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ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat-Best Thermostat with Voice Control

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat featured
86 / 100

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ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat


Start your smart home by installing a SmartCamera that provides you with unobstructed views of your entire house. Occupancy detection by SmartSensor offers an extra layer of protection, and notifications regarding unauthorized intrusions are sent by SmartSensor for Doors and Windows. You have everything you need to assemble your own home monitoring system.

In the box

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat 3

Regarding this product

  • FREELY COME AND GO. Haven lacks keypads and countdowns. Your system automatically arms and disarms to provide security without trouble.
  • MONITOR EVERYTHING. The Home Security Solution can detect movement, notify you when your doors or windows are open, and sound the smoke alarm.
  • PREVENT WASTED ENERGY: Ecobee will cut off your heating or cooling if a window or door is left open. requires a Smart Security membership, a SmartSensor for doors and windows, and an Ecobee smart thermostat.
  • 180° VIEW IN CRYSTAL CLEAR. The smart camera boasts a 180-degree field of view, 1080p HD video, and excellent night vision.
  • SET UP IN A MINUTE. The supplied devices are very simple to set up. Hardwires or screws are not necessary.

Voice Command

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat 1

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat 2

I present to you Ecobee Smart Security

the first home security system created to safeguard your house while conserving electricity. Defend your house from fires, robberies, frozen pipes, and rising energy prices.

comparative table

Works with all Ecobee devices
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manages hot or cold spots
Pauses HVAC to save energy 
Yes Yes
Detects the sound of a smoke alarm 
Yes Yes
Motion detection alerts 
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hands-free use
Alexa built-in Alexa built-in
Control with ecobee app
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saves video for 30 days
Yes Yes




Customer Rating

Dr. Angelina New York

I like how well this integrates with Apple HomeKit. I particularly enjoy how the HomeKit app uses facial detection to identify people, including family members you have images of on your iPhone. You may use the Ecobee app to program autopilot to automatically switch off when you get home and to start streaming and recording when you leave.

This is advantageous if you don’t want to be watched by the camera while at home. Along with Alexa built-in, the built-in alarm and smoke detector are further pluses. The clever focus function, which automatically pans and zooms to maintain movement and people in view without the camera ever moving, is something I enjoy.

Atchley Boston

This “security” camera was one of the more affordably priced Apple “Home Compatible” devices, so we decided to get it. What seemed to be a straightforward plug-and-play process became anything but with the aid of Ecobee assistance! We were coerced into an incorrect and falsely reported non-solution after verifying all of our Apple components for the most recent system upgrades, for current firmware, etc., and carefully following Ecobee support recommendations.

They were unable to assist us in using this camera with the Home App, and when they said, “Well, the camera works anyhow,” we felt offended. In the hopes that the problems were isolated, we returned the camera and waited for a replacement. By now, it should be clear that the new camera was unable to connect.

Litcean Charleston

Simple to set up using the Apple Home app or the Ecobee app The microphone functions nicely and the voice quality is good. As of December, the Ecobee membership service is no longer required, and it is completely interoperable with Apple’s HomeKit secure video platform.

My Eero wifi network is reliably connected. Cons Despite the fact that both films and pictures are 1080p, the picture quality of this camera is lower than that of my Logi Circle 2 and its movies have more noise and less detail. At best, performance in low-light conditions is average.

Kripa Washington DC

This camera serves as a baby monitor for me. We use the Ecobee applications on two phones to check the baby monitor on a regular basis. We have not put this as a device on Spotify, set up Alexa on it, or set up HomeKit. The experience has been positive up until this point. It began playing some arbitrary music loudly this morning extremely early. To find the source of the music, we scurried around. only to find that the sound is being played by the Ecobee camera.

I had to respond to my baby’s sobbing after being rudely awakened, therefore I was unable to shoot a video of the Ecobee camera acting strangely.


Should I set my Ecobee to heat or auto?
Your Ecobee thermostat’s auto mode is excellent for keeping your house at a pleasant temperature in milder climes or in between the heating and cooling seasons. The Ecobee will show two set points when in this system mode: one for cooling and one for heating.

Can Ecobee function without wifi?
Yes, to answer briefly. Your Ecobee will continue to operate as a standard thermostat even if there is no Wi-Fi connection; it will activate your equipment as necessary and maintain your comfort set points.

When a room is empty, what does Ecobee do?
Participating sensors that have detected occupancy in the last 30 minutes are included in Follow Me. The temperature data from a sensor will be progressively (not instantly) deleted from your eco bee’s set point calculation over a 30-minute period if you leave a room and it stops sensing motion.

How can I tell whether my Ecobee thermostat is functioning properly?
The system mode your thermostat is in is shown by an icon on the home screen. A snowfall represents “Cool,” whereas a flame represents “Heat.” The matching icon will be colored while the apparatus is in use. The symbol will become grey once the device stops operating.

Is auto heat preferable to leave on or off?
The option that uses the least energy is to leave your fan on AUTO. The fan doesn’t operate all the time; it just runs when the system is turned on. In your house, dehumidification is more effective in the summer. Cold cooling coil moisture might drop and drain outdoors while your fan is on AUTO.

In the winter, should the fan be on auto or on?
I believe that “auto” is the setting that is most conducive to energy savings when deciding whether to turn your furnace fan to “on” or to “auto” during the winter. However, that is not the only thing you can do this winter to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Is the ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat subject to a monthly fee?
The smart thermostat from ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat is it a monthly fee? No, there is no monthly charge for the Ecobee smart thermostat.

Can you manage ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat when you’re not at home?
When I’m not at home, can I still control my Ecobee3 Lite? Using the Wink app on your smartphone or the Ecobee online site, you may manage your ecobee3 lite. If you have installed room sensors, you may check in on rooms, change the temperature, and even customize your timetable.

What transpires to ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat when the electricity fails?
ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat needs a steady 24VAC power source to function. The Ecobee won’t turn back on if this power source is cut off until 24 VAC is restored.

ECOBEE EB-STATE5-01 Smart Thermostat Screen: Is it always on?
If your Ecobee thermostat is in a bedroom, for instance, you might want to turn the screen off while you’re sleeping, or if it’s in a hallway, you might want the screen to stay on at all times. A thermostat setting: Preferences may be found under Main Menu > Settings. Adjust the screen’s brightness.

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