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SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

81 / 100

SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

RESOLUTION: 1920×1080, ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 (HD), DISPLAY TYPE: DLP x 1, VIDEO MODES: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50, 576i, 480i, DATA MODES: MAX 1920×1080, LAMP TYPE:LED, LAMP LIFE: 20,000 hours, INCLUDED LENZ: Fixed focal length , Powered focus, THROW DISTANCE: 0.8 m – 2.7 m, IMAGE SIZE: 76 cm – 254 cm, THROW RATIO: 1.22:1 (D:W), PROJECTOR SIZE: 17 cm x 10 cm x 9 cm (HxWxD), WEIGHT: 0.8 kg, INTERNAL SPEAKERS: 5.0 Watts Mono POWER: 65 Watts 100V – 240V, Connection Panel: HDMI,USB,Wireless Networking.

Samsung Freestyle smart portable projector is dense enough to be brought on campus trips or packed in a bag for travel. It would be simple to set up the Freestyle in the backyard for movie night, and the projector can produce some portable USB-C battery packs which add to the flexibility.  You can point the 1800 inclining projectors in many directions, also at the ceiling. As it has the same software as Samsung’s smart TV’s, it comes with a wide range of selection of following entertainment apps.


Auto-keystone Correction

It includes auto-keystone correction and autofocus for keeping its image unsized and sharp. The auto Keystone function works at 15 degrees right and left and from 0 to 20 degrees at the top.  It is important to examine if the lens film has been removed or not. If the film is not removed, keystone correction may malfunction.

Smartphone Mirroring Capabilities

It has smartphone mirroring capabilities that support Apple’s AirPlay, so that the projector may able to mirror the MacBook screen or play videos from iPhone with some taps. It also supports Samsung DeX which means you can broadcast a desktop Windows.

Voice Assistant

It has a powerful built-in speaker and built-in voice mics which can be used for Alexa or Bixby which means that you can control the Freestyle projector with your voice for maximum ease. You can pause a show, play a movie or find something to watch with a simple voice order.

Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant are all included in The Freestyle; simply use your voice to find the material you want, turn up the volume, and control your connected home, among other things.


SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector has a variety of accessories such as a Micro-HDMI input and a USB-C port for power. The Freestyle has a lot of emitting to keep it running cool and an adapter with some accessories such as a battery base and a lightbulb adapter.

Screen Projection

Depending on where you function Freestyle, the projected image can vary from 30 inches diagonal (whilst 2.6 toes from the wall) to as much as one hundred inches (at 8.7 feet from the wall or projection floor). The projector outputs a 1080p resolution with first-class assessment and shade reproduction, although the outer edges can once in a while seem a chunk soft.

SET-UP SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

You can set up the freestyle either with the help of bundled remote or with your smartphone. You can get Samsung’s smart things app and do it that way. In most Samsung handsets, it is pre-installed. You can also download it from the google play store.

SAMSUNG The Freestyle Smart Portable Projector


  • Automatic keystone
  • Intuitive software including Alexa support
  • Ultra-portable
  • You can load your own images in ambient mode.
  • Auto-adjustment is impressive.


Our Verdict for SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

I appreciate having divergent thinking for entertainment however it could feel a bit to your face when it pops up at the same time as you are simply looking to adjust the projector’s settings.

Frequently Asked Questions-SAMSUNG Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

How bright is the Samsung freestyle projector?
It is capable of hitting 550 lumens but it is not using the ANSI lumens measurements that are the standard when you compare the projectors.

Does Samsung freestyle have HDMI?
It consists of Samsung SmartHub by using Wi-Fi; additional external content by way of a Micro HDMI port.

Does Samsung freestyle work with iPhones?
The Freestyle offers Smart TV features accessible on Samsung Smart TVs, with fixed streaming services mirroring and casting capabilities like it is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Does the Samsung freestyle have Bluetooth?
It can be connected to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth for streaming apps like Disney or YouTube or you can also explore from its inbuilt Samsung Smart TV features.

Does Samsung freestyle work in daylight?
The Freestyle will wrestle during the daylight, but it will work well at night or if you pull the curtains.

Is the Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector rechargeable?
Something goes with the Freestyle, which could use any of 4 one-of-a-kind electricity sources. Whilst it no longer has a built-in battery, an add-on rechargeable battery attaches to the bottom of the unit. Furthermore, it’s miles USB-C powered, and it will run for numerous hours off a definitely effective electricity bank.

Does Samsung TV plus cost money?
The best answer is Yes. The Samsung tv Plus app is loose and offers greater than a hundred and sixty curated channels, giving customers immediate get entry to content material spanning information, sports activities, and enjoyment.

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