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15 Best Wall-mounts for TVs in 2023

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Best Wall-mounts for TVs

  1. Mount-It! ‎MI-392 Long Extension TV Mount
  2. SANUS VLT6-B1 Advanced Tilt Premium Universal TV Wall Mount
  3. Kanto PDX650 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount
  4. ECHOGEAR EGLF3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket
  5. USX MOUNT XML008-K Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  6. Mounting Dream MD2380-24K TV Mount Full Motion
  7. Sanus Super Low Profile MLL11-B1 TV Wall Mount
  8. Mounting Dream MD2380 UL Listed TV Mount TV Wall Mount
  9. Everstone ARL506D-ES Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  10. ECHOGEAR EGLT3 Wall Mount TV Bracket
  11. Amazon Basics AM40A Full Motion Articulating TV Monitor Wall Mount
  12. Everstone WLT103M-ES Adjustable Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket
  13. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit
  14. JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount Full Motion
  15. Pipishell ‎PISF1 Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket

Mount-It! ‎MI-392 Long Extension TV Mount

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Most 42″–80″ LCD, LED, and plasma TVs on the market can suit this design. up to 176 pounds, and VESA patterns 100×100 to 800×400 (Fits 100×100, 200×200, 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×200, 600×400, 800×400). Prior to making a purchasing decision, please make sure that this MI-392 TV wall mount will suit your TV by examining the VESA (mounting hole pattern behind the TV), stud spacing, any potential obstructed cord or input, and the weight of your TV. Increase the position and visibility of your TV for a better overall watching experience. You can find the ideal angle in any sort of area thanks to the extremely long 36″ dual arm extension. Both 16″ and 24″ stud spacing may be used to attach the broad wall plate.

Swivel, extend, tilt, and collapse. You have the versatility to install your TV in any sort of area thanks to this MI-392 complete motion capability. Swivels 180 degrees, tilts up and down by 10 and 5 degrees and can be adjusted from 3.3 to 36 inches away from the wall. One of the strongest TV mounts on the market, this Heavy Duty Extra Long TV Bracket has a 176lb weight capability and steel twin mounting arms. With confidence and peace of mind, mount your TV. includes a cable management system for a neater, more streamlined appearance. Our helpful US-based customer support team is here to answer any issues you may have during regular business hours, and this full motion TV wall mount comes with a 5-year guarantee.

SANUS VLT6-B1 Advanced Tilt Premium Universal TV Wall Mount

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The ground-breakingly inventive SANUS VLT6 Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount offers 5.7″ of extension on a tilting mount. Even the biggest TVs* can attain the maximum indicated tilt range thanks to the extension. Large TVs mounted on conventional tilting mounts frequently collide with the wall, which reduces the amount of tilt that can be obtained. By extending from the wall and giving TVs a wider range of tilt, the VLT6 addresses this problem. Better glare reduction results from increased tilt. As a result, the VLT6 is the preferred tilting mount for all mounting sites above eye level, such as above a fireplace. Additionally, although the TV is still attached, cords and wires may be quickly and easily accessible thanks to the mount’s ability to extend the TV 5.7″ from the wall.

This facilitates quick and simple initial setup as well as subsequent device swaps. The VLT6 may be put directly over electrical outlets for a very clean installation thanks to its open wall plate design. And because of the side-to-side movement, centering the TV is no longer a problem, even with off-center studs. Adjusting the TV’s level after installation is quick and simple thanks to the height and level controls. It is safe to use in either a public or private location because the TV may be padlocked to the mount for further security or safety. Even streaming devices may be installed in the best possible way by being compatible with the SASP1 streaming device panel and being concealed behind the TV. UL Certified and safety certified, the VLT6.

Kanto PDX650 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

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Your flat-screen TV may be mounted on the Kanto PDX650 full-motion TV wall mount such that it is only 2″ from the wall. Its broad tilt and swivel ranges, together with its 21.8″ of extension, make it simple to set your TV in the best possible location. Additionally, magnetic wall plate coverings are provided to conceal any installation-related traces. This TV wall mount will make sure your TV is safe and secure since it is very sturdy yet lightweight enough to make installation a breeze. available in finishes in black and white.

ECHOGEAR EGLF3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

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This sturdy TV mount is built to last, supporting 26″ to 55″ TVs that weigh up to 60 lbs. Not to worry, we’ll handle the difficult lifting: The weight capacity of ECHOGEAR TV mounts has been tested to hold four times that amount. UL Certified and Safety Tested Before your event begins, are you attempting to attach your TV mount? We’ve got you covered with our simple 30-minute installation on a single wood stud, complete with pre-divided hardware. Every day of the week, simple-to-follow instructions and live installation assistance are available. •Your TV slides smoothly when pulled out to 20″ and then back into 2.9″ from the wall.

You can enjoy the greatest view from any seat in the home thanks to the easy 180° swiveling capabilities. • All of our TV mounts come with a 5-year warranty, so feel the love. Are you bothered by the glare from the windows? The ability to tilt at 15 degrees makes modifications simple. No fuss, no tools, and no hands. I kid you not; you will require your hands.

USX MOUNT XML008-K Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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With VESA sizes 200*100mm to 600*400mm and a maximum 16″ Wood Stud spacing, this full motion TV mount is compatible with the majority of 47-84-inch TVs weighing up to 132 lbs. Your TV doesn’t fit perfectly? For the best alternatives, please look for XML018 or XTL018 USX MOUNT TV wall mounts. The optimum TV leveling is made possible by this USX XML008 TV bracket‘s twin articulating arms, which also provide +5°/-15° tilt, 45° swivel (the maximum swivel angle depending on your TV), and +/-3° post-installation adjustment. All of them will improve the flexibility and vision of your TV depending on where in the room you are seated.

All essential hardware is packaged in bags with labels for easy installation (Remarks can help you distinguish which screw you should use). Warm advice: We withdrew concrete anchors from our package to prevent customers from improperly utilizing them to secure drywall or wood studs, which might have put them at risk for injury. Please contact us to order 10X50mm concrete anchors from the USA if you require them. This full-motion TV wall bracket can extend to 16.49″ and retract to 2.40″, saving you space and enhancing the appearance of your home. It can support up to 132 lbs.

Mounting Dream MD2380-24K TV Mount Full Motion

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The easiest approach to guarantee that your TV is being viewed at the ideal level and angle is to attach it to a wall. You can’t adapt your TV to fit every seat in a room with non-flexible TV mounts. However, you can ensure you’re always watching your TV from the optimum angle possible with the Mounting Dream TV wall mounts‘ +5°/-15° Tilt, +/-45° Swivel, and +/-3° rotation adjustments.

Enjoy an improved TV viewing experience for TVs of 32-65 inches, up to VESA 400 x 400mm, 24-inch wood stud spacing, and 99 lbs. loading, and bid farewell to the days of tensing your neck or eyes. Your TV can be pointed virtually anywhere with the Mounting Dream MD2380-24K full-motion TV wall mount bracket, which also reduces screen glare. Additionally, a TV mount improves the security of your pricey TV. Keep it firmly fixed to a wall so that it won’t move or be banged when you step into the entertainment center once again.

Sanus Super Low Profile MLL11-B1 TV Wall Mount

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A fixed-position wall mount for the majority of 37- to 80-inch flat-panel TVs weighing up to 130 pounds is the SANUS Classic MLL11. The flat-panel TVs’ svelte, thin appearance is complemented by the fixed-position mounts, which are only 1.84 inches from the wall. Even with off-center studs, lateral shift ability makes it simple to center the TV on the wall. The open wall plate design of the mount offers plenty of room for hidden wire management. comes already put together for a quick and simple installation. UL-Listed for the guarantee of quality and safety.

Mounting Dream MD2380 UL Listed TV Mount TV Wall Mount

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With a maximum VESA of 400mm x 400mm/16″ x 16″ mounting hole spacing, the TV wall mount accommodates most 32-65″ TVs up to 99 LBS. To prevent glare, this MID2380  full-motion TV mount tilts the TV up 5° and down 15°, and it can be turned left or right depending on where you are sitting. Your TV will move when you extend it to 17.5″ and retract it to 3.4″. TV wall mounts that come with labeled packs and instructions that are easy to understand. After installation, optimal TV leveling is possible thanks to a +/-3° adjustment. The TV mounting bracket installation is made simpler by the paper template. Careful Planning for Allen Key Storage. The TV wall mount has 6 articulating arms that can tilt and swivel. Robotic welding technology makes this wall-mount TV bracket strong and safe.

Everstone ARL506D-ES Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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two hook height options. TV height is easily adjustable by 4 inches Following installation when you see the TV is too low or too high. Please do not mount this TV wall bracket on drywall; it can be installed on concrete walls with studs between 8″ and 16″. Everstone ARL506D-ES full-motion TV wall mount provides better viewing comfort by allowing the TV to be tilted up and down by 15 degrees and swiveled 180 degrees either way. 3° level adjustment; extends up to 14″ and retracts back to 2.65″ from the wall.

To assist you in correctly installing the stand, the full motion TV wall mount includes mounting hardware in a separate sealed bag and comprehensive installation instructions. Placing the TV or monitor on the wall is made simpler by single stud installation. Installation is simple because of the 3-step approach. A 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, a standard installation kit, a 10-year guarantee, and helpful customer support. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions about our TV wall mount. We have a day to fix it!

ECHOGEAR EGLT3 Wall Mount TV Bracket

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This low-profile tilting mount is filled with features and may be used to install your TV. Echogear EGLT3 has safety certification, requires just 2.4″ of wall space, and supports displays up to 90″. contains a drilling template to aid in getting it done correctly the first time. Get your TV mounted on the wall with precision drilling for an Instagram-worthy appearance. Utilize what you already have. As a result, your LG, Vizio, Samsung, Sony, and other devices will soon be mounted on the wall. includes every piece of hardware required to guarantee a fit. A wall plate that is extra-wide extends over 24″ to accommodate any stud spacing.

After installation, center your TV for the best view by moving the ECHOGEAR EGLT3 bracket to the left or right. Even after installation, the level at any moment! Hey, we think there should be second chances. You can safely lock the TV back in with a gratifying click after removing it with pull strings. Got a query during installation? Every day of the week, our ECHGOEAR Minnesota support staff is here to assist you.

Amazon Basics AM40A Full Motion Articulating TV Monitor Wall Mount

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The AM40A brackets accommodate flat panel TVs and are made to firmly mount and move TVs away from walls. They come with hardware and installation instructions. The wall mounts’ adjustable tilt, swivel, and extension capabilities give dynamic viewing to any space. There are several viewing options available for your requirements. Wall mounts with one, two, or three arms extend from the wall to fit your area and are made to install firmly into wooden wall studs. Made of sturdy steel that has been powder-coated, with metal hardware and a bubble level supplied for precise alignment.

Everstone WLT103M-ES Adjustable Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

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most 32″-90″ TVs up to VESA 600 x 400mm and 165 lbs. fit with this Everstone WLT103M-ES bracket. Before making a purchase, make sure the information about your TV matches the information about the adaption of our product. Without using any hardware, tilt the TV up 5° and down 15° by using the tilting knob. This TV wall mount fits 16″ and 24″ timber studs as well as masonry; it is not just for drywall. Flush 1.49″ low profile away from the wall.

All installation and mounting gear are provided, and installation instructions are clear. Straps are pulled to easily lock and unlock televisions. Spirit level and an HDMI cable are included as bonuses. You may receive 10-year quality assurance service and 7×24 customer care support when you order with us. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this TV mount. I hope your purchase is enjoyable.

VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit


The ML531BE2 is a low-profile full-motion wall mount that extends up to 20 inches from the wall and provides you with the most setting options to meet your viewing area. Most TVs up to 88 lbs. are supported by this sturdy steel mount. Most flat panel TVs from 26″ to 55″ and more recent LED TVs up to 60″ can fit in. The mount offers the capacity to swivel in either direction, tilt up or down by 5 degrees, and alter the screen level by 5 degrees. Measure the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV in both the vertical and horizontal directions to see if the mount will fit your TV. Both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of a VESA design are measured in millimeters.

JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount Full Motion


Before making a purchase, please verify the VESA pattern, weight, and dimensions of your TV. For most 13-45 inch flat/curved TVs up to 55 pounds, this heavy-duty mount is suitable. The faceplate is compatible with the following VESA (HxV) dimensions: 200x200mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm, and 75x75mm ( 7.9″x7.9″ 3.9″x3.9″ 6″x6″ 3″x3″). Our Full Motion JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount can tilt 3°/-15° to reduce glare, swivel 90° (note that the maximum swivel angle depends on the size of the screen), and level adjust 360° for your preferred viewing. It stretches 14 inches and retracts back to 2.65 inches to conserve room. Distance to the wall. A flexible TV wall mount gives you the most flexibility possible and enables you to select the most comfortable and healthy viewing posture.

The sturdy wall mount tv bracket, which has passed the load-bearing test and can support up to 55 pounds, is built of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for dependable strength. It indicates that it can support the weight of the majority of TVs available on the market. The three thicker arms and 8.8-level wall screws improve the TV wall bracket’s overall safety and sturdiness. You can quickly and easily install this JUSTSTONE TV wall mount like an expert in about 30 minutes. Each accessory is packaged in a labeled bag (the notes might help you determine which screw should be used), and both written and video installation instructions are included. A 3-axis magnetic bubble level is also included.

Pipishell ‎PISF1 Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket


With a maximum VESA/mounting holes spacing of 200 x 200mm, this Pipishell PISF1 TVs wall mount suits SAMSUNG, SONY, LG, VIZIO, TCL, ELEMENT, SCEPTRE, HISENSE, and other TV manufacturers with screen sizes between 13 and 42 inches and up to 44 pounds. Your ability to determine whether this TV/monitor mount precisely suits your device in terms of VESA, stud position, and potentially obstructed inputs is made possible by our images and video. Our articulating arm mount rotates 360 degrees for landscape and portrait orientation, can swivel your display a maximum of 90 degrees left or right depending on where you are seated, and can tilt +9° or -11° to reduce glare. In order to conserve space, it expands 14.59″ and retracts to 2.7″. increases how much you love working or watching!

Pipishell PISF1 TVs wall mount is suited for big computer displays, especially ultrawide monitors with VESA patterns ranging from 75x75mm to 200x200mm in size, such as those measuring 13, 17, 19, 21, 24, 27, 32, 34, and 35 inches. Use it to attach an ergonomic computer screen to enhance your posture and as a full motion monitor wall mount to free up desk space. The placement of the TV or monitor on the wall is made simpler by the single stud installation, which comes with detailed instructions and all the required hardware. You can easily install this TV wall mount with the aid of a removable TV plate made for one-person installation. We are so confident in the design, strength, and longevity of our corner tv wall mount that we provide 5-year friendly customer service. It is made of high-quality steel components.

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