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Best Smart Plug for Appliances-Amazon Smart Plug for home automation

Amazon Smart Plug FEATURE
87 / 100


Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Smart home improvements

You can voice-control your lights, fans, coffee machines, and more with the Amazon Smart Plug. Any Alexa-compatible device, such as the Echo, Fire TV, Fire tablet, Sonos One, or even just the Alexa app on your phone, will do. You are able to manage several outlets by using several Amazon Smart Plugs.

Create beneficial routines

Create routines for your Amazon Smart Plug using the Alexa app to simplify your life. Create a morning routine, for instance, that activates your coffee maker and lights with a single command.

Make yourself appear to be at home

Alexa can use Away Lighting to switch connected lights on and off automatically so that it seems as though you are home even when you are not. All you need to utilize Away Lighting is an Amazon Smart Plug-connected lamp and the Alexa app. Connect your plug to a lamp and tell Alexa when you arrive and go.


Amazon Smart Plug 1


Amazon Smart Plug 2

It’s Earth Day every day

To choose sustainably, you don’t need to be an environmental scientist. When creating this smart plug, we took sustainability into account.

Easy to assemble and use

Amazon Smart Plug 3

STEP 1: Activate the Amazon Smart Plug. If the Alexa app on your device displays “New plug discovered,” move on to Step 3.
STEP 2: To begin, hit the Plus symbol in the lower right corner of the Alexa App after tapping the Devices icon.
Step 3: Simply say “Alexa, switch on First Plug” to utilize your device with Alexa.


Amazon Smart Plug 4


Size 3.2” x 1.5” x 2.2” (80 mm x 38 mm x 57 mm)
Weight 3.1 oz. (87 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by the manufacturing process
Electrical Ratings Input: 120VAC, 60Hz 15A
Max Output: 15A Max
Network Connectivity 2.4 GHz only, 802.11 b/g/n. Does not support 5GHz networks or connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
Use For indoor use only.
Integrations Amazon Smart Plug is optimized for simple setup and exclusive use with Alexa. Amazon Smart Plug does not support other voice assistants or smart hubs.
Alexa App The Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices. A list of supported operating systems can be found here
Warranty and Service 1-year limited warranty and service. Use of Amazon Smart Plug is subject to the terms found here.
Included in the Box Amazon single-socket 3-prong Wi-Fi plug, Quick Start Guide.
Setup Technology Amazon Wi-Fi’s simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their Wi-Fi network in a few easy steps. Wi-Fi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter. Learn more here.
Support Click here to get help using and troubleshooting common issues with Amazon Smart Plug. To see questions and answers from other Amazon customers, click here to visit the Amazon Digital and Device Forum.


Customer Testimonials

JULIE from Kentucky
I’m therefore relatively fresh to the Amazon gadget family. We only recently received our echo. I’ve been a prime member for more than ten years, so I am aware of how Amazon has transformed society (for me anyway). While looking for any brand of smart plug that could be controlled by Alexa, I came upon the Amazon smart plug. I’ve had it in my basket for at least a month, stored for later! I ultimately made the decision to just place a preorder so that I could evaluate it and, maybe, assist those who, like me, have fallen far behind in the IT area. I’m a mother of two who is almost 34 years old.

DIANNA from Toronto
I’ve tried a lot of Alexa-compatible plugs, but I was never able to get past the stage of syncing them to my wifi. After hours of struggling, I ultimately sent the plugs back. After that, I discovered this Amazon Smart Plug. I made the decision to time myself after reading reviews that praised how simple it was to set up. I set my timer to start, launched the Alexa app, started the installation process, connected in the plug, and finished the installation in 01:55.5 minutes.

NICK from Quebec
I played around with plugs from other well-known brands for a while, but I was unable to make them function. To clarify, I am a computer technician and am familiar with computer networks. They performed without a hitch! Nothing needed to be set up on my end. No annoying switching between my 2Ghz network and my phone’s Wi-Fi signal, like with the other kind of connectors. Nicely done! Love the Alexa connectivity, too. Good job, Amazon! I hope this influences your choice.

ABERSON from Windsor
I’ll admit that when it gets really dark outside, I ask Alexa to switch on the light out of laziness. However, I did not want to have to stand up to turn on the light since I am comfortable and warm.

Funny thing is, I gave my stepfather two of them last year, and this month is the first time he has used them to operate the coffee maker and Christmas tree. If you had a heater in the bathroom that was connected to this smart plug, you could switch it on from your phone as you keep pressing the snooze button, and it would be nice and warm when you got there.


Can I use the smart plug from any location?
Yes, it is the solution. You can remotely manage your household appliances using smart plugs. When you’re gone from home and remember you forgot to switch off an appliance, this function is helpful.

What amp capacity does the Amazon smart plug have?
They also function with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but not with SmartThings or Apple HomeKit. The maximum amps for each smart plug are 10 amps.

What does the Amazon smart plug’s flashing red light mean?
Try resetting your Amazon Smart Plug if it has stopped operating, is glowing red, and Alexa cannot find it. This launches a brand-new window. Note: Try restarting your device to see if it fixes the issue. Unplug the gadget from the outlet and plug it back in to restart it.

Is the Amazon smart plug flammable?
Stop using your Amazon Smart Plug right once if it seems to be damaged. A socket that is overloaded may overheat and catch fire as a result of the overload. During routine use, your Amazon Smart Plug may become heated.

What happens if a smart plug is overloaded?
You run the danger of short circuits and electric discharges if you plug in too many appliances or one that is more powerful than the plug’s maximum wattage. In the worst situation, these events might result in flames.

Is it safe to leave a smart plug on?
I discovered that Smart Plugs are not a fire threat, and the majority of them really go above and above the minimal safety criteria. These gadgets have all passed UL testing and are equally safe as any other wall plug gadget. A multinational enterprise with more than 120 years of history, UL

A smart plug may have numerous users, right?
Please try once more. A: In fact, you may use two or more devices to operate the smart plugs. You must use the same account login on all of your devices since you cannot have several accounts controlling the same smart plugs. Helpful

Smart plugs: Do they become warm?
During operation, the smart plug emits heat just like any other electrical device. Depending on the environment, it could feel warm or even a touch hot after working for a time.

Do you need to unplug your devices at night?
In the event that you leave, it plugged in and charging while you sleep the entire night, you will be charged for power that is essentially inactive. The straightforward response is that unplugging or turning off most gadgets at the plug socket will save you money.

Can smart plugs be used without the Internet?
The Smartwave plug does really function without Wi-Fi, but only after the first configuration. Even when there is no Wi-Fi connection, the Smartwave plug will automatically switch on and off your appliances and devices since it keeps its programming inside.

How many devices can you connect at once?
How Can You Tell How Many Plugs Are In One Outlet? It’s best to stick to a maximum load of 1,500 watts per outlet or circuit as a general guideline. The wattage of each item or appliance you wish to plug in determines how many devices you can connect to one outlet.

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