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Top 10 Best Surround Sound Speakers Under 500 in 2023

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Best Surround Sound Speakers Under 500

You’ll have a lot to consider if you’re looking for the best surround sound speakers under 500 for your home theater. It’s not just about the quantity of cash you have on hand – though that is important!

Different varieties of speakers exist, each with its own layout and specs. That’s before you think about the numerous brands of home theater speakers available. It might be a complicated procedure. In this post, we’ll make it up to you by analyzing top-tier manufacturers and their goods, as well as highlighting the most important things to consider when purchasing sound equipment.

Why Should You Choose Surround Sound?

Music, video games, and movies are three of the most popular forms of entertainment enjoyed by millions of women and men all over the world. Aside from a high-definition television, individuals who want to have a great time at home should invest in a home theater system with the best surround sound.

Your gaming or audio experience will be radically transformed by an excellent sound system. Simply said, it increases the bar for your whole entertainment experience.

What Should You Look For? Without any Dramatic irony!

Depending on how they’re designed, home theater/surround sound speaker systems can be just as efficient and pleasant as some of the more expensive ones. Affordable surround sound speaker systems can be compared to deluxe home theater systems while yet being far superior. Sound richness, bass strength, and other technical finesse are still present in some affordable home theater surround sound speakers.

Overall, even if the features included in low-cost home theater speaker systems aren’t the most cutting-edge on the market, they will undoubtedly serve you well.

What Should You Consider?

When it comes to home theater, you want powerful, crystal-clear audio as well as surround sound that mimics the movie theater experience. With the correct audio device, you can turn your TV or projector into a genuine home theater, fully immersing yourself in a film and bringing it to life! Before purchasing a nice speaker set, consider the following device operations.

  • The system’s sound quality and accuracy.
  • Speaker Dimensions
  • Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity is possible.
  • Types of Inputs, so you can connect all of your devices to your sound system with ease.

Have a limited budget? This isn’t a problem: Home entertainment, such as a home theater or surround system, should not be unduly expensive. If you’re on a budget, we’ve put together a list of the best home theater and surround sound beginning kits just for you. We’ve gathered the greatest solutions from leading manufacturers like JBL, Logitech, and Pioneer, with a wide range of options to suit your needs.

We spent dozens of hours poring over customer reviews and technical specifications for several of the most popular home theater/surround sound systems under 500 and came up with a list of the eight best options for you. Our decisions are summarised in the table below.
Continue reading to learn more about each surround sound device, including its advantages and disadvantages.
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Top 10 Best Surround Sound Speakers Under 500 At A Glance

  1. JBL Bar 5.1Best Soundbar with Subwoofer and Wireless Surround 
  2. Yamaha YHT-4950UBest Bluetooth Surround Sound Channel Theater
  3. Polk Signature Series S60Polk’s Signature Series Surround Floorstander
  4. Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70-Best Surround Sound Tower by Samsung
  5. Logitech Z906-5.1Best Budget Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System 
  6. Samsung HW-Q60T Wireless 5.1 Channel SoundbarBest 5.1 Channel Surround Soundbar with Subwoofer 
  7. Vizio 3651-F6Best Theater Surround Soundbar System
  8. JBL Bar 2.1JBL’s Compact Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  9. Rockville HTS-56Best Value Bluetooth Subwoofer Home Theater System
  10. Acoustic Audio 5171-5.1Best Budget Surround Sound Speaker Under 500

JBL Bar 5.1– Best Soundbar with Subwoofer and Wireless Surround

SUBWOOFER WEIGHT: 28.7 lbs (13KG), SOUNDBAR WEIGHT: 8.6 lbs (3.9KG), SOUNDBAR SIZE: 6 x 2.25” Racetrack Drivers, SOUNDBAR DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 45” x 2.3” x 3.7”, SURROUND SPEAKER WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs (0.6KG), SURROUND SPEAKER DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 6.5” x 2.3” x 3.7”, SUBWOOFER SIZE: 10 “. SUBWOOFER DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 16” x 12” x 12”, TWEETER SIZE: 3 x 1.25”, INPUT: 3 x HDMI Video (HDCP 2.2) + 1-Analog, 1-Optical and Bluetooth, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 35 Hz–20 kHz, RATED POWER: 510 Watts (peak) OUTPUT: 1 x HDMI Video (With Audio Return Channel),

Starting off the list of best surround sound speakers under 500 is the formidable JBL, a well-known name among audiophiles. Without a doubt, the JBL Bar 5.1’s wireless surround sound capabilities are its biggest selling feature. If you prefer a soundbar’s modest and unobtrusive design over a huge surround sound equipment, consider the JBL Bar 5.1.

This bar not only offers JBL support but also Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II sound quality. It’s not every day that you come across a soundbar with fully wireless surround sound technology, so it earns extra points for its attractive design.

Does it appear to you to be substantial and spacious?

Not everyone has the space or inclination to surround oneself in their living room with speakers. Thankfully, soundbars like JBL’s Soundbar 5.1 Surround can cram a lot of sound into a compact, streamlined space. As a result, you won’t be bothered about the lack of space in your room.

Quality Built

Because the bar is only 2.5 inches in height, it should fit beneath most televisions. It is, nevertheless, large enough to house five reasonably long-excursion drivers and a pair of edge tweeters for surround sound coverage.

Fantastic Subwoofer

It also comes with a subwoofer similar to those found in more traditional ‘wireless’ systems. It has a power supply, but it connects to the soundbar wirelessly. When connected to the soundbar, each satellite speaker has a ten-hour battery life and is charged.
The Bar 5.1 features a massive 10-inch down-firing woofer for powerful low-end effects. This huge subwoofer isn’t exactly small, but it’s wireless, so you can wrap it around practically any object in your space.

Simple Surround Design

The JBL Bar 5.1 has a shockingly low-cost appearance for its pricing. The entire device is made of plastic, and while it seems solid, the buttons and screen aren’t as smooth as those of competitors.
On the top of the gadget are four manual buttons for control, volume, and input source. On the back, there are three HDMI ports, one USB port, one AUX port, and one optical port, among other things.


TV and music compatibility

The Bar 5.1 Surround supports Dolby Vision and 4K video passthrough. So you only need two HDMI connections to obtain great sound and picture quality: one from your 4K video source to your soundbar, and another from your soundbar to your television. The Bar 5.1 Surround has JBL’s MultiBeam technology. To take advantage of room reflections, combine the revolutionary optical sound processing with skillfully oriented side-firing tweeters. As a result, you’ll have a panoramic and immersive viewing experience. The bar also includes a built-in tuning microphone for customizing the sound to your individual setting.

Bluetooth Supported

This device boasts built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 connectivity, so you can listen to music from practically anywhere. Using a single button on the remote, you can rapidly choose between a wired and Bluetooth connection.

I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’m really liking it so far. The sound is well-balanced, although I expected to have to dial down the bass, which I did not. It’s set to three (High) and has a good, but not overwhelming, thump. I’ve heard “Surround” effects that are wonderful to witness, yet so far I’ve only been viewing a little TV network. Recommendation based on personal experience!

JBL Bar 5.1


  • It is completely wireless. Clear 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Vocals are impressive.
  • Simple and unobtrusive design.
  • Without distortion, a robust bass.


  • The plastic exterior will turn off some individuals.
  • There are no equalizer controls.

Yamaha YHT-4950U– Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Channel Theater


  • AV RECEIVER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 17.125” x 6.375” x 12.375”




FRONT SPEAKER’S WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs/unit, FRONT SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 4.375” x 6.875” x 4.625”, FRONT SPEAKER’S TYPE: Full-Range Bass-Reflex, FRONT SPEAKER’S SIZE: 2.75” Full-Range Cone, FRONT SPEAKER’S SENSITIVITY: 83 dB @2.83V/1m, FRONT SPEAKER’S POWER: 30/100 watts (rms/peak)


CENTER SPEAKER’S WEIGHT: 1.61 lbs, CENTER SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 10.875” x 4.375” 4.625”, CENTER SPEAKER’S TYPE: Full-Range Acoustic Suspension, CENTER SPEAKER’S SIZE: 2.75” Full-Range Cone, CENTER SPEAKER’S SENSITIVITY: 84 dB @2.83V/1m, CENTER SPEAKER’S POWER: 30/100 watts (rms/peak)


SURROUND SPEAKERS WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs/unit, SURROUND SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 4.375” x 6.875” x 4.625”, SURROUND SPEAKER’S TYPE: Full-Range Bass-Reflex, SURROUND SPEAKER’S SIZE: 2.75” Full Range Cone, SURROUND SPEAKER’S SENSITIVITY: 83 dB @2.83V/1m, SURROUND SPEAKER’S POWER: 30/100 watts (rms/peak)





This 5.1-channel home entertainment system features an AV receiver and a speaker set that contains:

  • 1 x center channel
  • 2 x front channel
  • 2 x surround speakers
  • 1 x subwoofer

You may watch all of your favorite movies, TV programs, music, and video games on one single device.
The Yamaha YHT-4950U 5.1-Channel Home Theater System comes with Bluetooth and real surround sound. It can stream music wirelessly from compatible devices through Bluetooth and has a total output power of up to 400W, including the powered subwoofer.

The Yamaha Brand

Despite the inexpensive price, it comes from a well-known brand, therefore everything is of high quality. The twisting flare of the Advanced YSTII subwoofer delivers extra bass for a virtual movie front. To precisely drive the speaker cone, it uses a combination of negative-impedance and constant-current principles.

Performance of the System

This system has good Bluetooth connectivity for listening to music wirelessly. Furthermore, YPAO calibrates the listening area automatically for the optimal sound quality. The unit’s acoustic bass output is enhanced by a black channel speaker system with a strong 8-inch 100-watt powered subwoofer.


Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer is an application that analyses the acoustics of your room and system before adjusting a variety of audio parameters to assist you to achieve the best sound possible. To calibrate the system for the best performance in its installed configuration, turn on YPAO and place the included microphone in your listening position.

It’s All About the Bass and Balanced Sound: Its low-range amplification system is designed to deliver rich bass while maintaining optimum positioning and sound balance, even with smaller front speakers.
The loudness of the entire low range of the speaker system is boosted when an 8″ subwoofer is employed, not just in the front speakers, but also in the subwoofer’s bass.

17 DSP Programs

This method allows HD audio (DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, and other formats) to be repeated, resulting in a more lifelike, broader sound image. The Cinema DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is designed to mimic the ambiance of renowned venues such as the Bottom Line, Roxy Theater, and European cathedrals in the comfort of your own home.


Enabling ECO Mode: When ECO Mode is turned on, power consumption can be decreased by up to 20%. The RX-V385 is the AV Receiver included in this kit, in case anyone is interested.
Easy to set up, great sound, and a convenient remote. I like that the inputs may be named whichever you like, and that the name appears on the display. (That feature was not available in the previous system!) This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-cost theatrical experience at home.

This is my third Yamaha receiver and speaker, and they are superb. The surround sound is fantastic, and the speakers are flawless. Furthermore, this utility is a substantial benefit that gives you good value for your money. Don’t hesitate to buy it if you want a complete Home Theater system for your home at a reasonable price!

Yamaha YHT-4950U


  • An eight-inch subwoofer for deep and powerful bass with HDCP two point two support and 4K UHD pass-through
  • Automatic speaker placement is possible with the YPAO sound optimization.
  • The kit includes everything you’ll need.
  • A built-in room optimizing mic calibrates your speakers for you


  • The amplifier produces an annoying buzzing sound.
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet are not available.

Polk Signature Series S60-Polk’s Signature Series Surround Floorstander

WEIGHT: 52 lbs (23.6KG) DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 11.67” x 44.5” x 15.7”, WOOFER SIZE: 3 x 6.5” Mica Reinforced Polypropylene-Midrange (Round) cones with Butyl Rubber Surrounds, TWEETER SIZE: 1” Terylene High-Resolution Dome, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 26 Hz–40 kHz, CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 2.5 kHz, ENCLOSURE TYPE: 2.5-Way, INPUTS: 2 x Dual 5-Way Binding Posts (Gold Platted), RECOMMENDED POWER: 20–300 Watts/Channel

There are many well-known manufacturers in the speaker category that offer exceptional value for money. Polk Audio, on the other hand, typifies the “value for money” mantra and has always focused on making high-quality speakers that are affordable to the general public.

The Polk Audio S60 offers everything a surround sound tower speaker needs to be economical and effective. Some of the S60’s major characteristics are as follows:

  • Big Surround Sound American HiFi Home Theater
  • Polk Power Port Deep Bass Technology is unique.
  • Polk Designed Dynamic Balanced Acoustic Array

Sound Performance

Whether you want to create pure stereo sound or a state-of-the-art surround sound home theater system, the S60 offers rich, clear, and powerful audio. Thanks to three midrange speakers, it produces precise highs, lush mids, and deep bass. Polk’s Dynamic Balance acoustic array is also featured, as well as a custom-designed Tweeter.

Sensibility and Reliability Have Improved

Whether you’re using it with a modern digital processor or an older system. The S60 is meant to deliver broad, clear, comprehensive, and genuine sound reproduction. It is also compatible with Dolby and DTS surround sound systems.

Deep Bass Power Port

The Power Port is designed to transport air movement smoothly into your listening area. It also increases the overall surface area of the bass port, which reduces turbulence and distortion for a greater, richer musical impact. Using the surrounds, the S60 would present all the small noises and whispers as they traveled through space with extraordinary clarity and precision.


Even the faintest sounds were picked up by the front speakers, creating an uncanny atmosphere. Each scenario was enhanced by ambient sounds and environmental activities, which the S60s never failed to offer.

I highly suggest them, and the ones I’ve tried have not let me down. These speakers are designed to bring the experience of a large surround sound theater and music into your living room. They also feature improved sound for movies, TV, and music. Because the 5.1 audio is so well-suited to this configuration, I’m not even going to turn on the television.

Polk Signature Series S60


  • A sophisticated artistic cabinet.
  • Excellent Performance Balance.
  • Solid Bass at an Affordable Price.
  • At Your Doorstep: A Delicacy with Compatibility
  • Exceptional craftsmanship


  • Upper Mids can be quite bright.
  • Only two color options are available.

Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70-Best Surround Sound Tower by Samsung

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 17.9″ x 18.2″ x 34.8″, WEIGHT: 58.3 lbs, BLUETOOTH: 5.0, CONNECTIVITY: 1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Stereo (Audio), 2 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Mono (Microphone) (Audio), 2 x USB Type-A (Audio), WOOFERS SIZE: 10″, MIDRANGE: 13.3 cm, TWEETER: 2.5 cm, TOTAL RATED POWER: 1500 watts, OPERATING POWER CONSUMPTION: 110 watts (Main)

It’s rare that we have a chance to look at anything unusual. Today’s item is something I don’t think is appropriate to unbox in the office, but it’s the only option we have. The Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70, commonly known as the Giga Party, is the device in question.

Samsung’s largest party speaker appears to have enough volume to compete with a concert venue. One would think that with 1500 W of electricity, that would be the case as well, but as we will discover, this is not the case.

The MX-T70 is one of the most powerful party speakers available today. The JBL Partybox 1000 and Sony MHC-V73D are two of the most competitive speakers in this class, and the Samsung speaker, like them, combines flashing LED lights with huge speaker units and karaoke!

Elegant Design

The Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70 features RGB in a few places and a few lighting settings to choose from, but no “adaptive” lighting modes that change with the music.
Overall, the Samsung Sound Tower MX-T70 is an intriguing speaker – however, we still believe it is best used outdoors. Perhaps in the corner of a swimming pool.

Karaoke Feature

There’s also a rubberized control panel there where you may control the music. You can also switch from Bluetooth to one of the back-panel inputs. All of this may be managed by remote control or the Giga Party app, which allows you to adjust the sound image and set lighting effects. You may also control the music in the app, as well as a variety of DJ effects.


Impressive Design

Samsung has done an excellent job with the design, which is so lovely that the speaker can be used in a variety of settings. If you just want to listen to music without the effects and just want to lounge in the hammock and listen to your favorite playlist, the light show can be switched off.

Extra Notable Features

  • Party, Standard (Mono), Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Latin, House, and Reggae are the sound modes available.
  • Noise, Filter, Crush, Chorus, and other DJ effects Wahwah
  • There are two USB Type-A ports available for music playback.
  • 3.5mm audio input for wired device music playback
  • AC-powered party chain with wired and wireless options for nonstop music

SAMSUNG Sound Tower MX-T70


  • Presets and graphic EQ
  • Adjust the bass and treble.
  • Enhancements to the sound.
  • Rear speakers provide assistance.
  • The surround sound simulation is good.


  • No Remote App
  • Support for Dolby Atmos is missing

Logitech Z906-5.1– Best Budget Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System

SATELLITES SPEAKERS’ WEIGHT: 1.85 lbs (0.84KG), SATELLITES SPEAKERS’ DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 3.91” x 6.51” x 3.64”, CENTER CHANNEL’S WEIGHT: 2 lbs (0.89KG), CENTER CHANNEL’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 6.55” x 3.95” x 3.68”, SUBWOOFER’S WEIGHT: 18.8 lbs (8.54KG), SUBWOOFER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 11” x 11.5” x 13.78”, CONTROL CONSOLE’S WEIGHT: 1 lbs (0.5KG), CONTROL CONSOLE’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 1.69” x 4.37” x 0.74”. TYPE: 5.1 Channel System, INPUTS: 2x Optical Input, 1 x Coaxial Input, 1 x RCA Input, 1 x 6-channel, RATED POWER: 1000/500 watts (peak/rms)

This small and economical home theater system from Logitech is surprisingly powerful, with a consistent 500-watt output over the 5-speaker set and a peak output of up to 1,000 watts.

The Logitech Z906 is a set of speakers designed for use with a computer, gaming system, or even a small television. They’re affordable and have a stylish design that will look great on your desk. As a result, the Logitech Z906 is our fourth choice for the best surround sound speakers under 500.

To begin, what do these Satellite Speakers refer to?

Satellite speakers are any speakers that are placed to the side or behind the listening area. They belong to the little speaker category. Satellites are known for revolutionizing the performance of audio systems with incredible refinement. Although these speakers usually require a separate woofer/subwoofer, that does not mean they have bad sound quality.
The 5.1 channel of the Logitech Z906 uses five satellite speakers and a single subwoofer. The 5.1 satellite speaker system excels at audio tracking, making it ideal for multi-channel music.

Here’s Something to Think About!

Although satellites appear to be wireless, they are actually wired. Satellite speakers can be connected to a wireless subwoofer and positioned anywhere in the room. As a result, using satellites reduces the number of wires required.

Control Console with Intelligence

While giving audio control, the stackable, easy-to-read console-style mixes in with your home entertainment system. Change the volume on all of your speakers, turn the power on or off, set inputs, and more.


Sound Quality

The sound quality is fantastic for such a small device. A full six-piece surround sound system with simple controls.
The down-firing subwoofer produces powerful bass and dedicated left, right, and center speakers ensure that your music is clean and equal.
Because it was designed with gamers in mind, we like that Logitech included a number of inputs, making it simple to connect several devices, such as iPads or a game console. You can also utilize a 3.5mm jack to connect headphones to the speakers directly.

Users praised the low distortion of the THX-certified speakers and subwoofer at high volumes, claiming that sound quality did not decrease even at settings that were too loud for comfort. The subwoofer’s bass, on the other hand, can sound flat at the quiet end of the spectrum.
Experts are an excellent value-for-money option.

Suggestion: This is a fantastic arrangement for the money. Better performance than systems twice as expensive, if not three times as expensive. Before buying it, I conducted a lot of research. The system’s only flaw is its appearance. The speakers have the appearance of PC desktop speakers.

You’ll have to get creative with how you make them “work” with the rest of the room’s appearance when you mount them on the wall to use as surround sound with your TV, but that’s not a big deal. The sound quality and functionality are outstanding. I would buy it again without a question!
The Logitech will take up a large amount of space on your desk due to its lack of wireless capabilities and the lack of a wall mount option. If you’re good with that, these speakers might be just what you need for your desktop.

Logitech Z906 5.1


  • You receive clean, crisp sound in a little package.
  • Affordably priced.
  • A 5.1 speaker system with a peak output of 1000 watts.
  • The footprint is reduced.


  • It is not equipped with wireless capabilities.
  • There is no simple way to hang it on the wall.

Samsung HW-Q60T Wireless 5.1 Channel Soundbar-Best 5.1 Channel Surround Soundbar with Subwoofer

DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 38.6″ x 2.3″ x 4.1″, MAIN UNIT WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs, SUBWOOFER WEIGHT: 13.7 lbs, SUBWOOFER DRIVER SIZE: 6.5″, SOUND MODE: Surround Sound Expansion, Game Pro, Standard, Adaptive, DTS Virtual:X, HDR: HDR 10+, CONNECTIVITY: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Digital Audio Input, OPERATING POWER CONSUMPTION: 38 watts (Main) & 28 watts (Subwoofer), TOTAL POWER RATED: 360 watts

Assume you’ve recently purchased a new television for your room or lounge, and you’re getting ready to watch a movie with popcorn and chips. And as soon as you press play, you’ll be greeted by subpar audio, cheap bass, and an unimpressive auditory experience. That is not acceptable.

Because a strong visual experience requires decent audio to give a truly immersive experience, many people always acquire a dedicated soundbar with their TV.
Samsung has been at the forefront of the soundbar and speaker technology development. The Samsung HW-Q60T is one of the more recent additions to Samsung’s soundbar portfolio for the year 2020.

The Q60T soundbar splits a 360W maximum output between a 200W bar and a 160W subwoofer. The HW-Q60T soundbar has a total of 9 speakers.

Elegant Sleek Design

The Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar looks remarkably comparable to the previous generation’s Samsung HW-Q60R. The body is constructed of high-grade black plastic. The front and top of the panel are covered by a metal grille. The majority of the subwoofer is constructed of wood. A cloth covers the sub speaker, which might accumulate dust or tear.

The subwoofer is slightly wider than a mid-sized business computer. Because the sub links to the panel wirelessly, it may be put anywhere in the room. The acoustic panel will most likely not fit between the legs of a 55-inch TV while being shorter than the Samsung HW-Q60R. Best-Surround-Sound-Speakers-Under-500-samsung-hw-q60t

Sound Quality

Acoustic beam technology is employed in the Q60T soundbar to create 3D surround sound in the space. The music is focused on the upside of the bar to make the most of acoustic beam technology. It appears that the holes on top of the bar did not work out as planned; they do provide surround sound, but it is of poor quality, and the sound is lost.

The sound quality is crisp and appears clean at low and mid settings, however, it becomes distorted at extremely high volumes, resulting in hissing and lost clarity. This Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar, on the other hand, produces crisp sound and dialogues at lower and mid-volume levels. The soundbar is louder at greater decibels, making it ideal for birthday parties or DJ nights.

Build Quality

The Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar is built to the same high standard as the Samsung HW-Q60R. The bar is constructed of high-quality plastic and aluminum that feels sturdy and strong. Although the fabric cover is easily dirty or rips, the sub feels well-built.

Punchy Rich Bass

When it comes to bass, the Q60T bar’s wireless subwoofer produces a powerful bass at mid-volume levels. It, on the other hand, struggles to give bass at low volumes and produces distortion at high volumes. You can acquire rear bass speakers if you are a bass fan and want to add more bass to this soundbar. The Q60T Csoundbar’s subwoofer can serve as a satellite for Samsung’s rear speaker kit, allowing for extra bass in your home.

Remarkable Extras

In addition to these sound-improving capabilities, the Samsung HW Q60T soundbar supports Q-Symphony, which syncs and generates sound with Samsung’s QLED TVs for improved performance. The Samsung Q60T soundbar is designed to work in tandem with QLED televisions.
However, the Q-Symphony feature is only available on a few Samsung Q series televisions. This feature is therefore useless if you use other brands.



  • Presets and graphic EQ
  • Adjust the bass and treble.
  • Enhancements to the sound.
  • Rear speakers provide assistance.
  • The surround sound simulation is good.
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Feature of Q Symphony


  • No Remote App
  • Support for Dolby Atmos is missing

Vizio 3651-F6-Best Theater Surround Soundbar System

PACKAGING WEIGHT: 20.28 lbs (9.2KG), PACKAGING DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 14.1” x 38” x 8.8”, SOUNDBAR WEIGHT: 4.74 lbs (2.15KG), SOUNDBAR DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 36” x 2.1” x 3.2”, SOUNDBAR FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz–20 kHz, SUBWOOFER WEIGHT: 7.56 lbs (3.43KG), SUBWOOFER DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 6.7” x 11.9” x 7.9”, SUBWOOFER FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50 Hz–100 Hz, INPUTS: 1x HDMI, 1 x RCA, 1 x Coaxial, 1 x Optical (Ethernet), Bluetooth, OUTPUT: HDMI Arc Output

The Vizio product is featured for the first time in our assessments of the best surround sound speakers under 500, and believe me, it’s a product worth highlighting.

The 5.1 channel soundbar will deliver nothing less than true surround sound. A wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers are also included in the system. It has crystal clear audio and amazing sound quality, making it appealing to listen to.

Overall Performance

The Vizio SB3651 Sound Bar will appeal to individuals who prefer a design debate. When the side speakers detect Dolby Atmos input, they spin up and display the Dolby Atmos logo before enveloping you in a sound bubble.
It’s a fun party trick, but it’s also a great way to go from a simple 5.1 surround sound sound bar with satellite speakers to a fully loaded 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos system without having to add ceiling speakers.

Multiple Extras

The Vizio SB3651-F6 is a soundbar that comes with a variety of accessories. By removing the need for elaborate setups and different accessories, the Vizio SB3651 saves you time and money.
To help secure your installation, the packing includes an HDMI cable for HDMI ARC connections, an RCA analog cable, and even Velcro straps. This soundbar also includes speakers and subwoofers, and the manufacturer makes certain you have everything you need to get started.

Sound Quality

The Vizio SB3651’s sound quality is outstanding, with refined acoustic details and tonal precision. If at all possible, all “audio augmentation” features (e.g. simulated surround sound, etc.) are disabled, and the system’s tone controls are tweaked to achieve the most balanced tone.
The sound quality is a little boomy, with a larger concentration on rumbling bass and vagueness in the upper frequencies, but if you want Dolby Atmos sound without buying a receiver, it’s a well-rounded substitute for some of the greatest soundbars from LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Chromecast & Smartcast Compatibility

Vizio takes pride in making their products Chromecast compatible. Once you’ve downloaded the Smartcast app, you can control the sound from the soundbar, cast it off directly, and sync the music to your Vizio TV.
If you can’t find your remote, you can utilize Vizio Smartcast to replace it. The software allows you to modify the volume, set a mode, and change a range of other system settings. Each of the inputs can also be given a name. The app can also be used to control your home, which is a terrific function.


Wi-Fi Compatibility

This Vizio soundbar supports Wi-Fi, which is something that not all modern soundbar systems provide. Watching movies is one of the many things you can do using Wi-Fi. The soundbar’s ability to connect with Google Home is undoubtedly a significant benefit. If you prefer using smart home technology and voice assistants, the Vizio SB3651 is a wonderful choice.

The back speakers and soundbar are excellent. They were easy to put up and included with all of the required cords for what I feel is every conceivable audible warning choice a person might want (Optical, HDMI Arc, Aux, Rca, etc). The bass is fantastic (can easily get way too loud). You may need to update your settings, which you should do using the vizio smartcast app.

Vizio 3651-F6


  • Flip-up height for channel speakers.
  • There are satellite speakers integrated.
  • Dolby Atmos compatibility is available.
  • Vizio’s features were included in SmartCast and ChromeCast.
  • A complete performance.


  • It’s a little bass-heavy.
  • A little light on nuance.

JBL Bar 2.1– JBL’s Compact Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

PACKAGING WEIGHT: 22.9 lbs (10.4KG), PACKAGING DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 41” x 12.2” x 15.94”, SOUNDBAR WEIGHT: 4.76 lbs (2.16KG), SOUNDBAR DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 38” x 2.28” x 3.35”, SOUNDBAR FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz–20 kHz, SUBWOOFER WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs (5.67KG), SUBWOOFER DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 8.9” x 8.9” 14.6”, INPUTS: 1 x HDMI (1.4), USB (Type A), Bluetooth (4.2), 1 x Optical, OUTPUT: 1 x HDMI Video Output with ARC, POWER OUTPUT: 300 watts (peak)

More people are seeking low-cost ways to improve the audio performance of their new television as time goes on, and the simplest and most basic way to do so is to acquire a soundbar.

JBL’s Bar 5.1 received first place and our best choice award, but at $499.95, it isn’t the cheapest soundbar on the market. If you want to save money, choose the JBL Bar 2.1. Because of its versatility and cost, the JBL Bar 2.1 is ranked among the best surround sound speakers under 500.

Isn’t 2.1 a small? NO!

JBL’s goal with this one is to create a unit that is affordable, easy to use, and short on specs while still giving an adequate performance at a price that is nearly as low as it can get in order to provide a better acoustic experience than any flat TV audio system.

For the price, it comes with a powerful soundbar, a reasonably powerful wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, and a rather functional controller. The sound quality is great, with deep lows that can be dialed up or down, crisp highs that convey audio clearly, and several sound signature changes when adjusting the bass or listening modes.

Streamlined Design

The Bar 2.1 looks like the standard black soundbar you’ve probably imagined in your head. The bar can be fixed on the wall or put flat on a long surface (its rubber feet prevent movement).

The top panel houses the power, volume, and a button for toggling between audio sources. The rest of the top and the entire front panel are covered by a metallic grille.
This grille houses four 2.25″ racetrack-style drivers and two 1.25″ tweeters with a total output of 100 watts. The mode you’re in is also indicated by a white LED readout behind the grille.

Sound Quality

The 2.1 Deep Bass system produces 300W of total system power. The soundbar features dual 50W speakers and a 200W subwoofer. with this much sound quality featuring 2.1 channels only, JBL Bar 2.1 is the only product enlisted here in best surround sound speakers under 500

The increased sound quality from our TV made us immediately satisfied with the improvement. The soundbar and subwoofer instantaneously paired wirelessly, and turning on the TV turned on the soundbar system as well.
If your TV has an HDMI Arc Output, this will work. In terms of technology, HDMI has the highest bandwidth rate and, as a result, the best sound quality. All you need is the TV’s remote controller to control the volume and standby.


Punchy Bass

We maintained the bass on the lowest setting at all times because it is so thick. In action movies and streaming playlists with merged genres, the bass will be loud and muffled in any of the other settings, although it will vary based on the acoustics of your room.
The sound from your television hits you from all sides, creating a wall of sound emanating from the television’s direction. It’s a wonderful step forward.

I’m an audiophile with high standards for sound quality. But I was looking for a cheap wireless surround soundbar for our living room television (I have a home theater system with a large screen in my media room.).
I tried several soundbars from Bose, Samsung, and others in this price range, but none of them had good bass or crisp highs. Because this JBL was on sale, I decided to take a chance, and I’m pleased I did. For the size and, most significantly, the price, it sounds fantastic. Strongly suggested!

JBL Bar 2.1


  • Audio quality is excellent.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • There’s no need to worry about cables because it’s wireless 2.1.
  • An HDMI Arc connection is available for the best transfer function and control.
  • Bluetooth and USB playback are available.
  • It’s quite easy to set up


  • Bass may distort at really high volumes.
  • There is no such thing as virtual tech support.
  • The quality of the remote appears to be poor.

Rockville HTS-56-Best Value Bluetooth Subwoofer Home Theater System

SPEAKER’S NET WEIGHT: 28.7 lbs (13KG), SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 17.3” x 17.7” x 22.3”, SPEAKER’S CHANNEL TYPE: 5.1 Channel Home Theater, SPEAKER’S FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz–20 kHz, FRONT CHANNEL SPEAKER’S TYPE: 2 x 3”-Full Range, FRONT CHANNEL SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 3.94” x 14.57” x 4.13”, REAR CHANNEL SPEAKER’S TYPE: 2 x 3”-Full Range, REAR CHANNEL SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 3.94” x 9.25” 4.13”, CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER’S TYPE: 1 x 3”-Center Channel, CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 3.94” x 14.57” x 4.13”, SUBWOOFER’S SIZE: 8” (along built-in receiver), SUBWOOFER’S DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 9.25” x 14.57” x 13.19”, INPUT: Bluetooth (2.1), USB, SD Input (upto 16gb), 2 x 0.25” Mic Input, 6 x RCA DVD Audio, 2 x RCA Aux, 1 x Optical, OUTPUT: 5 x RCA Audio, RATED POWER: 1000/250 watts (peak/rms)

The Rockville Home Theater System’s 5 speakers and subwoofer deliver powerful audio whether you’re listening to music or watching movies. The Rockville HTS-56 is the next speaker in our list of best surround sound speakers under 500.

The speaker audio on each HTS-56 can be modified to create the exact sound levels you want. You can crank up the volume without worrying about higher-frequency distortion, which is an issue with traditional surround sound systems. The fact that the set includes mounting kits means the speakers may be raised off the floor is a benefit.

Notable Features

Its key features may help you better comprehend the product.

  • The system has an impedance of 8 Ohm for the 8″ driver and 4 Ohm for the 3″ driver. The maximum SPL at 1w/1m is 106 dB. THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is 0.10 percent, and the input voltage is 120V/60Hz.
  • Built-in FM receiver with good reception. The screen is digital. Curves for the equalizer can be selected from a list of presets. Each speaker’s and the subwoofer’s volume can be adjusted independently. Up to 16 GB USB input with Bluetooth 2.1.
  • Cabinets with plastic front panels made of high-quality MDF wood.
  • Approval for certification: CE and RoHS certifications are available.
  • Amplifier: High-efficiency Class AB amplifier with high-quality components! Maximum output with THD+1: 70 dB signal-to-noise ratio.
  • A multi-mode LED lighting system is also included in the system. The subwoofer’s LEDs may be set to blink to the beat, imitate an EQ spectrum analyzer, or change colors (constant or cycle). On the satellite speakers, cool blue LEDs may be turned on and off.
  • Complete Remote Control: Despite its small size and small wording, the remote is simple to use for anyone who have problems seeing small print. The remote can be used to adjust the bass.

Efficient Performance

When listening to music via Bluetooth, the radio, or other non-HD sources, keep in mind that you only get sound from the two front speakers with classic 5.1 channel systems. With the Rockville HTS-56, you may listen to music from any source, and all five speakers and the subwoofer will sound as one.

Its Sound Quality Will Not Let You Down: You’ll get surround sound whether you’re listening to music, viewing a movie, or listening to the radio. After experimenting with the settings on the TV’s sound choices, we were able to get audio from the TV and surround sound at the same time, resulting in a really good universal sound quality.

Super Bass

The 8″ subwoofer offers remarkably clean, deep, rich bass with no shaking or apparent distortion, even at high volumes. As a result, the sound quality of this system is comparable to systems costing twice as much!


This theater’s audio system is incredible. I’ve previously owned expensive theater sound systems. I used to have a soundbar and woofer. My soundbar was not delivering me the sound that I desired. My mind wandered to my ancient Onkyo receiver. So, in my search, the Rockville system’s LED, as well as the affordability, caught my attention. So I purchased it based on the pricing and features.

I set it up when it arrived. Everything went as planned! For the first time, I used Bluetooth to connect. This sound system is fantastic, especially for the money. This equipment is highly recommended, and I would purchase it again as a backup system.

Rockville HTS56


  • Great value for the money.
  • A Strong Sound (1000 Watts).
  • Multiple RCA connectors
  • With a powerful LED lighting system, this is an innovative design.
  • The construction quality is excellent.


  • Using the remote is inconvenient.
  • The cables are not colored.

Acoustic Audio 5171-5.1-Best Budget Surround Sound Speaker Under 500

NET WEIGHT: 22 lbs (9.97KG), DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 14” x 13” x 16”, SATELLITE SPEAKERS’ DIMENSIONS (W/H/D): 4.1” x 6.7” x 4”, SUBWOOFER DIMENSIONS(W/H/D): 6.7” x 12.3” x 13.1”, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz–20 kHz, CHANNEL TYPE: 5.1 Home Theater System, INPUTS: 6 x Standard RCA, 1 x Stereo RCA Aux, USB & SD, RATED POWER: 700 watts (peak)

Winding up the list of best surround sound speakers under 500 bucks with a quality product of Acoustic Audio AA-5171 by Goldwood. If you’re on a tight budget, the Acoustic Audio 5.1 could be the sound system for you. It generates 700 watts of power without causing disturbance to your neighbors.

Goldwood’s Legacy Acoustic Audio

Acoustic Audio uses cutting-edge technology and the best materials to create and manufacture the highest quality audio products in the business. They have everything from in-wall and ceiling speakers to home subwoofers and Bluetooth 5.1 home theater systems. You may be confident that you will receive the greatest products at the best prices.

System Features

  • Integrated power amp with 700 watts system power; Bluetooth – Stream music from your phone to the built-in Bluetooth receiver; The Pro Surround feature automatically converts stereo to 5.1 sound. FM tuner
  • Standard RCA inputs connect to most audio sources, 6 independent RCA inputs for true surround sound, stereo RCA AUX inputs, LED display with front panel controls, USB and SD card connections, full-function remote
  • Highest Quality – A powered subwoofer speaker, five wired satellite speakers, two front satellite speakers, and one center satellite speaker, as well as two rear satellite speakers, deliver the best possible sound.
  • The Pro Surround mode instantly transforms stereo to 5.1 sound.
  • Magnetically shielded satellite speakers

The Design

Simple speakers with an orange and black color scheme that appear okay but may not receive any aesthetic points. There is also a remote control supplied. The Acoustic Audio is one of the best sound systems in its price category, giving high-quality sound without breaking the bank, although lacking the hooks and conveniences of a higher-end gadget.


System Efficiency

This system consists of a subwoofer and five full-range 6″ satellite speakers. The setup is simple, and you can connect via Bluetooth to play music from your phone, but there is no Wi-Fi.
It features five input/output channels, enhanced bass, and front-panel controls. (You can also use a USB or a SC card.)

The result is a sound quality that is both astonishing and clear, particularly in the bass department. This is an amazing sound system for the money. The Bluetooth compatibility is fantastic. The remote control is a headache to use. I had to remove the little baffle within the subwoofer porthole since it was generating noise.
Overall, the sound quality is good, as I would expect from a low-cost system once the speakers “warm up.” Its sub has a lot of base. I can’t complain when this purchase saves me hundreds of dollars. If it works for years, this is a good budget system.

Acoustic Audio 5171-5.1


  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Using Bluetooth, stream music from your phone.
  • The sound quality is amazing, and the setup is straightforward.
  • The construction quality is excellent.


  • It only works well in tight spaces.
  • There is no WiFi connection available

Best Surround Sound Speakers Under 500 Buying Guide

A surround-sound speaker system gives moviegoers a home audio experience that is more like what they would get in a theater. It should provide the best balance of performance, design, and usability while being cost-effective.

Are you seeking the greatest home theater speaker systems? We’ve gathered all of your options in one location, as well as some advice on how a speaker system differs from a TV’s weak built-in speakers.

What are your requirements?

A typical home theater system consists of a home theater receiver (which provides power and connects everything) and speakers, which may include (but are not limited to) a center speaker, right and left front speakers, right and left rear speakers, Dolby Atmos special effect speakers (or height speakers), and one or more subwoofers. You should do your homework completely before looking for the best surround sound speakers under 500.

What features should you look for in a surround sound system?

  • Size: Does your home theater have adequate room for large speakers? If at all possible, choose larger speakers over small compact setups. While smaller systems save space, larger speakers are necessary for a more complete sound.
  • Receiver: You’ll need a receiver to power your brand-new speakers, which isn’t included in all home theater starter sets. Make sure to budget for a receiver if you don’t already have one because they can cost several hundred dollars.
  • Also, make sure your receiver can handle the standards you wish to use, including Dolby Vision HDR or 4K HDMI.
  • Make sure the system you’re purchasing has a stereo or surround sound channels. If you want to feel the action from every angle, invest in a 5.1 surround system, which includes five speakers and a subwoofer.

Are you looking for stereo speakers, soundbars, or surround sound speakers?

Stereo speakers and soundbars are both great ways to boost the volume on your TV, but they also have one drawback: the sound is less evenly distributed throughout the room because they’re smaller and less spread out. Virtual surround sound is available on some models, and while it’s fantastic, it’s not quite as good as the real thing – and even the greatest TVs could use a little help again and then.

Surround Sound systems, while intimidating in terms of cost and installation, are actually pretty straightforward. They should offer you with everything you need to fully enjoy your TV’s actual audio capabilities with no effort: simply plug them in and settle in for a movie night.

A 5.1 system, for example, includes everything. It has five speakers strategically placed around the room to deliver completely immersive 360-degree sound. It’s also the closest you’ll get to recreating the cinematic sound of a movie while resting at home.


Bookshelf Speakers or Floorstanders?

Floorstanders are larger speakers that take up more room, whereas bookshelf speakers are smaller speakers that fit on a shelf. The midpoint of the spectrum is represented by stand-mount speakers. Some speaker packages include a mix of these, while others let you mix and match to create a package that suits your needs.
To verify that it will fit in your space, double-check the measurements. It’s also a good idea to make sure it’ll work with your chosen source.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will make an informed decision when buying the best surround sound speaker under 500. Finally, the choice of surround sound equipment is entirely up to you and your requirements. We hope you found this article to be really useful. Please post any suggestions in the comments section below.

Our budget proposals are as follows:

  • Budget-Friendly JBL Bar 2.1JBL’s Compact Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer
  • Medium BudgetLogitech Z906-5.1Best Budget Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Maximum BudgetJBL Bar 5.1Best Soundbar with Subwoofer and Wireless Surround

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