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Best Pack of Wifi Smart Plugs-KMC Mini 4 Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug

KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug FEATURE
88 / 100


KMC Mini 4 Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug

KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug

REGARDING KMC Mini 4 Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug

The Smart Plug Mini is always and everywhere controllable! The KMC Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug offers wireless lighting and appliance control. Compact small smart plugs may connect devices and operate your gadget using your phone without the need for a hub. You may turn your on and off your devices with the KMC Smart app. Your entire family benefits from additional features like Away Mode and device sharing.

Notes: In order to save energy, outlets will keep their most recent setting after a power loss.


KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug 2


Voice command
Set up your Smart Plug Mini and app with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa for voice control ease.

Control from any location
It’s not necessary to have a problem or feel anxious because a table light was unintentionally left on at home. To operate your devices from the couch, a coffee shop, or the Caribbean, simply download the free KMC Smart App.

Keep the children on a schedule.
Your Smart Plug Mini’s scheduling features provide you with more control over your child’s daily activities. Make sure the television is off while your children are supposed to be completing their schoolwork, and make sure they are well-rested and prepared for the following day.


KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug 1




KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug 3

NOTE: Please take note that items with electrical plugs are made for usage in the US. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.


KMC Mini 4-Pack‎ 30153 Smart Plug 4CUSTOMER REVIEWS

PENNY B. from San Francisco

KMC swiftly responded to my question and requested further information about the issue, but in the meanwhile, I discovered how to reset the plug, and it appears to be operating normally again. Not sure what the issue was that prevented the connection; it may have been a wifi bug, a power surge, or perhaps someone disconnected it and then plugged it back in. Whatever the source, the issue was remedied when I connected the device and kept the button down until it began to blink. From there, I just had to follow the “add device” instructions on Smart Life and Alexa. I’m taking away a star since the issue could have been resolved and the business was prepared to take action. If not for the trouble, it would receive five stars.

HARLAN from Connecticut

I like them more than the earlier model. These fit in my smaller, confined settings. The response is also delivered significantly quicker than the alternative. I’m unsure about the wifi range because I’ve seen that this doesn’t rely on the perimeter of the outside. The responsiveness is excellent within the home where the wifi connection is strong. I use Chrome, and it really responds to voice commands more quickly than when I manually turn the on and off the program.

CHARLIE BROWN from New Jersey

I adore this since it is extremely helpful to me and is simple to set up. With the KMC schedule timer, it now turns my red heat light and daylight on and off at a set time and keeps my night heat light on for 24 hours. I had a problem with being on time with turning Izzy’s (bearded dragon) lights off on time because sometimes they don’t get to go off so it’ll be daylight for a day and a half. She was content before, but now, because of KMC, she is really content.

Amelia from New Orleans

The installation and setup of the smart timers were simple. They are used for my holiday lights, and I want to continue using them. I am happy I bought this. There were no instructions provided on how to make a schedule to have them turned on and off at specific times, so I had to look it up on Google.


Will smart plugs function without WiFi?
The Smartwave plug does really function without Wi-Fi, but only after the first configuration. Even when there is no Wi-Fi connection, the Smartwave plug will automatically switch on and off your appliances and devices since it keeps its programming inside.

Can a KMC smart plug be used to start my AC?
The answer to the query is a categorical NO. While remaining in the same price range, smart plugs do not offer the same advantages as an intelligent AC controller. The air conditioner is not in communication with them. They serve as a hard switch to turn off the electric power to the air conditioner.

When you’re not home, can you operate a smart plug?
Yes, it is the solution. You can remotely manage your household appliances using smart plugs. When you’re gone from home and remember you forgot to switch off an appliance, this function is helpful.

What is the smart plug’s range?
Features. The smart outdoor plug has a built-in power amplifier for long-range Wi-Fi with a reach of up to 300 feet and works with a protected 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network without the need for a separate hub.

What app is used to operate the smart plug?
The Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet may be used to switch on and off any device that is plugged into an Amazon Smart Plug. You can program timers and routines for all of the Smart Plugs in your house using the Alexa app, and you can use your voice to manage your devices both remotely and in your home.

What distinguishes Type D and Type M plugs from one another?
Their bigger pins and 15A current rating set them apart from Type D plugs. The hot and neutral pins are both 18.94 mm long, 7.06 mm in diameter, and separated by 25.4 mm from the center earthing pin, which is 28.89 mm long and 8.71 mm in diameter.

Are KMC smart plugs energy-intensive?
1-2 Watts are used by smart plugs. Kilowatts per hour are used to calculate your energy cost. That is 1 kWh to 1000 Watts. Therefore, throughout the course of a year, 1 Watt of power may produce 8.76 kWh of electricity.

Can AC be powered by a battery?
Yes, to answer briefly. You can run your RV AC unit on batteries if you have the right tools and enough batteries. The majority of air conditioning machines require an inverter to convert DC battery power into AC power in addition to lithium batteries.

Smart plugs: security danger or not?
Not typically. The same safety standards that apply to other plugged-in devices also apply to smart plugs. As with any electrical gadget, as long as you don’t overload the outlet, you should be safe. The potential for hacking is the main worry people have regarding smart plugs.

When the power goes off, should you unplug it?
Unplugging any devices or appliances is one of the first things you should do during a power outage to protect them from power surge damage once the power is restored. If you can’t disconnect your sensitive equipment in time, they should be on surge protectors to prevent harm.

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