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Best Mechanical Keyboards To Buy-Top 3 Contenders in 2023

Best Mechanical Keyboards To Buy-Top 3 Contenders in 2022
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Best Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards or more commonly known as Gaming Keyboards allow the user to engage in a more convenient way with the computer. Whether it’s a long typing session or a gaming challenge, the clacking of these mechanical keyboards assist the user’s natural skills to produce the best results.

Keyboard is the part of the computer that is touched the most, which means that most of your interaction with the computer is done through a keyboard. Upgrading your keyboard will give you a better typing engagement and an experience of mechanical switches, allowing you to feel the actuation of the keys. There are a lot of mechanical and gaming keyboards offered by many known producers but in order to get the best experience it is important to know about the best mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboards come in different models depending on the user requirement, such as:

  • Plain Models-For productive-minded people, who focus on convenience for long typing sessions.
  • Models with Led Bling-For gamers, etc.

However, you can always choose the type that suits your requirement.

Benefits of Using Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards are used to make the work more efficient. It helps in gaming, coding and typing accurately. They have a good grip of keys which helps the user to type more effectively and it also helps the gamer to use keys in gaming as well. Mechanical keyboards are used by the graphic designers, in order to make proper designs and add more details to the design. Mechanical keyboards are more reliable than other keyboards, they have a larger life span because the normal keys have 5 million key presses and a mechanical keyboard has maximum 70 million key presses.

Why Mechanical Keyboards over Regular Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are considered as the best keyboards because they are convenient and mechanical keyboards give us space to adjust the things according to our own ease. A gamer can easily change and replace the order of the keys so that it improves his controls while gaming. These keyboards are considered as the best of all the keyboards because of its display and size. Mechanical keyboards are customized and basically designed to meet the requirements of gaming. The RGB lights make them more attractive. These styles of keyboards look attractive the gamers.

Mechanical Keyboards come in different sizes and with different features. After careful analysis and review, we have gathered the best mechanical keyboards.

Best Mechanical Keyboards To Buy in 2023 At a Glance

  1. Corsair K100 RGB OpticalBest Gaming Keyboard with OPX.
  2. FILCO Majestouch 2 TKLBest Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches.
  3. Das Keyboard 4Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard.

Corsair K100 RGB OpticalBest Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming with OPX Feature


A Versatile mechanical keyboard, CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL, the best mechanical keyboard in 2023 with an attractive RGB light effect from keys and three sides, an aluminum frame that shows the elegance of the keyboard.  CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL is considered as the best gaming keyboard with OPX and Hyper Processing Speed. CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL types are 4x faster and more effective than other mechanical keyboards.

Features of iCUE Wheel

An iCUE adjustable key on the left top corner of the keyboard helps in different tasks, i.e., adjusting keyboard brightness, controlling the speed of the media, application scrolling, zooming in and out, Track selection, and much more. It has the best key response because it makes the hand more comfortable to type. The keys are arranged in an order that it cannot make the user uncomfortable when the user is not typing. Keys are designed in a dimpled and deep position to rest the finger when the user is not typing.

Optical Mechanical Switches

CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL is the most elaborated keyboard that CORSAIR has introduced ever. The Switch Type is Cherry MX Speed. It includes the macro keys and a control wheel which makes it more attractive for the first impression. The CORSAIR K100 keyboard has one basic quality that no other mechanical keyboard has, that is “optical-mechanical keys”.


Why CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL is top of the list?

CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL is the best gaming keyboard with OPX because of its compatibility and extra fancy looks. It gives accuracy and looks, all in one keyboard. Apart from appearance, CORSAIR K100 RGB OPTICAL supports responsive optical switches with premium and best-built qualities.

My first experience using the CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical keyboard was very great. The time I plugged in the keyboard, the RGB lights excited me to use that keyboard as soon as possible. The aluminum frame, the side RGB lights, and the wheel gave the most attractive look. The keyboard has a premium appearance and the performance is very smooth and great.

Corsair K100 RGB Optical Keyboard


  • Useful iCUE control
  • Three side RGB design
  • Wrist rest


  • Expensive
  • Less controls in iCUE wheel

Our Verdict for Corsair K100
Corsair K100 RGB Optical is a good choice of keyboard because it gives a new look to your system and makes your system more attractive. It is an expensive keyboard but it’s worth buying because of the advance iCUE wheel and RGB effects.

FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL Best Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches

Connection: Combi USB & PS/2, Cable length: 1.5 Metre, Language Layout: United Kingdom, Number of keys/buttons: 88, Switch Type: CHERRY MX Brown, Length: 356 mm, Depth:135 mm, Height: 33 mm, Weight: 980 g, Gross Weight: 1.35 kg, Dimensions: 5.39″ x 14.05″ x 1.46″, Cord Length: 60 Inches.

FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL help in improving the experience of typing with fast speed and less sound production. Mechanical keyboards mostly have the drawback of producing sound but FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL is considered the best mechanical keyboard for typing with Cherry MX switches, which help in typing effectively without any disturbance of the noise.

Cherry MX Switches

Cherry MX Switches share the same features as Cherry MX Black Switches. These cherry Switches make no clicking sounds like other mechanical keyboards. Spring pressure is designed up to 45g so that we can have peaceful and comfortable feedback of writing.

Less Vibration

There are holes on each switch. It makes the vibration less which avoids the production of sound. These holes help you for better typing and make your keyboard more reliable.


Maximum Data Transmission Rate

There are so many keyboards available for gamers but a few of the keyboards have basic and smooth controls. FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL has a feature of maximum data transmission. It helps in avoiding errors and makes the action and command faster.

I always wanted to use a mechanical keyboard to have a better experience in gaming. I was using Lolita Spyder 87 at first but then I moved to Filco Majestouch TKL and it changed the concept of mechanical gaming keyboards. I had the idea in my mind that gaming keyboards have a loud clicking sound but Filco changed my experience and left me amazed. I liked the keyboard so much that I bought the same keyboard for my office as well. This was one of my best investments.

FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL Mechanical keyboard


  • Solid Steel Base for fast typing users.
  • Less Sound production.
  • Best for gaming and office work
  • N-key Rollover


  • A lit bit expensive

Our Verdict ofr FILCO Majectouch 2
FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL is the best mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches. And the no sound production quality makes it more worth buying.

Das Keyboard 4-Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard

SWITCH TYPE: Cherry MX Blue, SWITCH LIFESPAN: 50 million, NKRO: Full n-key rollover, USB PORT: Two-Port USB 3.0 Hub, USB CABLE LENGTH: 6’5”, DIMENSIONS (inches): 18 x 6.8 x 80, ELEVATED HEIGHT (inches): 1.2, WEIGHT (lbs): 2.9, KEYCAP TYPE: Laser Etched

Das Keyboard 4 is made with robust construction and high-quality materials. It has a sleek design with easily readable fonts. It is designed with gold-plated mechanical key switches that can last up to 50 million keystrokes. It uses Cherry MX mechanical key switches which will allow you to input at a very rapid rate.

Volume Knob and Media Control

The professional wired mechanical keyboard has an oversized volume knob along with dedicated media controls. This allows the users to not only adjust the volume easily but also to access the media controls such as play, pause, mute, and next, and previous tracks with just a single keystroke. In addition to this, a sleep control is also present for easy access.

NKRO for Gamers

Das Keyboard 4 has a very important and interesting feature, especially for gamers. This keyboard supports n-key rollover (NKRO) over USB. This is very exciting, as gamers will not require a PS2 adapter anymore.

Typing Experience

The Cherry MX switches provide a light typing experience without being overly sensitive. The typing experience does not feel tiring. The keycaps are made of ABS material and therefore don’t feel like cheap plastic.


Additional Features

One of most prominent additional features of this professional wired mechanical keyboard is its media controls, with the large volume button. In addition to this, it also has two USB ports, however they work only if the keyboard is plugged in to USB 3.0 port.

After using a number of mechanical keyboards, I found this keyboard very convenient especially the one touch sleep button, which is my go-to if I have to rush somewhere while working.

Das Keyboard 4-Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard


  • Dedicated Media Controls
  • Availability of Cherry MX Brown Switches
  • Well-Designed and Spaced Keys
  • Sturdy and Robust Body
  • USB ports now support USB 3.0


  • Lacks Backlighting
  • High Cost

Our Verdict for Das Keyboard 4
Das Keyboard 4 is a very good choice if you have a good budget and are looking for a robust and more accessible mechanical keyboard.

Best Mechanical Keyboards To Buy in 2023-FAQs

Do mechanical keyboards really make a difference?
Mechanical keyboards really make a difference in the typing experience. They last longer than conventional keyboards and are more convenient for gaming devices and long typing sessions. They provide light presses which decrease the chances of mistakes.

What keyboard does Tfue use?
The latest keyboard used by Tfue is the Ducky Miya Pro Rainbow. He customized the default white keycaps with Tai-Hao Rubber Gaming Keycap set.

Are Ducky keyboards reliable?
Ducky provides highly reliable mechanical keyboards which come in many different colors. Their typing quality is really outstanding and they are completely customizable which means they provide a very appealing aesthetic for gaming setups.

Why do pro gamers use mechanical keyboards?
Pro Gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they are easier and faster to type on and more reliable. They also provide more precise and responsive keystrokes. Another main reason is that they are long-lasting.

Are clicky keyboards better?
Yes, clicky keyboards or better known as mechanical keyboards are recommended for longer typing sessions and gamers as they provide a moderately loud and tactile typing experience.

What keyboard does dream use?
Dreamwastaken, or commonly known as Dream is a Youtuber with nearly 28 million followers. The keyboard used by Dream is “Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard”.

Best Mechanical Keyboards to Buy in 2023-Buying Guide

The essence created by the mechanical keyboards gives a flashback of the typewriters. However, with the latest technology mechanical keyboards have evolved a lot and now come in a number of styles, forms and with a lot of varying features. While planning to buy the best mechanical keyboard, one must consider the following factors to make the best choice for himself.

Form Factor

Mechanical Keyboards come in a number of shapes and sizes. The keyboards vary in their sizes, number of keys and layouts mostly. The following are the most common layouts of the keyboards:

  1. Full-size (100%): A full size mechanical keyboard consists of a total of 104 keys. They are usually preferred for office use as they come along with the number pad. Full size mechanical keyboards are the go-to for data entry requirements.
  2. Tenkeyless (TKL): This keyboard is very similar to the full-size keyboard. However, it consists of 87 keys only. It doesn’t consist of the number pad. This is a more compact and comfortable keyboard specially for the people who don’t use the number pad. The number of keys also depends on the manufacturer.
  3. 65-percent: This type of mechanical keyboard is even more compact than the TKL. Most manufacturers bring down the number of keys to around 65 or 68. They don’t consist of the function keys and the number pad but still has the arrow keys and considered a good choice for gamers. These keyboards are extremely light and portable. They usually come in two layouts. The first is the one with all its keys completely smushed together and the other is the one having separate home cluster and arrow keys.

These are the most common forms of mechanical keyboards however, the choice of keyboard size at last, mainly depends on personal preference. Most people, who don’t require to travel a lot, prefer the full-size keyboards.

Key Switches

One of the best features of the mechanical keyboards is that it uses a physical switch under every key. In contrast, the membrane keyboards use a rubber pad under all the keys. The switches of the mechanical keyboards are of three types depending on the manufacturer.

  1. Clicky Switches: Keyboards having these switches are best choice of the typists. They usually offer a click sound when a key is entered. This sound is satisfying for the typists however, it can cause noise for coworkers.
  2. Tactile Switches: These key switches have a light bump while entering a keyboard however, they don’t produce a click sound. They are light weight and usually preferred by gamers.
  3. Linear Switches: These switches don’t give any kind of feedback while a key is pressed. They are also good for gaming however; they can produce typos in long typing sessions. The most common types of linear switches are the Cherry MX switches and are widely used by the manufacturers of mechanical keyboards.

Connection Types

Mechanical Keyboards come in wired as well as wireless forms. Wired keyboards are basically the ones having a cable for connection to the PC, whereas most of the wireless keyboards use Bluetooth as their primary connection type.

Wired keyboards are preferred over wireless keyboards. The cables of the wired keyboard can get tangly but they provide an over all better experience. Wired keyboards produce a quicker response and are a good option for both typists and gamers. Wireless keyboards usually use Bluetooth for connection which is not much reliable and it also produces a delay in response. Some manufacturers also offer wireless connection via a USB dongle. This cuts down the delay. Wireless keyboards are compact and light weight.

Built Quality

Mechanical Keyboards are made with high quality material to ensure a more durable and long-lasting structure, whereas, the normal membrane keyboards are made with cheap material to cut down the costs which as a result reduce the performance quality. These keyboards use a rubber pad under the entire keyset. However, mechanical keyboards have a separate switch for each key. These switches are high quality and improve the over all experience.

A full-size mechanical keyboard usually consists of 104 to 108 keys and has a length of approximately 427.5mm. The keys are made of high-quality plastic under each of the keycaps. They are classic looking and made of more robust material.


Backlight is also one of the prominent features offered by a number of manufacturers. The best mechanical keyboard usually offer RGB backlights, while others have a single backlight. This feature adds a cool aesthetic to the gamer’s environment. If you opt for a mechanical keyboard having no backlight, make sure you are well aware of the keys and use it in a properly lit environment.


The required budget for a mechanical keyboard generally depends on your choice of keyboard. Let’s say you want a full-size keyboard, having backlights and some sort of Cherry MX switches, this means your budget should be anywhere between USD 150 to USD 300. Therefore, one should carefully choose his preference according to his budget.

Best Mechanical Keyboards to Buy in 2023-Conclusion

Mechanical Keyboards provide an overall better experience for typists and gamers. They are more durable, robust and long-lasting. Mechanical Keyboards having colorful backlights create a very attractive environment for gaming. The clicky sounds of these keyboards ensure the user that the key has been pressed properly. These keyboards are heavier and cost more than the classic membrane keyboards.

Each key of the mechanical keyboard has a plastic head with a mechanical switch under it. This mechanical switch produces a better and quicker response ideal for typists and gamers. The best mechanical keyboards provide unique typing experiences along with satisfying clicky sounds and their switches allow for very fast input of one’s ideas.

Our Recommendations

  • High Budget Mechanical Keyboard-Corsair K100 RGB Optical – Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with OPX Feature
  • Medium Budget Mechanical Keyboard-FILCO Majestouch 2 TKL– Best Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches
  • Best Budget Mechanical KeyboardDas Keyboard 4 – Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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