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Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller Smart Thermostat-One of the Best Compact Thermostats

Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller feature
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Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller

Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller.

Using your smartphone, manage your window, portable, or mini-split AC from anywhere.

In the box

  • Wall mount kit
  • Table stand
  • 5V adapter & USB cable


Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller 1


  • CONTROL YOUR AIR CONDITIONER: The Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC controller is compatible with an IR-equipped window, portable, and small split air conditioners. You may use your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home to operate your air conditioners after connecting them to the Wi-Fi router. includes all necessary extras, such as the wall plate and a complimentary table stand if you’d rather set it down on a desk or table. It aids in the creation of zones for effective heating and cooling.
  • CHOOSE TO GO GLOBAL OR STAY LOCAL (FIRST OF ITS KIND): The device must first be registered using your Wi-Fi before you may manage the linked AC without Wi-Fi. Local controls on the device make sure that even without Wi-Fi, you can control every aspect of your connected AC locally. Power ON/OFF, fan speed, swing position, operating modes, and many other things. By keeping your device linked to Wi-Fi, you may continue to operate your AC from any location.
  • Automatic remote-control detection, convenience, cost savings, and live support Your remote control is instantly recognized by Cielo Breez Plus and configuring it is really simple. It provides you with the utmost convenience and financial benefits by assisting you in saving up to 25% on your air conditioner energy costs. There is a dedicated support team at Cielo Wigle to assist you if you run into any issues. Visit the Cielo Wigle website to contact the support staff, which is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST (Mon–Fri).
  • YOUR CHOICE: IOS, Android, Web, Alexa, or Google Home Configure location-based controls for automatic operation and energy savings, regulate your ACs, and establish weekly schedules according to your lifestyle. You may save up to 25% on your AC’s energy costs by using Cielo Breez Plus. It improves your comfort, convenience, and way of life. You always know the most recent information thanks to Cielo Apps’ comprehensive chronology of events. You may see the whole chronology of air conditioning actions from any location.

Make A Note of This

Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

Easy to control from anyplace

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Track use history

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Specification of Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller


Make a schedule of your device

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Reviews of Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller

Jasmine Estonia

I have had two Cielo Breeze Plus units for a number of months, primarily throughout the cooling season. However, as the fall in Ontario, Canada, becomes cooler, I am now using the units in heating mode. Before discovering the Cielo Breeze Plus, I did a lot of research, purchases, and returns.

TM Oslo

This is the wifi controller to purchase if your mini-split did not come with built-in wifi controls (or even if it does) (Cielo Breez Plus). One of my two Fujitsu HVAC systems has wifi controls, the other does not. I’ve used a different brand of wifi controller before (name starts with as), but I wasn’t a fan for a few reasons. Because it lacked local controls, it would be out of sync if someone used the Fujitsu remote. Additionally, the app’s settings were never consistent with what the Fujitsu remote could accomplish.

Harry Tallin

In order to heat and cool my mother’s home, I have a Daikin unit. The portable remote’s tiny buttons and screen make it challenging for elderly people to operate and understand. I attempted to contact Daikin about a potential remote app solution, which they did, according to their website. But getting in touch with an agent or rep to talk further about it was pricey and challenging. Fortunately, I came upon this Cielo add-on gadget. This gadget was reasonably priced and simple to attach to my current device.

Additionally, the screen is big enough for my mother to read and see.

The controls are straightforward to operate, making it quick to switch the device on and off, adjust the temperature, and pick from a variety of various settings.

Pierre Helsinki

Sensibo, the more well-liked choice, left me unimpressed, so I made the decision to test the Cielo Breez Plus. This item appears pricey, yet it performs so wonderfully. As a tech-savvy home user, I want a smart device that is simple to install and completely compatible with my current environment (Alexa, in my case). The Android app’s UI should be improved, however, this is only a minor complaint. Just a little comment on Cielo-customer Wigle’s service: they are always responsive, even for pre-sales inquiries.


How does Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller function?
Regarding this item. HOW TO MANAGE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER With an IR remote control, a window, portable, and small split air conditioners may all be controlled by the Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC controller. You may use your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home to operate your air conditioners after connecting it to the Wi-Fi router.

How should Cielo Breez Plus be configured?
As shown by the red box, press the add device button. Step 2: From the list of devices, choose “Cielo Breez Plus.” Step 4: Click the red-highlighted “Wi-Fi Settings” button. Connect your smartphone to the Cielo Device Wi-Fi in step 5

How does a Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller in a window use ECO?
An energy-saving setting called “Econ mode” functions similarly to a central Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller. Once the desired temperature is attained, the room air conditioner will shut off. The fan will then turn on for 20 seconds every 10 minutes to sample the temperature of the air. The compressor will restart if the room temperature rises over the predetermined level.

Why won’t my Cielo smart Wi-Fi air conditioner turn on using the remote control?
Replace the batteries and make sure the metal parts are not rusted. Make sure you are using the proper batteries by checking the user manual again. Also, remember to check the remote to make sure you inserted the batteries correctly.

What caused my Cielo smart Wi-Fi air conditioner controllers to malfunction?
Even after correctly inserting the batteries, if it doesn’t function, there can be debris or an obstruction between the metal contacts and the batteries. Removing the batteries and cleaning the contacts with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol after removing the rear cover once more.

Where is the reset button for the Cielo smart Wi-Fi?
Start by looking for it around the machine’s exterior, especially around the bottom edge close to the ground. The reset button on an air conditioner is usually red and obvious, so it should be simple to find. If you can’t see a reset button on the exterior, it can be hidden behind the service panel within the device.

How can I test the functionality of my AC remote sensor?
One of the remote control’s buttons should be pressed and held. Look via the LCD or viewfinder. When you push buttons on the remote control, a light should appear in the viewfinder or cellphone screen if the remote control delivers a signal.

Does the AC thermostat have a reset button?
Most HVAC system thermostats offer more features than buttons for adjusting the temperature. They frequently also feature a reset button. You could find a reset button on your HVAC system’s thermostat, whether it’s a regular thermostat or a smart thermostat.

How do Cielo smart Wi-Fi air conditioner controllers gadgets work?
You may upgrade your mini-split, portable, or window air conditioners to smart air conditioners using Cielo smart Wi-Fi air conditioner controllers. Through your smartphone, you may manage your old or new AC from anywhere.

The Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller app is what?
Your air conditioner can be intelligently controlled from any location with the Cielo Breez Air Conditioner Controller App. Keep an eye on your living space and receive real-time updates on the temperature and humidity in your room at all times.

How do I configure my AirTouch?
Go to WiFi Settings, More, Tethering & Portable Hotspot, and then select Portable WiFi Hotspot to set up AirTouch as a hotspot. Set a password that will also be used for the Local Access Password Protection before turning it on. Once connected, you may use the app to control AirTouch with your smart devices using this WiFi Hotspot.

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