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Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R-Best Alexa Compatible Thermostat

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R feature
82 / 100

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Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

With Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology, the Amazon Smart Thermostat combines more than 130 years of HVAC expertise with the power of Alexa.

Features of Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

  • Smart upgrade: switching to an Amazon Smart Thermostat from a conventional thermostat is a simple way to save electricity.
  • Energy savings: The EPA estimates that ENERGY STAR-certified thermostats reduce annual energy costs by an average of $50.
  • On-the-go control – Use the Alexa app to adjust the temperature from anywhere or let Alexa set it for you.
  • Reliable – Built with 130 years of experience and Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology.
  • Spend less – Following your purchase, Amazon will send you an email with information on possible rebates from energy suppliers in your area. Browse the rebates above.
  • Automatic comfort – Alexa can update the temperature for you and configure it to keep you at a comfortable temperature.
  • You’ll be able to do it since the Alexa app will walk you through the installation procedure, but customer assistance is also always accessible.

Energy control with the Alexa app

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R 1

Specification of Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

Size 3.56 x 3.56 x 0.84 in (90.4 x 90.4 x 21.4 mm)
Weight 3.86 oz (109.5 g) Actual size and weight may vary by the manufacturing process.
Model number S6ED3R
Compatibility Compatible with most 24V HVAC systems (i.e. conventional forced air, heat pump, radiant boiler). Not compatible with 110-240V HVAC systems (like electric baseboard heat).

Requires a C-wire power or power adapter kit (sold separately). Most homes have a C-wire. Click check compatibility to see if your home is compatible or requires a power adapter.

Certifications ENERGY STAR – For EPA’s ENERGY STAR requirements, see energystar.gov.

ECOLOGO Silver – Select replacement parts are available for 3 years after the end of production of your Amazon Smart Thermostat. Learn more here.

In the box Amazon Smart Thermostat, installation tool, wall plate, cosmetic plate, and quick start guide.
Network connectivity 2.4 GHz only, 802.11 b/g/n. Does not support 5GHz networks or connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) wifi networks.
Audio No far-field microphone; Alexa-enabled device required for voice control.
On-device control 3 touch buttons on the device (Temperature Up, Temperature Down, Select/Mode).
On-the-go-control Alexa app, voice control, on-device, and Echo device compatible.
Installation method Guided installation in the Alexa app. (You may need a power drill, 3/16” drill bit, and a level.)
Setup technology Amazon wifi simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their wifi network in a few easy steps. Wifi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter. Learn more here.
Alexa App features Indoor humidity sensor reporting, energy dashboard monitoring, and scheduling (up to four time periods can be configured, each day of the week).
Automatic Control Option to enable Thermostat Hunches in the Alexa app for automatic control. If Alexa has a hunch nobody is home or everyone is asleep, she can adjust the thermostat automatically. Learn more about Hunches.
Thermostat Hunches Enable Thermostat Hunches in the Alexa app. If Alexa has a hunch nobody is home or everyone is asleep, she can adjust the thermostat automatically. Learn more about Hunches.
How do Hunches work? When your phone leaves your home area and nobody interacts with Alexa for a while, Alexa might have a hunch nobody’s home. If no one interacts with Alexa for a while at night, she might have a hunch everyone is asleep. When someone interacts with Alexa or uses smart devices, she can tell that someone is home. Alexa learns from your daily interactions and improves over time.

You can also help Alexa know when you go to bed or leave home by saying, “Alexa, goodnight.” or “Alexa, I’m leaving.

Support Click here to get help using and troubleshooting common issues with Amazon Smart Thermostat. To see questions and answers from other Amazon customers, click here to visit the Amazon Digital and Device Forum.
Warranty and service 1-year limited warranty and service included. Use of Amazon Smart Thermostat is subject to these terms.
Generation Amazon Smart Thermostat – 1st Generation – 2021 release
Standby Power 0.89 Watts


Voice control your home appliances

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R 2

Technical info of Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R 4

Remotely Control  your home environment

Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R 3

Customer rating Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R

Alison Los Angelas

The thermostat is amazing now that it’s operating. A true steal that is really simple to set up and offers all the essential features I want. I only wished it had a “Hold” feature, which would have allowed you to set the temperature at a level that would prevent the calendar settings from overriding it. For instance, I would like the heat to be reduced to 62 and remain there until I manually adjust it back to the schedule if I would be gone for 12 hours. If I have a schedule established for that 12-hour period without the “Hold” option, the Hold temperature will be changed to the scheduled temperature. For instance, if I leave my house at midday, I’d like to conserve energy. I want to set a “Hold” temperature of 62 degrees for that block since I plan to return at 10 PM. However, this thermostat will alter the 62°F I set back to the scheduled temperature at 2 PM if I have a schedule where my heat is set at 70°F each day at 2 PM.

jack Oslo

I’ll start by discussing installation before moving on to the review itself. This smart thermostat is fine overall. I wouldn’t grade it as an A+, but I also wouldn’t grade it as an F. It successfully completes the initial test and keeps the temperature steady. But generally speaking, you expect more from a smart thermostat, and this one is just sort of adequate in that regard. You get what you pay for because it’s inexpensive and pretty basic.

 Kalika New York

Love the packaging; it reminds me of how the NEST arrived with everything you needed when it was originally installed; the only other tools I need were a drill and a harmer, but this is typical for this install. The C (common) wire is now the subject that everyone finds most confusing. No matter which firm you choose to deal with when upgrading to a smart thermostat, here is where you need to do your research on what you need. For me, it was really simple to get my spilled unit—a boiler and air conditioner—to start and complete within 30 minutes on my second-floor flat since I had an additional cable. Right now, I use a 24-volt transformer on my first level.

Jay Sydney

I bought this item for a number of reasons, chief among them being that my Google Nest stopped connecting to the WiFi. Now, typically I would just replace broken equipment. No matter how much debugging I did, the second Google Nest that had the same issue (primarily because the home already had one installed and it was so simple to pop on the other one) never connected again. The fact that my home already has a significant number of Amazon devices (Ring cameras, Ring doorbells, Astro, and Alexa), making the decision to choose an Amazon brand product a no-brainer, was another factor in my decision.


Can the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R be controlled manually?
You may use the Alexa app as a remote control or press buttons on the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R display. Press the Temperature Up or Temperature Down arrows on the Amazon Smart Thermostat display to quickly change the temperature.

Is it possible to use an Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R without a C wire?
A C-wire or a power adaptor kit is needed for the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R. To find out whether your house already has one, use the compatibility tester. The Alexa app has instructions for guided installation.

When the power goes off, what happens to the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R?
The set point and schedule are stored by the thermostat, yes. The only data the thermostat “loses” when the power goes out is the time right now. The Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R will resume its previous settings and configuration as soon as the power is restored. Additionally, it will automatically rejoin the Wi-Fi network.

Can Alexa be used without the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R?
You’ll have to get familiar with Alexa because the Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R doesn’t function with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. To set up the thermostat and for tasks more complex than changing the temperature, you’ll really need the Alexa smartphone app.

Is an Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R remote controllable?
With an Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R connected through WiFi, you can manage the HVAC system in your house using a smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker. Once installed, a phone thermostat app will allow you to make adjustments remotely.

Can an Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R be manually operated?
In the same way that conventional thermostats are hardwired, Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R likewise requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to function remotely. A smart thermostat may be manually controlled just like a standard thermostat even if your Wi-Fi is down.

I want to install an Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R, do I need an electrician?
Your best choice is to correctly install and run a C-wire to your new Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R, which necessitates the knowledge of an electrician. When dealing with electrical wiring, even if you discover a DIY article or video online, the risk to your health or house isn’t worth it.

What occurs if Nest is installed without a C wire?
The Nest charges itself from the C-current wires in a system with a C-wire, and everything works as it should. However, in systems without a C-wire, Nest charges its battery whenever the air conditioning or heating is used. It uses a little portion of the electricity to recharge its own battery.

What is the price of a new Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R?
With manual thermostats costing between $15 and $35 and Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R costing between $200 and $300 or more, each of these types has a separate price range.

Are Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R more energy-efficient?
Your ability to save energy can be significantly increased by installing a good smart thermostat. The Amazon Smart Thermostat S6ED3R, for example, may actually save energy costs by up to 23%. This can result in annual savings of several hundred dollars. Smart thermostats benefit homeowners in the long run.

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