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Top 5 Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists in 2023

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Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists

Smartwatches are fantastic pieces of technology simply because they have so many functionalities. The hefty form of these electronic devices, however, may deter customers with smaller wrists. Fortunately, most firms are aware of this and have made smartwatches more user-friendly.

I finally found a few smartwatches that can suit everyone with small wrists after spending hours checking out some of the best smartwatches for small wrists on the market right now.

To make things more convenient for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top five smartwatches on the market. Let’s take a look at each one one by one.

Best Smartwatch for Small Wrists At A Glance

  1. Apple Watch Series 7The best smartwatch with an aluminum case
  2. Fitbit Versa 3Best Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  3. Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch, BlackBest High-Resolution Smartwatch Under 100
  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Best Smartwatch with Active Health Monitoring
  5. Fossil Gen 5 JuliannaBest Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker

Apple Watch Series 7–Best Smartwatch with Aluminum Case

CASE SIZE (mm): 41/45, CASE THICKNESS: 10.7mm, WIDTH: 35mm, 38mm, CASE WEIGHT: 45mm: 38.8g /41mm: 32.0g, OPTICAL HEART SENSOR: Third-Generation, CAPACITY: 32 GB, BLUETOOTH: BT 5.0, CONNECTIVITY: LTE and UMTS, Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, BATTERY LIFE: up to 18 hours, TECHNOLOGY: GSM/HSPA/LTE, WATER RESISTANCE: IP6X 50m, OS: Watch OS 8.0, CPU: Dual Core, GPU: Power VR, TYPE: Li-Ion 309 mAh (1.19 Wh)

Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest smartwatch launched by Apple. Apple users are often confused about whether to upgrade to this latest model or not. Apple Smartwatch Series 7 is the best smartwatch introduced by Apple yet. It has a number of new features. One noticeable feature of the 7th Generation Apple Watch is it’s 45mm large screen, which is one of its kind Apple Watch. It is easily the best smartwatch with an aluminum case and our top contender for the best smartwatch for small wrists. The design of these watches has also been upgraded with thinner bezels and larger displays.

Available Colors: Apple Watch 7 comes in five colors; Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue, and (PRODUCT) Red. These colors are very sophisticated for small wrists of women and provide a tech fashionable touch to your overall look.

Battery Life: The watch has a magnetic USB-C charger, which means the watch will charge faster. You can charge your Apple watch from zero percent to almost 85% in just 45 minutes. The battery life of this watch is about 18 hours.

Keyboard Type: One of the exclusive features of this large display watch is that it has a full QWERTY Keyboard. This is a very notable upgrade in the Apple Watches. It also has the QuickPath feature for quicker typing, where you can just swipe from one letter to the other.

GPS and LTE: Like other smartwatches, Apple Watch 7 also has a built-in GPS and LTE in order to make calls and play music when you are away from your phone.


Fitness Tracking & Health Monitoring: Like other Apple smartwatches, this watch also comes with very accurate and detailed fitness tracking and health monitoring.  It has a blood oxygen sensor and an onboard ECG for monitoring heart health.

Apple definitely produces one of the best smartwatches. These smartwatches not only come with the latest features but also with very elegant designs and are definitely the best smartwatch for small wrists. It also allows cycle tracking. When I upgraded to this watch, I was very satisfied. It is very easy to set up and I was instantly able to connect it to my iPhone. However, make sure to order a USB-C charger with the watch as well.
Check our in-depth analysis of the Apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7


  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Fast Charging
  • Larger Screen (41mm/45mm)
  • Multiple Timers


  • Same battery life as the previous series
  • Sensors haven’t been upgraded

Fitbit Versa 3–Best Health and Fitness Smartwatch

HEIGHT: 12.4mm, WIDTH: 40.5mm, DIMENSIONS: 40.5 x 40.5 x 12.4mm, WEIGHT: 0.020 kg, BATTERY: Lithium Polymer Battery, WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY TYPE: Bluetooth, LITHIUM BATTERY ENERGY CONTENT: 2.6-Watt Hours, CHARGE TIME: 40 Minutes,

For women looking for the best smartwatch for small wrists and who are interested in basic sleep and fitness tracking, Fitbit Versa 3 is the top-ranked choice. It is a small 40 mm watch that is mainly designed for health tracking with multi-day battery life, making this product the best smartwatch for small wrists

Available Colors: The best health and fitness smartwatch is available in five colors to match your style and taste. These colors include:

  • Midnight/Soft Gold Aluminum
  • Black/Black Aluminum
  • Pink Clay/Soft Gold Aluminum
  • Thistle / Soft Gold Aluminum
  • Olive / Soft Gold Aluminum

One of the notable features of this watch is the onboard GPS which can track your location, even when you leave your phone at home and go for exercise.

Battery Life: The Fitbit Versa 3 is expected to have a battery life of 6 days as mentioned by Fitbit, which is quite an improvement from the previous versions. This is one of the major advantages of this watch over the previously mentioned smartwatches. However, those watches offer a lot of other smartwatch features as well. If you charge it from under 20% to 100%, it takes approximately an hour, with its fast-charging features.

Active Zone Minutes: These minutes analyze the time you spend exercising for fat burn and cardio. The goal is to earn 150 Active Zone Minutes each week as recommended by AHA and WHO. This is one of the most notable features of the Fitbit smartwatch.

Tracking Features: Fitbit is well-known for its fitness tracking features and this smartwatch also comes with a number of tracking features which include:

  • Activity Tracking Features: Versa 3 has all the basic fitness tracking features such as monitoring of blood oxygen, heart rate, and workout.
  • Sleep Tracking Features: The best health and fitness smartwatch is capable of tracking your sleep time. In addition to this, it also tracks the time you spend in each sleeping stage. The smartwatch collects data and based on this data it gives a score to your sleep between 0-100.

Smartwatch Features: It is the first smartwatch to have access to both the leading voice assistants, i.e., Alexa and Google Assistant. Android users can also answer phone calls from their wrists. It also offers some other important upgrades such as local music storage and a built-in mic/speaker. Fitbit Versa 3 is a very good option for ladies who want a fitness smartwatch, as it has proven to be a very handy fitness tracking and health monitoring smartwatch.

I was really attracted to its looks and fitness features so I ordered one for myself. I use it to monitor my sleep and rate it. It provides a very accurate rating. Its standby time is also really good. I found it to be a very budget-friendly smartwatch. This is actually the best smartwatch for small wrists.

Fitbit Versa 3


  • Activity Tracking
  • On Board GPS
  • Fast Charging
  • Long Battery Life


  • Only one assistant can be enabled at a time.
  • Limited Apps

Garmin Forerunner 35 Smartwatch, Black – Best High-Resolution Smartwatch Under 100

DIMENSIONS: 35.5 x 40.7 x 13.3mm, WEIGHT: 0.0373kg, WATERPROOF RATING: 5 ATM, DISPLAY: 0.93” x 0.93”, RESOLUTION: 128 x 128 Resolution, MEMORY/HISTORY: 7 Activities, SUPPORTED DEVICES: Android /iOS

Garmin Forerunner 35 contains all the features that you would want from a sports budget-friendly smartwatch. It consists of GPS for activity tracking. This best high-resolution smartwatch is a very optimal-sized watch allowing you to receive text and call notifications when paired with your smartphone. This’ll look perfect on your small wrists that’s why included in today’s list of best smartwatches for small wrists.


Forerunner 35 is a very basic-looking watch with a sleek design and thin body. It has a square-shaped dial, which is very comfortable to wear and sits nicely on your wrist. It has 4 buttons on its side. The watch is entirely controlled by them as the display doesn’t support touch.

Health Monitoring and Activity Tracking Features

The best high-resolution smartwatch for small writs is a high-rated sports watch. It has all the features that a high-end sports smartwatch offers. It can track and monitor the following activities:

  • Walking, running, and cycling via GPS
  • Burnt Calories
  • Distance traveled during the day
  • Sleep Tracking along with a log of the time spent in different sleep stages
  • ANT+ sensors

It also comes with 5 workout modes namely cardio, walking, cycling outdoor running, and indoor running.


Smartwatch Features

Apart from the fitness tracking feature, this smartwatch also offers some smartwatch features such as notification and message alerts. Apart from this, you can also use the Garmin Connect app to sync your fitness data.

Battery Life

Apart from these features, Forerunner 35 is rated in the top 3 smartwatches due to its battery life as well. This smartwatch provides a battery life of approximately seven days, even when GPS is enabled.

I found this watch very comfortable to wear and discovered that its battery lasts for a month with the GPS off. Its step counter for very reliable. It provided me the right amount of information for my fitness tracking and I was actually astonished at how much this sporty smartwatch offered within such a low budget.

Garmin Forerunner 35


  • Long Battery Life
  • Supports ANT+ Sensors
  • Amazing GPS Tracking
  • Perfect for runners
  • Simple Lightweight Design


  • No touch
  • Lacks Stress Tracking

Our Thoughts on Garmin Forerunner 35 Smartwatch
A cheap budget-friendly watch with a simple design and the perfect smartwatch for people who want fitness tracking as the prime feature of their smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Best Smartwatch for Android with Active Health Monitoring

DIMENSIONS: 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.43 inches, WEIGHT: 0.4 lb, SCANNER RESOLUTION: 360 x 360, DISPLAY: 1.4”, BATTERY: 340 mAh, AP: Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15GHz, OS: Tizen Based Wearable os 4.0, RAM: 1.5GB, INTERNAL MEMORY: 4GB, CONNECTIVITY: LTE BLUETOOTH 5.0, DURABILITY: 5ATM + IP68/MIL-STDL810G

One of the best smartwatches with active health monitoring is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. This watch is also compatible with the 20mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 band, therefore allowing you to customize it according to your style.

It is one of those Samsung smartwatches which track their holder’s swimming as it comes with a 5 ATM waterproof rating. This watch isn’t specifically designed for women but comes with a number of features that may be customized for women.

Health Monitoring: The best smartwatch with active health monitoring offers improved LED-Based heart rate monitoring. It comes with an embedded ECG sensor. All these health features are FDA-cleared.

Activity Tracking: This smartwatch can track your activity in seven different forms which are walking, running, dynamic workouts, rowing, cycling, swimming, and elliptical training. The device can coach you regarding your activity such as walking or running through the loudspeaker or the Bluetooth headphones. It also comes with a 5ATM waterproof rating which means if you go for a swim, you can monitor your activity in the pool for a depth of up to 50m. It also offers sleep tracking.


Battery Life: The battery of this smartwatch can last from two to two and a half days, with its always on display. The battery life mainly depends on your usage. The approximate time required to charge this watch to 100% is about an hour and a half.

The best smartwatch with active health monitoring is a very good and affordable option. The main focus of this watch is more on health monitoring rather than looks. My experience with Samsung watches is generally good. When I used this watch for my activity tracking while working out it gave me very accurate results, however, its calories count is a little behind.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • GPS
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance
  • Good Battery Life
  • Automatically Tracks Activity
  • Simple Design


  • Limited Apps
  • Need to Improve Sleeping Tracking

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna – Best Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker


Fossil Gen 5 was introduced by Fossil after the Gen 4 smartwatches and comes with more RAM, better design, and improved tracking capabilities. This watch is the women’s version of the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle. It has OS and is compatible with Android as well as iOS. It comes with a lot of features such as water resistance, built-in GPS and more.

Available Colors: The best touchscreen smartwatch for women with small wrists has a stainless-steel mesh and is available in rose gold and gold tone.

Battery Life: The battery life of this watch is about one day, which is lower as compared to the other smartwatches. It also has smart battery mode which increases the battery life a little more by turning off the non-essential features such as Wi-Fi, always on display and touches to wake. The charger that comes along with the smartwatch takes about one hour to charge to 80%.

Health Monitoring: Like other smartwatches, these watches also provide health tracking and monitoring features. They focus more on maintaining health rather than tracking. It has a built-in heart monitor and activity tracking. It also comes with a pre-installed compass, accelerometers, and altimeters. It can also track your sleep.


Other Smartwatch Features: It also has Google Play, which will allow android users to download fitness apps of their choice. Apart from these features, it also features Google Assistant, and speakers for taking phone calls and notifications.

This smartwatch features a large display of 44mm, which might be uncomfortable for some women to wear a watch all day long having such a big deal. I found this watch to be a moderately good watch, with no battery or heat issues. I really liked its lou8d speaker phone calling quality after the update. However, I would prefer a watch with a smaller dial as it gets a little uncomfortable to wear this watch the entire day.

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna


  • External Speaker
  • Google Assistant
  • Multiple colors and straps
  • Stylish Design


  • Very Big Dial
  • Display good be brighter

Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists Buyer’s Guide

When buying a small smartwatch, what should I look for?
First and first, especially when buying a watch online, you must be aware of the size you require. A wristwatch for a man’s wrist should be 35 mm or higher, while for a woman’s wrist, it should be 34 mm or smaller.


Why one should go for Best Smartwatch for Small Wrists?

Smartwatches were considered a high-end product however, only recently they have become affordable and you can a number of smartwatches that might not have all the latest features but will surely fulfill most of your needs. Most of these cheaper smartwatches are simply older versions of their models and

Smartwatches from Apple/Samsung and some other high-end brands are costly and provide features like ECG and more accurate sensors. However, with an increase in their popularity, a lot of brands offer smartwatches with great features and highly affordable prices. Another important factor to consider in its design. A smartwatch must have an optimal display and be light in weight and it must look good and trendy on your wrist.

Smartwatches must be user-friendly, and appealing, have a long battery life, be compatible with your phone, and must have a number of activity and fitness tracking features. If you are interested in smartwatches on a limited budget and looking for a perfect fit, we have gathered here all the information that you must know and is essential while buying the best smartwatch for small wrists.

There are plenty of options all from various brands and it can get really confusing when choosing the best smartwatch in your budget with the best features. This article enlists the best smartwatch for small wrists with the most popular features.

Our Recommendations for you

  1. Fitbit Versa 3Best Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Best Smartwatch with Active Health Monitoring
  3. Fossil Gen 5 JuliannaBest Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker

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