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How to Use MK Smartwatch With Iphone-Complete Information

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How to Use MK Smartwatch with Iphone

Michael Kors is one of the most renowned luxury designer brands. It has also become a well-known name in the world of lavish smartwatches as it was amongst the first few designer brands to embrace wearable tech.

Michael Kors focuses on infusing its luxury looks with hybrid smartwatches as well as fitness trackers. It offers super stylish smartwatches to both men and women which come with appealing design and ease of use. It offers smartwatches in the same design as the ones that aren’t smart. These smartwatches are compatible with iOS as well as Android smartphones and offer a number of features while being linked to them.

People often ask how to use mk smartwatch with iphone? The Michael Kors smartwatches, when paired with your smartphone, can perform a number of functions including:

  • Downloading Apps
  • Customizing the Watch Faces
  • Contactless Payments
  • Monitoring Fitness and Health
  • GPS tracking
  • Notification viewing

The latest smartwatches from Michael Kors are the Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw and the Michael Kors Access Gen 5E for women. They feature the latest hardware and software updates and run on Wear OS.
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Do MK smart watches work with iPhone?

Initially, the MK smartwatches came with Android Wear and worked with Android devices only, however, now it has been changed to Wear OS, making them compatible with iPhones as well.

The Michael Kors smartwatches work with iPhones, but the real question is how to use MK smartwatches with iPhone? They feature limited functionality when paired with iPhones, as compared to Android devices. The smartwatch will show you notifications, allow you to download apps directly from the watch, and show you incoming phone calls and calendar events, but it won’t show your iMessages or allow you to reply to messages from third-party apps.

How to connect Michael Kors Smartwatch with iPhone

The MK smartwatches can now be paired with iPhone with ease as iPhone comes with the Wear OS app pre-installed. You can follow the few simple steps given below to connect your Michael Kors smartwatch with your iPhone:
To answer the question how to use mk smartwatch with iphone?, We must first understand how to pair MK smartwatch with iphone. following are the steps

Step 1: Download the Wear OS App

How-to-use-MK-smartwatches-with-iPhone (1)

If your iPhone doesn’t come with the Wear OS app already installed, you can download it from the App store. Go to the App store, and in the search bar type Wear OS by Google and download the Wear OS by Google App.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth

How-to-use-MK-smartwatches-with-iPhone (2)

From the corner of your iPhone’s screen slide down, to open the control panel. Tap and hold on the Bluetooth to open its setting. Turn it on.

Step 3: Select language on Smartwatch

On the screen of your smartwatch tap to start the pairing. Select the language of the clock by using the wheel of the watch or by sliding down the screen.

Step 4: Agree to Terms of Use & Start Setup

Now, confirm in the check box to agree with the terms of use. On the screen of your iPhone, select to “Start Setup”. On the second screen, select Agree to agree with the terms of use.

Step 5: Enable Bluetooth Sharing

On the screen of your iPhone, you will be asked to Enable or Disable Bluetooth Sharing. Tap on Enable. A prompt message will ask “Wear OS” would like to use Bluetooth. Tap on “OK”.

Step 6: Finding your Watch

The Wear OS App will now start searching for the watch. When the name of your Michael Kors watch will appear on the screen, tap it to start pairing. A prompt message will appear saying “Bluetooth Pairing Request”. Tap “Pair” to pair with the smartwatch.

  • When the watch is connecting for the first time, a screen saying “Confirm code to connect” will appear on the screen of your iPhone with a code on it.
  • The same code should appear on your Michael Kors smartwatch. If the code is different, reset your smartwatch and follow the above given steps again.
  • Press “Confirm” on your iPhone.
  • The connection process will take a few minutes.

Step 7: Google Account Details

Once the pairing process is completed, enter your Google account and password to continue. When the syncing is completed select “DONE” on your iPhone’s screen.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully connect your smartwatch with your iPhone.

What if you fail to pair your Michael Kors Smartwatch with your iPhone?

Sometimes, the two devices won’t pair together due to some underlying software issue, which can be simply solved by redoing the entire process or restarting your device. Follow the below given steps to pair your smartwatch with your iPhone.

  • Turn on your device’s Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the Smartwatch.
  • On your iPhone, open the Wear OS by Google app. Pair the watch using the previously mentioned steps.
  • If the device fails to connect, go to the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone and forget the smartwatch.
  • Now, open the Wear OS by Google app again and reconnect them.

Wear OS by Google App – Michael Kors Smartwatch Pairing app with iPhone

The iOS app that pairs the Michael Kors smartwatch with your iPhone is known as the Wear OS by Google app. This app will allow you to access a number of benefits of the pairing Michael Kors smartwatch with iPhone:

  • View detailed data of Google Fit which is collected from the readings of the smartwatch.
  • Edit notifications and calendar settings
  • Google Assistant can be accessed from the smartwatch without having to install the Google Assistant app on your iPhone.
  • Smartwatch face settings


The iOS app doesn’t support the following features:

  • Responding to Gmail using the smartwatch
  • Reply to iMessages using the Michael Kors smartwatch.
  • Replying to third-party apps messages like WhatsApp.

Accessible Features of the Michael Kors Smartwatch when connected to iPhone

When your Michael Kors smartwatch is connected to your iPhone, it can allow you to access a number of features.

Getting Notifications on the MK Smartwatch

The following notifications can be seen on your MK smartwatch when paired with iPhone:

  • Incoming Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Calendar Events
  • Apps

To get the notifications on your smartwatch, you will have to enable them from your iPhone. This can be done while pairing the two devices. You can also do this by going to Settings > Notifications > Wear OS > Allow Notifications on your iPhone.

Access in Hand

The smartwatch provides you access to a number of features on your wrist. You will be able to see the following information on your Michael Kors smartwatch when it is connected to your iPhone:

  • Checking weather
  • Checking schedule
  • Tracking packages
  • Checking flight or hotel reservations

Built-in Voice Assistant

The smartwatch allows you to ask questions and do everyday tasks using the built-in Google assistant. It allows you to ask the voice assistant to translate phrases, check stalks, find locations, and many other things.

Customizing the Watch Faces

The Michael Kors smartwatch faces can be personalized, using the Wear OS app from your iPhone.

In the Wear OS app, you will find a “More” option, on the top side of the screen. Select “set to clock”, once you have changed the theme.

Setting Wallpapers

The wallpaper of your smartwatch can also be changed according to your wish. Hold down the screen for 3 seconds. Slide the screen to left or right, to choose from the different wallpapers. Select the one you like.

Downloading Apps

The apps can be directly downloaded to the Michael Kors smartwatch without requiring your iPhone.

Tracking your Fitness

You can record your fitness and measure your progress to keep yourself motivated:

  • Count your steps
  • Track your workout, etc.
  • Set goals to push your workout sessions.

Making Countless Payments

If you have NFC or Google pay, you can make contactless payments using the Michael Kors smartwatch. This allows the iPhone users to carry out contactless payments other than Apple Pay.

Enjoying your Music and Media

The Michael Kors smartwatch allows you to control your music and media without having to use your iPhone every time to wish to change or play the music. It allows you to control the music easily from your wrist. The Michael Kors smartwatch allows you to:
Start or stop the music or podcasts from the smartwatch. You will not have to use your iPhone to control music anymore.

How can I block notifications on my Smartwatch?

The watch will not vibrate, if your iPhone is set to Do Not Disturb mode.

Some apps’ notifications are blocked by default to avoid duplicate alerts. The notifications from apps can be blocked using the Michael Kors smartwatch or by using the Wear OS by Google App.

To Block Notifications from the Wear OS by Google App

  • Open the Wear OS by Google App, on your iPhone.
  • Go to settings, by tapping the settings icon.
  • Tap the Block app notifications option.
  • Tap the + icon
  • Tap the app to block its notifications.

To Block Notifications from your Smartwatch

  • Go to car, on your watch
  • Swipe to left, until you find the Block app option
  • Tap the Block app option.
  • Tap the check mark to confirm.

To Unblock Notifications

Notifications from apps can be blocked by using your phone.

  • Go to the Wear OS by Google App.
  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Block app notifications.
  • Tap edit. Find the app you wish to unblock.
  • Tap Unblock.

How to download a third-party microapp on the smartwatch?

The third-party micro apps can be downloaded by going to Google Play. To do this follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Enter the App menu by tapping the power button.
  • Scroll down and look for Google Play. Select it.
  • Note: A Wi-Fi connection will be required for iPhone users.

How to Use MK Smartwatch with Iphone-FAQs

How can I pair a new smartwatch with my iPhone?
You can pair a new smartwatch to your iPhone in the Wear OS by Google App using the following steps:
Tap Pair a new wearable and follow the instructions.

How can I unpair the MK smartwatch from my iPhone?
You can unpair the MK smartwatch by factoring in resetting the MK smartwatch.

How many Michael Kors smartwatches can be paired with my iPhone?
You can only pair one smartwatch app using the Wear OS by Google App at a time.

How to Use MK Smartwatch with Iphone-Conclusion

Michael Kors produces luxury, stylish, and updated smartwatches with the latest features. These smartwatches were initially made for Android users, but later on, the software update allowed them to be compatible with iOS devices as well.

They provide a number of features when connected to iPhones like contactless payments, customizing watch faces, etc. However, these features are limited as compared to the Android device. They lack options like iMessage App responding, third-party replying, email operations, etc.

So, the above-mentioned data has answered all of your queries about how to use mk smartwatch with iphone. The smartwatches that are most compatible with iPhones are obviously the Apple watches, however, you can follow the above-mentioned information to get the most out of the Michael Kors and iPhone connection.

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