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Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm-Desktop Clamp and Built-in Cable Management For Recording

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Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm

Brand: Logitech for Creators, Compatible Devices: Camera, Gaming Console, Gaming Console, Camera, Item Weight: 2.98 Pounds, Material: Aluminium, Hardware Platform: PC, Camera, ITEM WEIGHT: 2.98 pounds, PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 43.9 x 2 x 2.5 inches

Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm has a spring pattern on the inside. Internally, the stand is comprised of aluminum springs. It has hidden cable management channels. It has a good hold on the table and is simple to set up for your microphone. The Logitech stands are the most durable and flexible. It is primarily intended for use with Yeti mics and other broadcast microphones.


These can be used with any shock mount. It’s primarily intended for use in studios and professional offices. The majority of individuals use them for game streaming, podcasting, and other similar activities.

Using the Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm

To use the Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm with the table, follow the procedures below:

  • Remove the stand.
  • Open the stand by pulling the folds apart.
  • On the bottom of the stand is a clip.
  • Align the stand with the table’s side.
  • To fix it, twist the screw from the bottom.
  • The table will be fastened to your stand.
  • With the stand in position, you may now place your microphone.

Professional Design of Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm

Are you fed up with squeaky, fragile scissor booms? We are as well! Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm has an all-tube design that is broadcast studio-grade, including internal springs and hidden-channel cable management. Hand-tightening friction hinges eliminate the need for tools, and a full 360-degree rotation ensures that you are covered for every application.

Compass adjusts easily and quietly, and the sturdy C-clamp creates a secure connection with your desktop. For a professional broadcast setup, pair Compass with Yeti and the Radius III shock mount.

Streaming, podcasting, and broadcasting games

Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm is your Twitch game streaming hidden weapon. Compass’s nimble and streamlined design allows you to place your mic exactly where you want it when you want it. Compass fits seamlessly into your game streaming or podcasting setup and will wow your audience, whether you adjust the boom to disappear on camera or feature it front and center with the mic.

Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm


  • This boom arm’s structure is excellent.
  • It’s made to work with the Blue microphone.
  • The major components are made of black-painted metal.
  • This stand is quite easy to use.


  • might only be used from a top-down angle

Frequently Asked Questions-Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm

Does every microphone stand work with every microphone?
All microphone stands have a common thread that attaches to the manufacturer’s microphone clip. Microphones come in two thread sizes: 3/8′′ and 5/8′′, which are supported by almost all mic stands.

What other options do I have for a microphone stand?
A tabletop desk stand is a great alternative to the microphone stand that comes with your microphone. They’re usually a lot less expensive, but they still let you add a shock mount and get a much better microphone location. Another solution that appears to work for many people is the Newer Microphone Boom Arm.

Is it possible to mount Logitech Microphone Broadcast Boom Arm rally mics on the ceiling?
Mic Pod Mount works equally well on the floor as it does on the ceiling, allowing for maximum flexibility in multipurpose rooms, classrooms, and other reconfigurable spaces.

Is using microphone stands required?
They are typically relegated to the bottom of the shopping list when acquiring new music gear, but they are just as crucial as the gear they carry – after all, a mic that isn’t maintained securely in position might have fatal consequences. The best mic stands for every purpose and the budget is examined.

Is it true that the mic stands to make a difference?
Absolutely not. The majority of high-quality microphone stands can be used for both. The only distinction could be what you look for in a microphone stand. In many studios, the most important component is stability.

Is it wise to use condenser microphones?
Condenser microphones (sometimes called capacitor microphones) are noted for their excellent sensitivity and sound quality. They usually have a wider frequency response and a better transient response than dynamic microphones.

A boom mic stand serves what purpose?
A boom stand is a type of stand that allows you to attach microphones and other similar devices without having to use your hands.

Is it possible to use a tripod to hold a microphone?
Many buyer reviews expressed the same thing about how they utilized this item. This adaptor is commonly used to convert your camera tripod into microphone stands. It’s just a piece of adaptor that fits nicely into the female end of the microphone clamp.

What is a shotgun microphone used for?
When a professional shotgun mic is used to capture sound from a distance, it is attempting to pick up low-level signals. This is why a decent shotgun microphone needs to be more sensitive than a microphone optimized for picking up close sources.

What is a microphone shock mount, exactly?
By utilizing suspensions, the shock mount is designed to protect the microphone from contact. A microphone shock mount can help you avoid ruining a good recording. Any contact with the microphone produces a low-frequency rumble, often known as structure-borne noise.

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