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Best Strip Smart Plug-Kasa Power Strip KP303 Smart Plug

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Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug

kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug.


The Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip is perfect for your family rooms, home office, or small company, powering your office remotely and even your holiday decorations. It has independent control of 3 devices and extra USB connections to charge 2 others. Use the Kasa smart app to remotely control each outlet, or Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana to issue voice requests. System requirements for the Kasa app are iOS 10 or Android 5.0 or above.

Regarding this item

  • 3 smart outlets plus 2 USB ports: Three individually controlled smart outlets and two USB ports that are constantly on can support five appliances at once. Perfect for powering electronics at the workplace and at home.
  • ETL-certified surge protection guards delicate electronics and appliances from unexpected power spikes.
  • Create schedules and timers to switch on and off particular outlets at predetermined times to improve efficiency and reduce your power expenditure.
  • basic setup To start managing your devices, plug in your smart power strip, download the Kasa Smart app (Android, iOS), and connect to WiFi.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control. Use voice commands to operate plugged-in gadgets to free up your hands.

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Note: Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify the compatibility

Features of Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug

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Easy Setup

To start managing your devices, plug in your smart power strip, download the Kasa Smart app (Android, iOS), and then connect to WiFi.

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Just One App Can Do That

With over 35 distinct products divided into four categories, Kasa can meet all of your demands for a smart home.

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Guarantee and Support

You may get in touch with the manufacturer directly or find out more information on their website if you’d want a copy of the warranty for a product you saw on Amazon.com. Manufacturers’ warranties might not always be applicable, depending on things like how the product is used, where it was bought, and who sold it to you. Please carefully read the warranty, and if you have any problems, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Rating of Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip

Richard Amsterdam
The TP-Link Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip gadgets are fantastic, and they function well with Alexa. I have both the energy-monitoring three-plug and five-plug models, and I can regulate each plug separately. The strips required a bit more effort to set up than the single plugs, but once they were, there was no issue. If needed, it is simple to plan programs for on and off. Unlike WeMo, they are not problematic for me once they are set up (which are gradually being replaced).

I enjoy being able to monitor how much energy is being used, and Kasa goods are so much more dependable (on the ones with that ability). Last year, I installed outside plugs (KP400), and when they were inserted They recalled my settings from this year.

HYG Rotterdam
My life in my smart home has been much facilitated by this power strip. I can schedule the on and off of my gadgets, operate them remotely, and keep track of their energy use thanks to this power strip. Additionally, it works with Alexa, so I can control my gadgets with voice commands.

The fact that this power strip is inexpensive and manufactured by a reputable company is one of its greatest features.

I’m only stating this since many brands that are comparable are made by low-quality third parties. It is difficult to find a power strip with comparable functionality at a reasonable price, but this one provides excellent value. I am quite happy with my purchase and would suggest it to anybody who wishes to upgrade and modernize their residence

Cindy The Hague
So, when I originally received this, I assumed it would be really simple and inexpensive. I was surprised to see that TP-Link actually spent effort designing this. This is an amazing item to add to any smart home integration, with three regular three-prong plugs and two USB ports on the strip. The gadget was simple to set up and only took three minutes from beginning to end. Each plug may be given a new name, and the Google Home app will recognize those names.

victoria Haarlem
I chose to test a smart plug surge protector to plug in the numerous aquarium-related accessories while I built up a new aquarium. The option to independently turn off the plug for the aquarium filter during cleaning time piqued my curiosity in particular. It’s also fantastic that the aquarium light can be set on an intelligent timer. I chose the three-AC plug unit since it has a small form factor and can accommodate the aquarium’s demands.

I’ve used the app for a number of years and have been utilizing Kasa Smart plugs. The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip was simple to set up and only took three minutes. Additionally, my Amazon Echo and Alexa (as well as my Smart plugs from Kasa.


Can a Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug be plugged into a power strip?
A power strip may be plugged into a TP-Link Smart Plug, and you can use the Kasa app or voice commands with Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to switch it on or off. The power strip’s total amperage and wattage demand should not exceed that of the Smart Plug’s rated amperage and wattage.

Can Kasa Smart Plug be used without a Kasa app?
As was already said, the Kasa app is required for the initial setup. Once the devices are connected to your network, you may stop using the Kasa app.

Can I operate my Kasa when I’m not at home?
Set your Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug to turn on or off automatically while you’re home or away using the Kasa Smart app.

How does the Kasa Smart Plug function?
Without a separate hub, the Smart Plug operates over a protected 2.4GHz wireless network. Simple voice commands may be used with Alexa or Google Assistant and your smart plug. The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is smaller than other smart plugs and can be stacked in the same outlet thanks to its tiny design.

Can several people use the Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug?
If a second mobile device is required to administer your smart device, try joining into the admin account using the same email address and password on that second device using the Kasa APP.

When not in use, should Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug be turned off?
These switches are commonly found on surge protector Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strips, which protect your gadgets and appliances. When you put all of your devices into a Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip and turn it off when they’re not in use, the devices are actually off. Shut Off Your Devices

Is it acceptable to connect a TV to a Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug?
TVs, lights, and other home objects shouldn’t be overlooked. A kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug may get overworked from having so many things hooked into it. The majority of individuals probably don’t give the number of plugged-in gadgets much thought.

Can a Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip be left on continuously?
Sparingly use Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip. They can soon overheat if used too regularly because they are not made to support a load for long periods of time. Don’t. Ever use “daisy chaining”—plugging one Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip into another—to connect Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip together

What distinguishes the Kasa Power Strip kp303 smart plug from the mini?
A: What a wonderful question. The amount of electrical amperage that each is rated to carry distinguishes the two. The Kasa small and Kasa light are each rated to handle 15 amps and 10 amps, respectively.

How many devices can a Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip accommodate?
Up to six devices can be powered by a typical Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip. You can see from the chart below that a Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip may consume between 1210 and 1660 watts while powering a light, radio, computer, printer, and two monitors. The suggested 80% circuit load is just 1,440 watts, but a 15-amp circuit can only deliver 1,800 watts.

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