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BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US-Best Smart Plug with Google Home

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US feature
85 / 100


BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US.

Features of BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US

  • Compatible with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi routers from NETGEAR, TP-Link, eero, ASUS, Tenda, and Speedy. Some service providers’ Internet gateways are not supported (ex. AT&T, Xfinity, and Comcast are only working under 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi network). Unable to work with a mesh network. Plug it into any outlet and connect to the “BroadLink” app without the need for a hub.
  • MANAGEMENT FROM ANYWHERE You can easily operate your smart light from the sofa, a coffee shop, the car, or even abroad by using the BroadLink App, Alexa, or Google Home App. Arrange and Timers – You may schedule a lamp to turn on at sunset by using the BroadLink APP or Alexa routines to create timers for your lights and appliances.
  • Compact Design: Install two BroadLink Smart Plugs side by side or leave your second outlet open. Do not use outside
  • Utilizes Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT Add hands-free voice control to any outlet so you can switch on the floor light by saying “Alexa” or “Ok Google.” Products from IFTTT’s 700+ brand catalog can be used to add more home automation settings.
  • ROUTES & SCENES FOR BROADBANDLINK Set up a routine in the BroadLink APP to be activated by other BroadLink devices, such as using a motion sensor to turn on a table light when a person is spotted in a reading room or create a scene to control many devices with a single tap.



BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US 1

Important Notice

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US 2

Note: Products with electrical plugs are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

Verbal command

Hands-free voice control is added to any outlet and works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Turn on the table light using Alexa.

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US 3

Set a timetable

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US 6

Control from anywhere

BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US 5



Valuable details

  • Wattage: 2 watts
  • Bulb Voltage: 1 volts_of_alternating_current

Rating of BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US

jack Berlin
If you check their app, you’ll find two similar plugs—one that supports 5G and one that doesn’t—and if you choose the incorrect one, as many reviewers apparently did, it won’t function. Because the temporary apartment I was renting only had 5 gigahertz internet, I purchased this for my six-month stay. The primary annoyance is that you have to go through the whole procedure all over again if the device loses power or if the network is briefly turned off and then turned back on since it doesn’t appear to be smart enough to rejoin.

James Frankfurt
superior quality. The network connection is simple and stable. I’m really pleased with this smart plug. It has been set to run every day for me for several months. highly recommended

Perkins Hamburg
The movies and all the instructions give the impression that it just appears in your settings. Despite not being tech-savvy, I was unable to make it work. In the end, I downloaded the program and made it function. I was attempting to set up a brief timer to switch off a pump after a short period of time. After 10 minutes of use, I set up a process to turn it off. When I turn it on using the app, it dependably shuts off, but if I manually hit the button, there is a 50/50 chance that it just never turns off. Although it serves my purposes, it might be improved and made much more user-friendly.

Carlo Berlin
My earlier smart-ish plugs stopped working once I updated my internet to 5G (to lure aliens or whatever it is meant to accomplish;). The connection was not simple. My network was hidden, thus I had to choose Hidden Network and provide my information. It took some time before it connected and recognized it. I assumed that the Alexa component would be simple after I had completed that.

Nope. It won’t establish a connection with Alexa. I tried using the sceneries on the Broadlink app, which I downloaded, instead. They do so sporadically. This connector is appropriate if all you need is anything to do is connect to the internet so you can use an app to switch on or off your lights.


Why doesn’t my tiny smart socket function?
Restart your device if your Amazon Smart Plug has stopped functioning. Your Amazon Smart Plug must be unplugged from the socket before being replugged. Amazon Smart Plug reset: 12 seconds should be spent pressing and holding the device’s side button.

Does BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US offer Bluetooth support?
Alexa or Google Home may voice-control the smart lights after the tiny hub has been added to the app. When you are gone from home, you may control your lights as well. You can only use Bluetooth to control the lights in your house if you don’t have a Mini Hub. Only 2.4GHz Wi-F is supported by the tiny hub.

Why won’t my BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US establish a wifi connection?
Ensure that your Amazon Smart Plug and your Alexa device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Verify that the associated device is no more than 30 feet (9 meters) from the Amazon Smart Plug. Press and hold the button on the side of the device for 12 seconds to reset your Amazon Smart Plug. then reinstall Amazon Smart Plug.

What app is used by BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US?
Your IR appliances may be controlled via BroadLink IR Universal Remote using a single, user-friendly app called “BroadLink.” You can operate your gadgets with Alexa or Google Assistant hands-free with voice commands, such as turning on or off your TV or changing the volume.

What distinguishes a BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US from a tiny smart plug?
The Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug is substantially smaller than the Wemo Mini Smart Plug but has all of the same features: Wemo’s measurements showed a reduction of 45%

When turned off, does BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US still use energy?
Vampire drain often referred to as phantom drain, is the inadvertent draw of power that appliances make while they are plugged in but are not in use. Even while this is significantly less power than the gadget will need when it is in operation, it quickly mounts up if you have many devices doing it.

Can a BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US be operated from any location?
Yes, it is the solution. You can remotely manage your household appliances using smart plugs. When you’re gone from home and remember you forgot to switch off an appliance, this function is helpful.

What caused my BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US to malfunction?
Your Alexa app or devices may require upgrading if your smart plug is not responding to your voice instructions. Although updates are carried out automatically, it’s possible that your app or device hasn’t yet received one. This is due to Alexa devices’ inability to update while in use.

I need to reset my BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US.
To switch the socket ON or OFF, press. To start the app onboarding process, press and hold for five seconds while waiting for the LED to alternately flash amber and blue (SoftAP). To factory reset the Smart Plug Mini, press and hold (for 10 seconds) until the LED begins to flash quickly amber.

How is BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US put to use?
In essence, this Broadlink gadget is a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi network so that you can set up your remote-controlled (RC) devices around the house and add them to an app on your phone. It functions as both an infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) blaster.

If Wi-Fi is offline, does BroadLink Mini Smart Plug SP4D-US still function?
Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are examples of smart assistants that cannot be used without an online connection. The majority of smart gadgets need to be linked to the Internet in order to function.

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