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How to Test Car Speakers-Simple Guide for Car Enthusiasts

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How to Test Car Speakers

Being a car enthusiast, you must be a fan of fabulous audio systems and when it comes to audio the first word that comes to our mind is speakers. Car Speakers are the most indispensable part of an audio system. They should be at their best as some of you cannot drive without listening to music or audio of any kind. But they are most infuriating when they are inoperative.

Have you ever had trouble with the music system of your car and felt helpless and thinking about what to do? So being a car fanatic you must know how to test car speakers before installing them without spending a heavy amount of money on car mechanics.How-to-Test-Car-Speakers-1.jpg

A true audiophile knows the importance of speakers in a car audio system. If there is any oscillation in the working of the speakers, this is a thing not to be ignored. Car speakers must be tested from time to time to check their effectiveness and performance before they get damaged. Testing your car speakers might seem like an intricate task but when you are into it, it is not that much difficult as it seems to be.

Times there is a problem with the speakers but you have to start testing the connections and wires. So before testing the speakers you must know how to go through the system. Knowing your speakers, you must keep an ear on the audio quality of your car speakers. Whenever you feel the sound quality is getting shoddier you must test the audio system starting from the wires, fuse, amplifier, capacitors, battery, and speakers themselves.

Here in this article, I will explain a complete step-by-step guide on how to test car speakers. But first, clear your mind about whether you should have component speakers or coaxial

Step 1-Checking Wires or Car Speaker Wire Polarity

Loose or broken wires can cause disconnectivity as well as poor sound quality. So first of all you should check that the speaker wires are intact and undamaged. If wires are generating problems then you should go to a professional technician.

Checking the wires as the first step to speaker testing can guide you on whether you just have to fix the wires or whether your speakers will further pass through a quality test or not. Because overlooking the small issues can cause big damage and faulty part may remain there. We hope this could have answered your query about how to test car speaker wires briefly

Step 2-Testing Speakers Manually

Another popular step is to test your speakers manually. There are a lot of ways to inspect car component speakers manually. You should keep an ear on the sound of your speaker observing the following points.

  • When the speaker’s coil is producing a scratching sound.
  • When the speaker is producing an irregular rhythm.
  • When the speaker’s diaphragm is torn or damaged.
  • When the speaker is producing a burnt smell.

Step 3-Testing Speakers Using Battery

Amazingly, speakers can be tested effortlessly using a household battery. Simply you can connect speakers to the battery to check its operation. This process tests the efficiency of the speaker in a fraction of a second.

You need the following items to know how to test car speakers with a battery.

  • AAA or AA or 9-volt battery
  • Connector cap
  • Two pieces of wires
  • A tape
  • Tools for cutting wires
  • The speaker that needs to be tested


There is a specific method that has to be followed step by step to learn how to test car speakers with the help of a battery

  • First of all, prepare your battery well and attach wires but do not attach the wires for a longer time.
  • Just touch the wires and release them immediately when speakers produce sound.
  • Touch the positive terminal of the battery to the positive side of the speakers and vice versa.
  • Now you have to diagnose the problem with your speakers.

Step 4-Testing Speakers Via Multimeter

You should also have a clear idea of how to test car speakers with a multimeter. To test your speakers by this method, you have to fix the multimeter to the point where the wires are fixed. Now you will see numbers on the meter. This reading on the meter should be 1.0 Ohms. If you get this reading it means that the speakers are working properly. If this reading shows you infinity in numbers it means that your speakers, whether a component or coaxial, have a problem.How-to-Test-Car-Speakers-3

How to test Car Speakers-Concluding Remarks

I anticipate that information in this article will benefit you to test your car speakers by yourself without spending a dense chunk from your pocket. Now onwards whenever you have a problem with the close-to-heart music system of your car, you have well-known information that from which step should you start checking your speakers and how to follow a complete step-by-step procedure to get it done.

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