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Pyle Microphone Stand-Universal Mic Mount with Heavy Compact Base

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Pyle Microphone Stand

Color: Black, BRAND: Pyle,  ITEM WEIGHT: 9.92 pounds, PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 1.67 x 8.86 x 8.86 inches, STYLE: Adjustable

It’s a height-adjustable stand. Pyle’s small base microphone stand adjusts in height smoothly and easily from 33.5″ to 60.24″ inches. Pyle also used a standard 5/8 x 27 thread size for the external thread. It has a solid and dependable foundation. It’s made of solid die-cast metal and is about 235mm in diameter. Pyle mic stands provide precise balance and stability, preventing the microphone from falling. A 9.92-pound counterweight is included for secure microphone positioning.


It’s straightforward to use and has a simple design. This mic stand is ideal for musicians who are always on the move. It’s easy to travel because of its ultra-light pack with a sleek black finish. It’s also made to be compact and durable for long-term use. For studio and concert use, it provides the ideal mic holder positioning and excellent pickup. For studio and concert performances, it provides a perfect mic holder location and optimal pickup. The mic can be readily removed without the use of force. The mic clip, on the other hand, has a firm grasp on the microphone. That I am not easily thrown.

What’s included

  • Stand Base
  • Microphone Clip
  • Adjustable Mount Arm

Attaching the mic to the stand

  • Attaching the mike to the stand is simple.
  • On the top of the stand, there is a clip.
  • Simple Place the microphone in the stand’s clip.
  • Your microphone will be simply repaired.


Pyle Microphone Stand


  • Universal Handheld Microphone Compatibility
  • Lightweight & Compact Mic Stand Style
  • Design for a Floor-Standing Mount
  • Sturdy, Metal Stand Base
  • Height Adjustable Tightening Clamp Pivot Angle


  • none noted this far

Frequently Asked Questions-Pyle Microphone Stand

Is the usage of microphone stands required?
Microphone stands are the unsung heroes of the stage and studio. They are sometimes overlooked when acquiring new music gear, but they are just as crucial as the gear they carry – after all, a mic that isn’t secured firmly in position can lead to terrible results.

Is it true that all microphones can be used with mic stands?
Although most mic stands are universal in terms of connectivity, meaning they may be connected to mic clips and shock mounts, due to their bulky form, many microphones require heavy-duty support.

What is a boom arm’s purpose?
A “boom arm” attached to the top of the stand allows the microphone to move horizontally.

What does the microphone holder’s name stand for?
A microphone stand is a stand-alone microphone mount. It allows the microphone to be put in the studio, on stage, or on location without the need for a human to hold it.

What is the weight of a concert microphone stand?
Depending on the brand, microphone stands come in a variety of weights. They can range in weight from a 2-pound desk stand to a 40-pound overhead mic stand. A normal stand typically weighs between 5 and 7 pounds.

Is it true that every microphone stand is the same?
Mic stands are often used because of their wide range of heights. Users can change their height on most stands, however, the exact range varies depending on the manufacturer, model, and intended application. Traditional microphone stands are typically between 35″ and 70″ tall.

What are the differences between the two stand microphone types?
Tripod Stands – These are the most common and can be utilized for a wide range of applications. Tripod Boom Stands – Unlike conventional tripod stands, these tripod stands offer a longer reach. Round Base Stands are ideal for vocalists on stage since they require less space and are less likely to fall over than tripod stands.

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