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Are Garmin Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone

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Are Garmin Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone?

Garmin produces one of the best smartwatches. They come with great handy features and provide accurate tracking of activities. They are also very elegantly designed and well-built.
Garmin Smartwatches are famous for their GPS tracking of a large number of physical activities such as tracking your pace and heart rate monitoring, after all, they are budget-friendly smartwatches. Another amazing feature of these watches is that allows you to pre-program your route for a walk or a run.

They also provide top-rated smartwatch features. But are Garmin Smartwatches compatible with iPhones?
There are a number of Apple users that don’t prefer Apple smartwatches as they are costly and have relatively low battery life, and if you are one of them then this article is made for you.

Garmin watches are more fitness oriented whereas, Apple watches focus on delivering enhanced health information and user interface at a high price.
Garmin and Apple both produce high-quality smartwatches but Apple watches are comparatively expensive and therefore a lot of iPhone users tend to opt for Garmin features as they deliver somewhat the same features or better than Apple watches at a cheaper price.

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Garmin Smartwatches’ Compatibility with the iPhone?

The simple answer to this is YES, but obviously, there are certain system requirements.

  1. Garmin smartwatches are compatible with an iPhone having iOS 7 or above.
  2. An app named “Garmin Connect” is required to be downloaded from the App Store to connect the Garmin watch to your iPhone.
  3. The connection of the Garmin watch with the iPhone is made via Bluetooth.

However, they aren’t completely compatible with iPhone as compared to Apple watches but they provide better fitness and health tracking. There are some limitations like the Garmin App doesn’t support Siri, and you won’t be able to reply to text messages when using Garmin watches with Apple.

But when you talk about fitness tracking, the Garmin watches are better than Apple watches. This is because Garmin watches are highly accurate when tracking and monitoring, and they are more rigid.

What is Garmin Connect?

The Garmin Connect app is the main source of communication between your Garmin smartwatch with your iPhone. It is the app where all your activity stats and data are stored, allowing you to analyze your progress.Are-Garmin-Smartwatches-Compatible-with-iPhone-1

Garmin Connect or Apple Health?

Garmin Connect is better than Apple Health and this is again due to the numerous features provided by this app, whereas Apple Health has limited features. Garmin Connect allows you to monitor your skin’s temperature, sleep tracking, accurate location data, and BMI tracking and provides feedback and updates on your progress. Often, smartwatches measure blood sugar and check if Garmin smartwatches have that feature or not.

If you are an athlete or focus on health and fitness tracking Garmin App provides more training sessions and features for recording the metrics as compared to Apple Health.
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How to Sync Garmin Smartwatches with iPhone?

In order to use Garmin smartwatches with iPhone, it is necessary to download the Garmin Connect app available on the App Store. is Garmin compatible with iPhone? After downloading this app, you can follow the below stated steps to sync your Garmin Smartwatch with your iPhone.

  1. Turn on iPhone’s Bluetooth from the control by swiping down from the corner of the display.
  2. Open the Garmin Connect App.
  3. At the bottom right-hand corner, tap the 3 dots named More.
  4. At the top right corner, there will be a watch icon with a green dot. Tap on it.
  5. It will open the Garmin Watch settings. There will be a sync option right in front of the watch’s name. Tap it. This will start syncing the data from your watch to your Garmin App on the iPhone.
  6. A little blue bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, when this bar turns green, it means the sync is complete.

When you finish your workout and sync the data to your iPhone, all your activity stats will be updated in the Garmin app.

Garmin Smartwatch or Apple Watch with iPhone

The question arises here are Garmin smartwatches compatible with iPhones or not? Apple Watch is the best fit for use with the iPhone as it provides all the features like the use of Siri or replying to text messages, however, Garmin watches attract iPhone users due to their better performance at health and fitness tracking and feedback at a lower price.
Apple watches are no doubt fancy and well-built whereas, Garmin watches are a bit chunky and have a plastic-made body. But what gives them the upper hand on the Apple watch is their features.

you can also connect to an alternative apple watch. Garmin Watches are more durable, have a longer battery life than Apple Watches, provide feedback, consist of advanced running metrics, and are better for fitness tracking like running or workout sessions or sleep tracking. Garmin Smartwatches with an iPhone might lack some features which are mainly Apple Pay and no responding options to SMS or messages from the iPhone.

What if Garmin Watch fails to connect with iPhone?

Sometimes your Garmin smartwatch might fail to connect or sync to your iPhone and in this case, you can follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, update your Garmin smartwatch to the latest available version.
  2. Secondly, update the Garmin Connect App from the App Store.
  3. Check if your iPhone has an iOS 7.0 or above.
  4. Check the Bluetooth version. It must be 4.0 or more.
  5. Sometimes, your Garmin watch will fail to connect to your iPhone due to the insufficient battery of either the watch or the iPhone. Make sure they have at least 50% battery.
  6. Try unpairing the Garmin watch by turning off iPhone’s Bluetooth and pairing again.
  7. When nothing else works, restarting the devices is the best option as there can be some underlying software issues that are beyond our understanding. Therefore, try restarting your iPhone and Garmin watch.
Are Garmin Smartwatches Compatible with iPhone-CONCLUSION

Garmin Smartwatches provide the best health and fitness tracking interface, and progress and feedback features. When connected to an iPhone, you might lack some features but for athletes and people looking for better health-tracking features, Garmin watches are better at a relatively lower cost.
Garmin watches are compatible with iPhones using the Garmin Connect app but lack some features like Siri.

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