technical specification


Set up a weekly schedule

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat 1

Customer Reviews for Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat

Bixler Berlin
For the past few years, we have had three of them in our home. I bought it in 2018, however, I haven’t installed it yet. We used the first one for a few days when I eventually installed it, and it was so much simpler to use than the integrated Crestron shite we had.

After a period, I added 2 more to the huge house’s other HVAC zones, and to my joy, the HVAC systems stopped battling one another.

The remote sensors are also really helpful since I can notify the thermostat which zone I’m in using my phone or tablet, and it will switch to that remote sensor.

David Hamburg
Regarding this product, I have a lot of remarks to make. I’ll start with the situation I found myself in. My home, which has two stories, was bought last July. My own state of South Carolina has a high humidity level, and we seldom ever use our heating systems. The air handler and heater are both in the attic. The home was constructed in 2003. The Bryant brand heater installed by the contractor has never been changed. These heaters are a pain; I’ve had them previously. My price was decreased in half whenever I previously replaced them with Trane furnaces, and none of the crazy Bryant characteristics persisted.

Marta. k Munich
Since the functions are less versatile than you may imagine, not everything is as simple to connect to Alexa using analog technology. The current state of tech support is poor. There are problems with my combi boiler, underfloor heating, and radiators that are difficult to fix. These were useful to 2 individuals.

Darcy Cologne
fast and simple installation. simple to set up The white thermostat would function just as well if you’re trying to save money because it can be controlled via a phone app. The best aspect of this is that we got temperature sensors and heat our house remotely. The location of our thermostat makes the hallway warmer than the rest of the home because it has two vents. As opposed to earlier, our furnace now operates for longer with fewer starters. There is definitely room for improvement in the monthly reports.

Faq’s Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat

How long does it take for a Nest thermostat to learn?
Your thermostat will have figured out your preferred temperatures and a schedule for you after roughly a week. Though it will never cease learning, your changes won’t have the same impact on it as they once did. Your Nest thermostat will only continue to learn from a pattern of at least two comparable adjustments.

What differentiates Nest from Nest learning?
When you leave your house, they both automatically change the temperature. The more technologically sophisticated Nest Learning, on the other hand, can learn your routine and preferences in about a week and then automatically adjust the HVAC settings in your house. Although the Nest Thermostat is less expensive than the Nest Learning, it is more “manual.”

Why does Nest claim that it will take two or more hours to heat?
Five-minute intervals are used by your Nest thermostat to estimate the Time-to-Temperature. The display will say “less than ten minutes” when there are less than ten minutes left before the temperature you’ve chosen is achieved. Nest will display “IN 2+ HR.” if there have been more than two hours.

Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat: Are they worthwhile?
Can You Save Money With Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat? They can, but it relies on your behaviors as to how much and how soon. Those who have always been fastidious about finding methods to save energy may not notice much of a change with a smart thermostat after a year, especially when compared to the typical AC user.

What distinguishes a Nest’s second and third generations?
Additionally, the size of the thermostat is the only distinction between the Nest 2nd and 3rd Gen models. In comparison to the 2nd Gen, the screen size of the 3rd Gen is 3.25 inches. Additionally, the 3rd Gen has a somewhat smaller appearance.

Is Google getting rid of the Nest thermostat?
The Google Nest brand will continue to be used for the sale of Nest devices. Users of Nest will be able to switch to Google Accounts later this summer and control all of their Nest and Google Home devices and services with a single account.

In what order does a thermostat operate?
The sensor of a mechanical thermostat is made of a bimetallic strip, which is two metal strips bonded together. The two distinct types of metal expand and contract when the inside temperature changes, turning on and off the electrical circuit that is connected to your heating system.

Is there an automated heat/cooling switch on the Nest thermostat?
To try to maintain your house within the temperature range you’ve manually specified, your system will either heat or cool it. When necessary to achieve any planned temperatures or a manually chosen temperature, your thermostat will automatically convert your system between heating and cooling.

What is the process of a Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat?
What Is the Nest Thermostat’s Mechanism? The Nest Thermostat continuously modifies, learns, and adapts. After using your thermostat for a long, it gets to know when you like your house to be warm or chilly. Then it will create a schedule that automatically modifies the temperature to suit your requirements.

Why doesn’t my Google T3007ES Learning Thermostat achieve the desired temperature?
The maintenance band, deadband, difference, or temperature swing are frequent names for this delay. The delay, which often lasts only a few minutes, serves to protect your system from excessive wear and tear and to conserve energy: A built-in delay is present in many heating and cooling systems to save unnecessary wear.

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