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Best KASA Smart Plug HS103P4 by TP-Link

90 / 100


KASA Smart Plug HS103P4

KASA Smart Plug HS103P4


The HS103 Kasa smart plug makes it simple to start managing lights, fans, humidifiers, and other electronic devices around the house. You might benefit from the hands-free ease by adding voice control to any outlet. The Kasa app has all the features you would expect from the TP-Link Kasa family in addition to installation instructions that will walk you through each step of connecting your smart plug to your home Wi-Fi, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

In the box

  • HS103 Smart Wi-Fi Plug Lite





  • Wi-Fi connection required; simple setup and use required. Connect the device, use the Kasa app, adhere to the easy instructions, and enjoy.
  • Setting your wifi smart plug to automatically switch on and off any household electronic appliances, such as lamps, fans, humidifiers, Christmas lights, etc., using a timer or countdown schedules
  • Kasa smart plugs with voice control that function with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Take advantage of the hands-free simplicity of using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to voice-control any household smart product.
  • Designed and built in Silicon Valley, Kasa is dependable and trusted by over 5 million customers, earning the PCMag 2020 readers’ choice award.

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KASA Smart Plug HS103P4 2


Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.


KASA Smart Plug HS103P4 4

Smart Moves

Connect your plug to other Kasa items and create interactions. Connect a lamp to your outlet so that it will switch on when your camera detects movement.

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Schedule the automated on and off of your linked devices at predetermined periods.

Countdown Clock
Your linked appliance can be timed to switch off when the allotted time is over.

Use & Runtime
View run times to monitor the use and reduce energy use

Off mode
To provide the impression that you are home, Away Mode will automatically turn on and off connected items, such as lighting.

Easy Setup

KASA Smart Plug HS103P4 7


MARTY K from Bristol
My home was recently wired for a generator. I thought I’d acquire these plugs and leave them running for a while in order to obtain a true picture of how much power each of my electrical appliances takes. I was interested in learning how frequently appliances like a freezer or refrigerators cycled on and off.

I installed one of these plugs on my refrigerator but discovered that the control device for monitoring temperature and other factors uses enough electricity to fool the plug into believing it is always on (any measurable amount of power shows as “on”, even under .1 watts)

JACKY from Leicester
I adore the app, all the symbols available for naming the device, how simple they are to set up, and the pleasant little click that occurs when I use the app to switch off my gadgets. It is effortlessly linked to my Google Home app and complies with all of my habits. For reference, I have them connected to two Christmas trees and a lamp.

I’m not sure what to use the fourth one for just yet since the rest of our lights are smart bulbs and the majority of the appliances I’d like to plug in (coffee maker, Dyson fan, old tv, etc.) still require the power button to be depressed. The plugs are completely faultless.

THOGINA from Liverpool
During the holidays is when I mostly utilize these plugs. I’ve never seen a connectivity issue if you leave them linked after they are. It might be annoying to set up several plugs when it takes many attempts to reconnect after being disconnected or unused for months (but they usually do). Overall, I have not yet discovered the PERFECT smart plug, and this one functions just as well as the others. I would advise

ALIAS from Southampton
Like most people, I rearrange my family room each year to make a place for our Christmas tree. However, despite having a foot pedal-style switch for the tree, it always ends up between the sofa and the tree and is thus challenging to reach with either hand or foot. I made the decision to test these outlets this year, and thus far, I’m extremely pleased. Installing the software and setting up the switch for my phone’s WiFi was quite simple.

Now I don’t have to reach dangerously around the decorations; I just open the app and light up my tree. I don’t know the range of connectivity because my router is in the same room, and I choose not to connect to Alexa because I like the app as is.


Does the Kasa Smart Plug function offline?
A: Yes, even if the Smart Home gadget loses its internet connection, such features will still operate.

Has Kasa ever worked away from home?
A smart plug may be programmed to turn on and off at odd times to make it appear you’re home even when you’re not.

Can Kasa Smart Plug be used without an app?
As was already said, the app is required for initial setup. Once the devices are connected to your network, you may stop using the app.

When Wi-Fi is unavailable, what happens to smart plugs?
Many Wi-Fi-based plugs and switches will still function even without an internet connection, but some of the more sophisticated features, like voice control, won’t.

One smart plug may be controlled by two phones.
A: In fact, you may use two or more devices to operate the smart plugs. You must, however, utilize the same account login across all of your devices since you cannot have numerous accounts controlling the same smart plugs.

Can the Kasa app command other gadgets?
One Tap Will Manage All of Your Devices. Discover the four simple steps for configuring the Grouping functionality in Kasa Smart. Organize all of your gadgets under one management with just one tap on your smartphone.

Is a Kasa account required?
Yes, you will be prompted to form an account if this is your first Kasa device when you add your first camera. You can control the Kasa Cam and other Kasa devices using a Kasa account.

Why can only locals use the Kasa plug?
The outlet is not yet linked to the Kasa server for control over the internet, but you may still control it through your local network if you see that app.

How many things can I plug into one socket at once?
Never “piggyback” additional appliances on extension cables or wall outlets or plug more than two appliances into a single socket at once. Use only outlets made to accommodate many plugs. Be aware of how much electricity you are applying to a circuit or outlet. Some advice limiting the maximum wattage of each outlet or circuit to 1,500 watts.

Can Kasa be used with TV?
This connector may be used to power the TV and regulate how much power it receives. Therefore, you can switch off your TV using the Kasa app on your smartphone from anywhere, but you might not be able to turn it on.

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