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Best Smart Plug by TP-Link, Kasa Mini Smart Plug (KP115) with Energy Monitoring

Kasa Mini Smart Plug (KP115) FEATURE
79 / 100


Kasa Mini Smart Plug (KP115)

Kasa Mini Smart Plug (KP115)


The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug KP115 with Energy Monitoring lets you control lighting, fans, humidifiers, and other appliances from anywhere. To prevent waste, keep an eye on every plug-in device’s usage and set timings and routines. Any outlet may be given voice control if it is linked with Alexa or Google Assistant. The Kasa app has all the features you would expect from the TP-Link Kasa family in addition to installation instructions that will walk you through each step of connecting your smart plug to your home Wi-Fi, Alexa, or Google Assistant.


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NOTICE: Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.

Smart Moves

Connect your plug to other Kasa items and create interactions. Connect a lamp to your outlet so that it will switch on when your camera detects movement.


Control at any time, from anyplace
Unsure if you turned off your curling iron after leaving the house? To conserve energy and prevent electrical risks, double-check it and manage it from a distance.

Group Control
You may link your smart plug with other Kasa Smart devices using Group to control them all at once with one tap on your smartphone.

Saving Space in Design
The new plug is smaller than the earlier Kasa energy monitoring plug HS110 to free up the surrounding outlets.

Off mode
Enable “away mode” so that it switches on and off at random times to fool possible trespassers.


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SIMON from Wyoming
My echo dots work with the Kasa tiny plugs. I can ask Alexa to switch on any plugged-in device, including lights, fans, and other devices. When you have to get up at the crack of dawn, Alexa lets me set a time for her to turn on the lights in my bedroom so they turn on with my alarm. You may ask the Echo Dot (Alexa) to turn on or off a single light, all the lights in the home, a specific room, or the entire house. I also enjoy that I can use my smartphone to switch on or off the lights when I’m away from home. I can also use my Alexa app for that, but I prefer to use the Kasa app.

JOBY K from Utah
decent Wi-Fi range. simple to set up However, I am unable to buy more until a firmware update is created to ensure that the device reconnects to Wi-Fi in the event of Wi-Fi issues brought on by power outages. If the disconnect is brief, it will reconnect; but, if the power changes and your Wi-Fi goes off and on again, it gives up. If something like this occurred while you were gone and a plan had been established for light timers, etc., it would be disastrous. In other words, should such a situation arise—for example, trees briefly touching electricity wires during a storm—it wouldn’t continuously reach out to try to reconnect at predetermined intervals like every half-hour or three hours, etc.

Daniel from Colorado
These were something we wanted for a few things that needed easily adjusted timetables. I didn’t anticipate them to be as adaptable and simple as they are. On the initial page, there is only a straightforward on/off toggle, but as you go deeper, you’ll find a tonne of fantastic alternatives. The ability to arrange various on/off timings was what I most desired (this works similarly to the iPhone alarms). However, I find that I use the timer more frequently than I had anticipated, and it is quite convenient to turn it on and then only select a period (for example, 10 minutes) for it to turn off by itself (or on). Overall, a really tidy user interface with many options and quick access to what you need

RICKLY from Hawaii
These are very easy to install, they work as intended and haven’t had a failure on them. If by any chance you loose an internet connection, the scheduling will stop working until the internet is restored, they do not have an internal clock or memory to action it without the internet however once it comes back they will return to operate normally without any interaction from your side. Better than a timer and being able to turn them on remotely is a big deal. Again, simple and functional. Also, you have a manual override button on the side in case you want to manually turn it on or off.


Does the Kasa Smart Plug function offline?
A: Yes, even if the Smart Home gadget loses its internet connection, such features will still operate.

Has Kasa ever worked away from home?
A smart plug may be programmed to turn on and off at odd times to make it appear you’re home even when you’re not.

What distinguishes the Kasa Smart plug from the Mini Smart plug?
A: What a wonderful question. The amount of electrical amperage that each is rated to carry distinguishes the two. The Kasa small and Kasa light are each rated to handle 15 amps and 10 amps, respectively.

Can I operate my smart plug when I’m not at home?
Yes, it is the solution. You can remotely manage your household appliances using smart plugs. When you’re gone from home and remember you forgot to switch off an appliance, this function is helpful.

What is the Kasa Smart plug’s maximum wattage?
Anyone interested in scheduling, voice commands, and remote access to daily items up to 1,500 watts should consider this smart plug.

Can two phones work together to control smart plugs?
A: In fact, you may use two or more devices to operate the smart plugs. You must use the same account login on all of your devices since you cannot have several accounts controlling the same smart plugs.

When turned off, do smart plugs still use energy?
Vampire drain often referred to as phantom drain, is the inadvertent draw of power that appliances make while they are plugged in but are not in use. This is far less power than the gadget will need while it is in use, but when several devices are doing it, it quickly mounts up.

Can the Kasa smart plug activate the TV?
This connector may be used to power the TV and regulate how much power it receives. Therefore, you can switch off your TV using the Kasa app on your smartphone from anywhere, but you might not be able to turn it on. the TV determines

How long is a Kasa battery good for?
50 days or so
The only way to charge the device is to remove the camera and attach it to a USB-TypeC connection as no dock is included in the box. Incredible battery life. They have installed five days ago with batteries at 58% and 48%, respectively, at the time of installation. A fully charged battery should last 50 days at this rate.

Are smart plugs energy hogs?
For you to be able to operate them with your phone or another device, they must remain connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Smart plugs take a tiny amount of energy while they are not in use, though. It actually consumes so little power that it probably won’t even register on your electricity bill.

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