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Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller-Best Temperature Controller Thermostat

Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller feature
86 / 100

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Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller

Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller.

Inside the box

Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller 1

  • Cielo Breez Lite
  • 5V DC Adapter with USB-C Cable (works from 100V-240V)
  • Wall Mounting Kit
  • User Manual

Set up a schedule

Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller 3


  • Any ductless air conditioner or heat pump is made smart with Cielo Breez Lite. CONTROL YOUR AC FROM ANYWHERE. To control your air conditioning from anywhere at any time, use the free iOS or Android app. NO recurring monthly payments.
  • BETTER CONTROL WITH MORE OPTIONS: Use the shortcuts for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri to communicate with your air conditioner. Additionally compatible with SmartThings and IFTTT is Cielo Breez Lite!
  • ALWAYS THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE: Smart features and built-in temperature and humidity sensors guarantee the ideal room temperature. Intelligent triggers may always be set up for an autonomous home climate.
  • Create zones for effective cooling and heating across your entire house by adding numerous air conditioners to your account.
  • Cielo Breez Lite is compatible with 2000+ ductless mini-split, window, or portable AC and heat pump types, making installation incredibly simple. It instantly recognizes your remote control and is really simple to set up. The setup just takes a minute. No tools are needed.
  • ENHANCED COMFORT & SAVINGS: Designed with energy savings as a top priority without sacrificing comfort. Cielo Breez Lite has a tonne of cutting-edge smart technologies that can save your heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.
  • LITTLE IN SIZE, BIG IN PERKS: Smart AC controller that is discrete, tiny, and unobtrusive and can easily blend in. A perfect home atmosphere is created with powerful features including weekly scheduling, Comfy Mode, geofencing, use history, air filter status, and more.
  • A DEDICATED CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM IS AVAILABLE FROM 9 AM TO 9 PM EST (Mon-Fri). You can contact us by phone or email, and we will assist you in any way. There are no bots, huge lines, or delays. We promise that you will speak with a real person and we respond to 98% of calls within 2 minutes.

Important note

Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.

Control from anyplace

Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller 2



Customer Rating

Carol London
This product works almost as well as its more costly sibling, the Cielo breez plus model, and goes extremely well with a tiny split. The only significant difference, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t appear to have the follow-me feature, which allows you to utilize the temperature sensor in your Cielo unit as the temperature sensor that the unit strives to please.

Although not a deal-breaker for the device I linked it with, it is useful. My two Cielo units both require a specific position in order to function properly, thus they could both use a stronger or transmitter.

Mowat Bristol
I received two breeze light units, and even though I followed the QR code instructions, the mini split did not work. My phone restarted, and I tried again, but it didn’t work. When I phoned customer service, I spoke with a live person in less than two minutes. Sam’s remote control model numbers were located, and when he entered the data for them, I was good to go. Everything functioned. The two units in our home were then turned on and off according to a timetable I had established, and 36 hours later they were still doing so. I appreciate your assistance with this straightforward issue. Alistair

Grazie Liverpool

PHATY Birmingham
I ran across installation issues due to a user mistake. As soon as I contacted the support line, Jason answered (twice! ), and he understood precisely what I needed to do to install my Breeze Plus. This will greatly simplify and improve the quality of our lives.


What is the process of Cielo Breez ECO?
You may use your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home to operate your air conditioners after connecting them to the Wi-Fi router. includes all necessary attachments, including a complimentary table, and stand if you’d rather set it down on a desk or table. It aids in the creation of zones for effective heating and cooling.

How does Cielo Breez ECO operate?
Concerning this item. SECURELY MANAGE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER: The Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC controller is compatible with IR-equipped small split, portable, and window air conditioners. It connects to the Wi-Fi router and allows you to use your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home to operate your air conditioners.

How is a climate Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller reset?
The “Reset” or “ACL” button on the remote control may be pressed with a ballpoint pen or other tiny item to reset the device. Pushing the button should cause the screen to go black, and releasing it will cause the remote to return to its default settings.

On a Smart Board, where is the reset button located?
The Interactive Whiteboard’s lower-right side is where you’ll find the Reset button (when viewed from the front). 2. Disconnect and then re-connect the USB cord to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to restart all of its components.

The Cielo Home app is what?
Your air conditioner can be intelligently controlled from any location with the Cielo Home App. Keep an eye on your living space and receive real-time updates on the temperature and humidity in your room at all times.

How do Cielo gadgets work?
You may upgrade your mini-split, portable, or window air conditioners to smart air conditioners using Cielo smart Wi-Fi air conditioner controllers. Through your smartphone, you may manage your old or new AC from anywhere.

Why won’t my Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller turn on using the remote control?
Replace the batteries and make sure the metal parts are not rusted. Check the user guide again to make sure you’re using the proper batteries, and remember to check the remote to make sure you’re putting them in the right way as well.

What caused my Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller to malfunction?
Even after correctly inserting the batteries, if it doesn’t function, there can be debris or an obstruction between the metal contacts and the batteries. Removing the rear cover will allow you to access the batteries and clean the contacts of any debris or dust using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

How is SMART Board troubleshooting?
A different USB port on the PC should receive the USB cord. On the connected computer, install the most recent version of the SMART Product Drivers. Put in the most recent firmware. Disconnecting the power cord, waiting a short while, and then reconnecting the power wire will reset the interactive whiteboard.

How do I configure my Cielo Breez BL102WA Smart AC Controller?
Go to WiFi Settings, More, Tethering & Portable Hotspot, and then select Portable WiFi Hotspot to set up AirTouch as a hotspot. Set a password that will also be used for the Local Access Password Protection before turning it on. Once connected, you may use the app to control AirTouch with your smart devices using this WiFi Hotspot.

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