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GHome’s Best Mini Smart Plug-GHome WP9-WH Smart Power Strip

GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip FEATURE
90 / 100


GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip

GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip


  • The smart surge protector for Halloween decorations has three USB 3 charging connections with a combined USB output of up to 3.1A. You can simultaneously charge your phone, lights, and other USB devices.
  • When the power demand is too great, the reset/off switch with an integrated circuit breaker on the smart strip causes it to turn off automatically.
  • Flat extension cable supports for setting schedules and timers for devices in the home or business. Boost productivity and reduce your electricity bill. Ideal for lighting, aquarium plants, lamps in bedrooms, humidifiers, chargers, and battery-operated medical equipment.
  • Simple to Set Up and Use – Get started in a matter of minutes by plugging in your smart plug strip and connecting to WiFi.
  • CERTIFIED – The safety has undergone several tests by expert safety teams and has been awarded UL and FCC certifications.

GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip 6

Critical NOTICE

Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before making a purchase, please verify compatibility.


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GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip 1

Simple to Set Up

How to use the app

  1. By searching for the free APP, or scanning the QR code. (Apple iOS 13.0 or Android 5.0) As soon as you begin pairing with the APP, turn on the Alexa plug and place it next to the router.
  2. (To ensure a successful pairing, set your WiFi to 2.4G Wi-Fi.)
  3. Hold down the power button for 5 to 10 seconds until the indicator light starts to flicker quickly, indicating that EZ mode is accessible and that you should wait until connected.

Alternately, try the second method: press and hold the on/off button a second time for five seconds when the indicator light is blinking quickly. When it stops, the AP mode will be accessible; wait for a connected signal.


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GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip 2

Quick Connection

  • With a 2.4 GHz network, the smart socket only functions. Please pick the 2.4 GHz network using the app if your router transmits both 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  • When connecting for the first time, please attempt to locate your smart outlet and router as near as possible; after connecting, you can adjust the location.
  • works with the Smartlife and Tuya APPs as well.


GHOME WP9-WH Smart Power Strip 4



Warranty and Help

You may get in touch with the manufacturer directly or find out more information on their website if you’d want a copy of the warranty for a product you saw on Amazon.com. Manufacturers’ warranties might not always be applicable, depending on things like how the product is used, where it was bought, and who sold it to you. Please carefully read the warranty, and if you have any problems, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Customer responses

These are plentiful in my home, and I use them as grow lights for my houseplants. With them, it’s much simpler for me to specify the precise times I want them to turn on and off. I can also just switch them on or off within the app without changing the timer. I don’t have to worry about coming back around to reset timers as I do on the grow lights that have the built-in 4/8/12hr timers when the power goes off and comes back on. One of them died far sooner than it ought to have, but it was way too late to request a replacement from the firm. Considering the cost

This is set to turn on my space heater automatically in the morning before I get up. I might buy more because it’s so simple to use! Tech stuff: It was good to have a straightforward app to set up the gadget as I don’t have a Google Home or an Alexa device. The hardest part for me was remembering my WiFi password. An on/off schedule was largely simple to set up. Minutes begin with 0, 1, etc. while hours are in 24-hour time.

serves the intended function nicely. I was successful in planning travel lighting for a recent trip. As it uses the time on your phone, keep in mind to adjust for the time difference. The only thing to bear in mind is that because the ports are so close together, you might not be able to put three devices with broad connectors.

I did this to link my Google Home to the light behind my bed. The equipment functions well and has a strong connection to my network, much like previous Gosund items I’ve used in the past. This smart switch and outlet came back up fast after some storms passed, unlike some of my other smart switches and outlets which would experience problems after a power loss. I had to reconnect a few of my other devices to the network. The programming and design enable you to control each outlet SEPARATELY.

This is fantastic for me since it allows me to separately regulate both my “behind the bed” ambient lighting and his or her bedside reading lights.


Where are power strips supposed to go?
Plugging in power strips into a grounded wall socket is recommended. Never connect a power strip to an extension cable, surge protector, or power strip that is already in place. A twin wall outlet should only have one power strip or surge protector plugged in. Power strips should only be used for low-voltage gadgets.

What’s the process of a power strip?
It has nothing on the other end and a cable on one end. The strip provides you with many outlets to power your gadgets after the wire is plugged into an outlet in your wall. The outlet it plugs into on the wall will power whatever you plug into the outlets on the strip.

What number of devices can a power strip support?
Up to six devices can be powered by a typical power strip. You can see from the chart below that a power strip may consume between 1210 and 1660 watts while powering a light, radio, computer, printer, and two monitors. The suggested 80% circuit load is just 1,440 watts, but a 15-amp circuit can only deliver 1,800 watts.

When not in use, do power strips still utilize electricity?
Even when they are switched off, home office supplies like power strips, desktop computers, monitors, printers, lights, and anything with a digital display may still consume electricity.

Why won’t my smart plug establish a wifi connection?
Ensure that your Amazon Smart Plug and your Alexa device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Verify that the associated device is no more than 30 feet (9 meters) from the Amazon Smart Plug. Press and hold the button on the side of the device for 12 seconds to reset your Amazon Smart Plug. then reinstall Amazon Smart Plug.

When not in use, should power strips be switched off?
These switches are commonly found on surge protector power strips, which protect your gadgets and appliances. When you put all of your devices into a power strip and turn it off when they’re not in use, the devices are actually off. Shut Off Your Devices

Why does a power strip malfunction?
Overheating. Due to damaged metal oxide varistors and semiconductors, surge protectors are susceptible to overheating. The surge protectors’ performance is compromised by overheating, which might lead to their failure.

What occurs when a power strip is turned off?
Answer. It’s practically the same as disconnecting a surge protector or suppressor when you turn it off; you’ll save a little energy this way, and it’s a bit safer in a storm than having the surge protector on. But it’s the best option.

How long can a power strip be used?
Power strips are not meant to be used continuously. Keep it powered on for no more than a week or two. Install extra sockets if a long-term fix is required. A strip is mostly used to temporarily use many devices at once.

What voltage range can a power strip handle?
When several electrical devices are close together, especially with audio/video and computer systems, power strips are frequently employed. There is a maximum power that is stated for power strips as well. It has a 1875W power rating at 15 amps and 125 volts.

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