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Top 10 Best Gaming TV under 1000 in 2023

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Best Gaming TV under 1000

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies these days. Any 4k TV is a good choice for gaming. The market is full of TV some gaming, some not. The gaming TVs have their own special features like low latency, HDMI 2.1 support, quick response, variable refresh rate support, and so on.

Gamers prefer to own a gaming TV as this allows them to survive in the highly competitive gaming environment.

Gaming TVs come in many shapes and sizes and yes with a highly varying price tags. And fortunately, their market is always increasing. You will find extremely powerful gaming TVs with a very heavy price tag often in the market. But let’s be honest not all of us have the budget to buy a highly expensive TV after spending hundreds of dollars on our gaming setup.

After carefully testing a number of TVs and playing various types of games on them, we have come up with the best gaming TV under 1000.

Are under 1000 Gaming TV worth it?

The simple answer to this is yes, the under 1000 gaming TVs are definitely a good buy. The most common size you can find in this price range is 55 inches and under. However, you can also find a few 65 inches models. Low-cost TVs have the ability to provide good features as well like low input lag, high response time, and so on. The major names in the low-cost quality TVs are TCL and Hisense. They offer TVs that not only come with great features and good life but are also very friendly to the wallet.

Without any further due, let’s take a look at the best gaming TV under 1000.

Best Gaming TV under 1000 At a Glance

  1. SAMSUNG 55-Inch QN90A SeriesBest UHD Gaming TV under 1000
  2. LG OLED A1 Series 55”Best AI-Powered Gaming TV under 1000
  3. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Q80A SeriesBest Smart TV under 1000
  4. Hisense 65-Inch Class H8 Quantum SeriesBest Gaming TV under 1000 with Voice Remote
  5. Hisense 55U8GBest Premium Gaming TV under 1000
  6. TCL 55-inch 6-SeriesBest Roku Gaming TV under 1000
  7. VIZIO 65-Inch M-SeriesBest Gaming TV under 1000 with Dolby Vision
  8. Hisense 65U6GBest Android Gaming TV under 1000
  9. TCL 55-inch 5-SeriesBest QLED Gaming TV under 1000
  10. VIZIO V-Series 50”Best HDR Gaming TV under 1000

SAMSUNG 55-Inch QN90A Series – Best UHD Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 55.5″ x 33.2″ x 7″, WEIGHT: 61.7 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 54.6”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3,840 x 2,160, MOTION RATE: 240, SOUND OUTPUT: 60W, SPEAKER TYPE: 4.2.2 CH, POWER SUPPLY: AC 110-120V 50/60 Hz, MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION: 230W

The best TV for console gaming is the Samsung QN90 Series. The 54.6-inch TV was specifically put to the test. One of the most popular TVs for gamers is the Samsung QN90, a 4K LED screen. This TV produces the ideal colors and brightness, and it also has some other amazing characteristics that make it ideal for gaming.


The Q90A has a high-end appearance. This TV has an incredibly slim profile and a modern style. It may wobble somewhat as a result of the stand, although this is hardly noticeable. Unexpectedly, this TV has excellent build quality. With the exception of the stand, which is constructed of low-quality plastic, the TV is made of premium plastic.


The TV must have the best characteristics, especially 4K resolution, for console gaming. A mini-LED full-array local dimming feature is included with the TV. This characteristic gives the blacks an extremely deep, dark appearance. However, this function in the gaming mode causes the screen to be grey rather than black, therefore it needs some improvements.

The best gaming experience can be had on this TV thanks to its excellent responsiveness and ability to identify and adjust the display automatically. One problem with the TV is that it takes a while for the bright and dark areas to shift, which can be more evident in games like Apex Legends.


In contrast to conventional AAA or AA batteries, the remote control of the best UHD gaming TV under 1000 features a special feature that enables it to be charged through USB Type C charging connection or solar power.


My pastime is gaming, which I enjoy doing for hours. When the PS5 came, I bought one, but I also wanted to play games on the greatest TV I could afford. I had to try out the Samsung QN90A when I found it. It turned out to be a really decent TV with some great features including quick response and automated screen adjustments. However, it might occasionally take a noticeable amount of time to switch between bright and dark colors, which can be a small issue for gamers like me.


  • Outstanding Contrast Ratio
  • Extremely Low input lag
  • Quick Response time


  • Slow transition times b/w brights and darks

Our Verdict

Samsung QN90A is the best choice for video and HDR gaming. It comes with a number of console gaming-specific features like low response rate. The drawback was the slow transition rates of brights and darks.

LG OLED A1 Series 55” – Best AI-Powered Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 48.3 x 30.2 x 10.7″, WEIGHT: 41.2 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 55”, RESOLUTION: 4K Ultra HD/3,840 x 2,160, REFRESH RATE: 60 Hz, SOUND OUTPUT: 20W, SPEAKER TYPE: 2.0 CH, POWER SUPPLY: 120V 50/60 Hz, POWER CONSUMPTION: 95W

The LG OLED A1 series had to make to this list. It is one of the latest entry-level OLED TVs. The reason of its popularity is that it delivers very similar picture quality to the more expensive OLED models. It has a few features that make it a good gaming TV as well.

Build Quality

The design of the OLED A1 is very similar to that of LG C1 OLED. However, there are a few differences like the stand of the TV. The legs of the TV are wide, which means if you wish to place this TV you will require a wide space. The design of the back of the best AI-powered gaming TV under 1000 is a bit disappointing. It is plain with the upper half made of metal and the lower half made of plastic. Overall, this TV has a good build quality.


LG A1 is an excellent TV for playing games. It features an OLED panel with an extremely fast response time and a near-infinite contrast ratio. It is perfect for gaming as it has a very low input lag which provides a very responsive gaming experience. However, it lacks some of the more outstanding features like HDMI 2.1 input ports and VRR support.


I love gaming and what’s better than budgeted gaming? I ordered this TV expecting no more than what it delivered. It has a decent design with an okay remote. Apart from this, the response time was so good; it felt as if there is zero millisecond delay. I would highly recommend this TV to other gamers.


  • Great black uniformity
  • Extremely fast response time
  • Low input lag


  • Lacks HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Lacks VRR support

Our Verdict

LG A1 is a nearly perfect gaming TV. It has great picture quality, extremely fast response time, amazingly low input lag, and perfect black uniformity. However, it lacks in some of the latest features like HDMI 2.1 ports and VRR support, which are the requirements of the latest gaming consoles.

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Q80A Series – Best Smart TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 48.3″ x 30.8″ x 10.1″, WEIGHT: 46.3 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 54.6”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3,840 x 2,160, MOTION RATE: 240, SOUND OUTPUT: 60W, SPEAKER TYPE: 2.2.2 CH, POWER SUPPLY: AC 110-120V 50/60 Hz, MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION: 220W

The Samsung Q80A is another of Samsung’s mid-range and budget-friendly. It is the successor of the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED from 2020. It has a number of features that are suitable for gaming and allowed this TV to be in this series.


The best smart TV under 1000 features a simple and sleek design and is very similar to its previous models. It has a square-based stand which is very firm and holds the TV without any wobble. The design of the backside is just like other Samsung models. The overall design of the TV is very thin and decent.


The Samsung Q80A has a number of features that are specific to gaming. It allows you to play 4k games with a refresh rate of 120 frames per second which is perfect for the latest gaming consoles. Another feature is the HDMI 2.1 port making it perfectly compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It also features a very quick response time and a very low input lag. These features make it an ideal choice for gaming under a budget.


I picked this TV because it supports HDMI 2.1 and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz with a 4k resolution. I preferred to have this TV over OLED to avoid the risk of screen burn. To my surprise, it also had several smart features. I really enjoy this TV and am really impressed with the speed and performance of the games on using this TV.


  • The refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Supports VRR
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Quick response time


  • The contrast ratio is low

Our Verdict

This is one of the good budget-friendly TVs. Samsung Q80A allows you to play 4k games along with a quick response time, low input lag and VRR support. However, it has a low contrast ratio which makes the blacks look gray.

Hisense 65-Inch Class H8 Quantum Series – Best Gaming TV under 1000 with Voice Remote

DIMENSIONS: 57.0 x 35.8 x 11.1 in, WEIGHT: 44.1 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 64.6”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3840 x 2160, MOTION RATE: 240, SOUND OUTPUT: 10W x 2, POWER SUPPLY: AC 120V 50/60 Hz, POWER CONSUMPTION: 260W

The Hisense H8 is a good upgrade to the Hisense H8F. It is another budget TV that has a number of features that are gamer-friendly, however, one shouldn’t expect advanced gaming features from this under-1000 TV.


The design of the best gaming TV under 1000 with a voice remote is simple and elegant. The TV is thin with a thick panel placement space. Its feet are made of metal. The top half of the backside of this TV is made of metal and the other half is made of plastic.


The Hisense H8G comes with a number of great features. The features that are perfect for gaming include deep blacks providing an excellent display for games, and reduced motion blur. It has a good response time which is the preference of most the gamers. The most prominent feature of this TV is that it features an incredibly low input lag. However, it doesn’t have any VRR support but we can’t expect to have all the features at this price.


I have previously used the U6G and therefore when I ordered the H8G1, I was surprised to find out that the two models are very similar to each other, however, they had the better local dimming features. Apart from this, I was really impressed with the performance and features of this TV.


  • Deep blacks
  • Supports local dimming
  • Decent response time
  • Extremely low input lag


  • Lacks VRR support

Our Verdict

The Hisense H8G is a good choice for gamers with a decent response time, extremely low input lag, and a good local dimming feature. The only drawbacks are that it doesn’t support the VRR feature and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz only.

Hisense 55U8G QLED Series – Best Premium Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 48.5 x 28.2 x 3.9 in, WEIGHT: 39.2 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 54.5”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3,840 x 2,160, REFRESH RATE: 120 Hz Native, SOUND OUTPUT: 10W x 2, MOTION RATE: 480, DISPLAY ASPECT RATIO: 16:9, POWER SUPPLY: AC 120V 50/60 Hz, POWER CONSUMPTION: 240W

The Hisense U8G is the H9G’s replacement, and just like that TV, it is a very stunning one. Compared to other high-end TVs from manufacturers like Sony and Samsung, it offers good value for the money. It includes some functions that are exclusive to gaming consoles. Let’s examine the TV’s features and design in more detail.


As said previously, the design is almost identical to that of H9G. The overall structure is quite similar; however, the stand has undergone minor changes. The TV has a decent style and measures 3.2 inches thick. The stand holds the TV securely and is quite stable.


The best premium gaming TV under 1000 has a variety of features designed specifically for gaming, like a superb contrast ratio and high peak brightness. Lag rate is one of the key aspects of a TV for console gaming. This low-cost TV offers a fantastic response time in addition to a very low input latency.


One of my finest purchases was this Hisense U8G. Installing and configuring it was easy. Because I play video games quite competitively, I prefer to use systems that have little lag and latency which was perfectly offered by this TV.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Good Contrast and Color
  • High peak Brightness
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Fast response time


  • The gaming mode has some issues

Our Verdict

The Hisense U8G is one of the best gaming TVs. Due to its great contrast ratio and the fact that local dimming functions flawlessly in gaming mode, it is the ideal display for gamers. The TV’s technical difficulties when playing games were the sole negative.

TCL 55-inch 6-Series – Best Roku Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 48.3″ x 31.1″ x 13.7″, WEIGHT: 43.7 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 55”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3,840 x 2,160, VARIABLE REFRESH RATE: 120 Hz Native, SOUND OUTPUT: 8W + 8W

It’s no surprise that the TCL-Series 6 made this list because TCL makes some of the best televisions. This 4k TV features mini LED backlighting. The only distinction between this TV and the other six in the TCL 6 Series is that this one makes use of Roku TV. It is a great option for gaming because it has several features that are appropriate for gaming. For my gaming test, I went with the 55” R646.


The TCL R646 features the company’s traditional TV design. The same back panel is present, as well as a silver bottom bezel. This TV has tiny, stable feet or a stand that barely wobbles. The screen is elevated from the table by 3.5 inches.


A variety of characteristics make the best Roku gaming TV under 1000, one of the top options for gaming. It has an excellent native contrast ratio. The TV has two HDMI 2.1 inputs, which is good news for gamers. Since gaming can become quite competitive, the response time should be as quick as possible. It offers a variable refresh rate and has a very low input lag.


I adore playing video games, and I’ve been using this TV for a while to play my fiercely competitive games. One of the best and most affordable 55″ Roku TVs with the capacity to handle 4K resolution is this one.


  • Native Contrast Ratio
  • Moderately low input lag
  • Supports Variable refresh rate


  • Local Dimming feature could be improved

Our Verdict

The TCL R646 is one of the best TVs for console gaming. It features moderately low input lag and supports VRR. The only drawback is that the local dimming is poor and there is black smearing with the fast-moving objects in case of dark scenes.

VIZIO 65-Inch M-Series – Best Gaming TV under 1000 with Dolby Vision

DIMENSIONS: 48.82″ x 31.77″ x 5.91″, WEIGHT: 30.861 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 49.50”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3840 x 2160, SOUND OUTPUT: 10 watts x 2, ASPECT RATIO: 16:9, DYNAMIC MOTION RATE: 360

One of the greatest TVs for console gaming is the Vizio M-Series. I decided to review the M65Q6 65” model. It is one of the most affordable TVs for gaming consoles. The Vizio TVs are unquestionably addressed while discussing inexpensive TVs because of their low cost and mediocre performance.


The Vizio M-Series has a very straightforward setup that is ideal for any configuration. It stands on two flat feet that hold the TV 2 inches above the table. The TV is thick on the side and has thin borders, allowing you to mount it to a wall if you choose so. The Vizio TV has a decent overall build quality.


The fantastic native contrast ratio, which enables gaming to be played in both bright and dim lighting, is one of the aspects that make the best gaming TV under 1000 with Dolby Vision ideal for gaming. The TV’s response time is also swift, and VRR is supported. Low input lag is another essential for a gaming TV, and fortunately, the Vizio M65Q6 also offers this feature. The local dimming feature, however, needs further advancements. In addition, unlike other TVs that utilize 120 Hz panels; this one employs 60 Hz panels.


The TV turned out to be one of my wise purchases because it offered a great gaming experience in addition to being a cost-effective choice. Because of its extremely fast response time, it is appropriate for competitive gaming. In addition to this, I adored the contrast ratio and the capability of VRR support.


  • Supports VRR
  • Quick Response Time
  • Good Native Contrast Ratio


  • 60 Hz panel
  • Poor local dimming

Our Verdict

Despite having a 60 HZ panel only, the Vizio M65Q6 nevertheless manages to deliver an excellent gaming experience. Low input lag and a respectable response time are also present. This is a good alternative for gaming if your budget allows, but if you have a larger budget; it is advised to use the TVs for console games that were previously discussed.

TCL 55-inch 5-Series – Best QLED Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 48.3″ x 30.1″ x 11″, WEIGHT: 34.8 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 55”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3,840 x 2,160, VARIABLE REFRESH RATE: 48Hz – 60Hz @ 4K, SOUND OUTPUT: 8W + 8W

As previously said, TCL makes some of the greatest and most affordable TVs. For this evaluation, I tested the TCL S546 from the Class 5 series. It is a 4K LED TV and is regarded as one of the best gaming TVs from TCL.


The TCL Series 5 has the traditional TCL TV look. It has a straightforward design with a simple layout. It features thin borders and plastic feet that properly and steadily support the TV. The feet don’t raise the TV much off the table because they aren’t very tall. The overall design of the TV is decent and good.


A VS panel with a high contrast ratio is present in the best QLED gaming TV under 1000. In addition to this, there are a number of other factors that make this TV the ideal option for playing games. Three different display resolutions—720p, 1080p, and 4k—are included. Quick response time is another crucial characteristic needed for gaming. This TV has a mediocrely good response time, which enables gamers to move freely. VRR is also supported.


Simply put, I adored this TV since it offered an almost flawless viewing experience. The setup was simple, the picture quality was outstanding, and the reaction time was lightning fast making it suitable for gaming.


  • Quick response time
  • Supports Variable Refresh Rate
  • Features VA panel with a high contrast ratio


  • Limited to HDMI 2.0 inputs only

Our Verdict

The TCL S546 is among the most affordable TVs for gaming. It contains some of the ideal attributes needed for gaming, such as quick response time and compatibility with VRR, but it has subpar local dimming, which some gamers dislike.

VIZIO V-Series 50” – Best HDR Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 38.31″ x 24.52″ x 8.35″, WEIGHT: 21.38 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 42.50”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3840 x 2160, SOUND OUTPUT: 5 watts x 2, ASPECT RATIO: 16:9

The Vizio V-series is a decent TV that features a VA panel. A handful of its features are designed specifically for gaming. Let’s go right to the rest of this 50-inch TV specification.


The best HDR Smart TV for console gaming is the Vizio V-Series. It has a straightforward layout that is highly reminiscent of earlier models. The TV needs a broad surface to be placed on because its feet are rather wide. The stand doesn’t wobble much and is quite solid. Looking at the rear of the TV, we can see that it is plain, and half of it is made of metal and the other half of plastic. This TV’s construction quality is adequate overall.


What qualifies this decent TV as a solid gaming option? This TV’s outstanding contrast ratio and minimal input lag are its key advantages for gaming. Gamers prioritize equipment that responds quickly, and this TV’s response time is a little slow. In addition, the Vizio V-Series TV offers excellent black uniformity and exceptional picture quality in the game mode.


Two weeks ago, I placed an order for a 43″ Vizio V-Series TV. At this price, it turned out to be rather nice and fun. The only drawback I encountered was that I was unable to upgrade the basic apps that came pre-installed. Aside from that, the gaming mode left me really satisfied, but I do wish it had a faster response time.


  • Good Contrast Ratio
  • Good black uniformity
  • Input lag is low


  • Brightness levels could be increased
  • Lacks VRR support
  • Poor response time

Our Verdict

A good gaming TV is the Vizio V Series 50. Although it has little input lag, which is helpful for gaming, you could feel that the response time is a little slow when playing fast-paced games. Although it lacks features like VRR compatibility, the visual quality in gaming mode is still decent.

Hisense 65U6G – Best Android Gaming TV under 1000

DIMENSIONS: 57.0 x 35.3 x 11.5 in, WEIGHT: 65.0 lb., SCREEN SIZE: 64.5”, RESOLUTION: 4K/3840 x 2160, MOTION RATE: 240, SOUND OUTPUT: 10W x 2, POWER SUPPLY: AC 120V 50/60 Hz, POWER CONSUMPTION: 250W

This is another TV from Hisense which made this list. It is an entry-level and budget-friendly TV. Hisense 65U6G delivers good image quality which is better than other low-cost TVs.


The design of the best Android gaming TV under 1000 is very similar to other Hisense TVs. The feet of the TV are narrow which means it takes up good space when placed on a table. However, these aren’t the strongest feet as the TV wobbles a little. Like other TVs, the backside of this TV is also a mix of metal and plastic. The overall build quality of the TV is decent.


The Hisense U6G has a number of great gaming features. Hisense 65U6G has excellent contrast and an extremely good black uniformity which makes it perfect for dark room gaming. It also has a great response time with extremely low input lag, making it a perfect choice for competitive gaming.


I ordered the Hisense U6G TV a while ago and faced some delivery issues. When I finally had the TV at my place, my excitement and suspense doubled. The TV uses Android and has a very decent performance in gaming. I love using it in dark gaming rooms, as it has a perfectly black screen and a near-infinite contrast ratio.


  • Great response time
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Perfect Blacks


  • Permanent burn-in risk

Our Verdict

The Hisense 65U6G is an extremely good and budget-friendly TV for playing games. It has an extremely low input lag, with an amazing response time which makes it perfect for competitive gaming. However, this TV maybe not is recommended for long-term use as there is a risk of permanent burn-in when exposed to static elements for longer periods of time.

Best Gaming TV under 1000-Frequently Asked Questions

What TV do I need for PS5?
The PS5 should work as long as your TV has an HDMI 2.0b connection. We believe you won’t need to update if you have a Full HD TV with a 1080p resolution and a suitable location for an HDMI cable.

Is a bigger TV better for gaming?
This largely relies on personal preference and how close you are to your screen while gaming. Many contend that bigger is better when utilizing a TV for gaming because users of gaming monitors typically sit closer to the screen. Additionally, split-screen configurations for multiple players work better on a larger screen.

Do I need 120Hz TV for PS5?
PS5 can work with 60HZ frame rate TV as well. But to get the best results it is advised to use the PS5 with a TV having a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Is TV good for PC gaming?
Yes, you can replace your computer display with any HDMI-enabled TV. A graphics card with at least an HDMI 2.0 port is necessary if you’re considering 4K TVs (HDMI 2.0a or later for HDR10 displays). This enables the use of 24-bit color at 4K at 60 Hz.

Can TVs run at 120 fps?
Yes, you will many TVs in the market that run at a frame rate of 120Hz. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly TVs that offer this as well.

Is LED or OLED better for gaming?
The gaming experience is enhanced by OLED TVs because they offer crisper images and faster response times than LED TVs. Don’t leave a static image onscreen for too long because OLEDs have a significant risk of burn-in.

Are Vizio TVs good for gaming?
Thanks to the integrated ProGaming Engine, VIZIO 4K game TVs like the P Series and OLED have input lag times of under 25 ms. They can meet the demands of competitive gamers because of this.

Are Roku TVs good for gaming?
No, Roku TVs aren’t the best choice for gaming. This is because they normally lack HDMI 2.1 bandwidth which is required to play high-frame rate games.

Best Gaming TV under 1000-Buyer’s Guide

It is obvious that the greatest TVs for gaming are those with a 4K resolution. But while looking for the finest gaming TVs, there are a few other qualities that should be taken into consideration.


One of the most obvious things to take into account while choosing the finest budget TV for console gaming is price. This article has listed the most budget-friendly and best-performing TVs. The price range for having the most suitable gaming TV under a budget ranges from 500 to 999. We know that putting more honey will make the dish more sweet meaning that investing more will give you better results. But by carefully considering the specifications, you can choose the perfect gaming TV for your console.

Refresh Rate

This term may also be known as frame rate. What does refresh rate mean? You will find TVs with two refresh rates in the market one is 60 Hz and the other is 120 Hz. The television’s image is refreshed 60 times every second at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The image is refreshed 120 times per second on some of the newest TVs, which feature a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is preferable to get a TV with a frame rate of 120 Hz because the majority of modern gaming consoles like PS5 support this refresh rate.

HDMI Connectivity

The majority of TVs have an HDMI port, but do they support the most recent HDMI connector technology? The newest connector technology is HDMI 2.1. Support for ALLM, 4K 120 Hz, and VRR are included. Make sure that while choosing the perfect TV for yourself you check its HDMI compatibility.

Screen Size

You’ll have a more immersive gaming experience if your screen is larger. However, some people prefer smaller TV sizes because they don’t want to move their heads around much while gaming. As a result, gamers should stick to a reasonable screen size that will accommodate their gaming setup and still allow for a good vision.

Lag Time

Talking about gaming? How can one miss lag time? This is yet another crucial aspect needed for gaming. Lag time is the amount of time that passes between an input and an action, such as pressing a button, and the screen’s presentation of the resulting change. Although 30 milliseconds is the most typical lag duration, some gamers prefer a lag time of even less than 20 milliseconds for optimum performance.

Best Gaming TV under 1000-Conclusion

Getting the perfect gaming setup with the best gaming devices can get a little heavy on the wallet. Therefore, sometimes one has to consider budget-friendly options.

If you are getting an extremely good TV with excellent features under 1000, what could be ideal? When looking for the perfect TV you should not only focus on gaming mode features but other features like the sound quality and visuals should also be considered.

Gaming consoles and devices are upgrading every passing year and coming up with better power and specifications than their predecessors. This means that their price is also increasing and thus to create a stabilization between performance and budget, it is recommended to go for the best gaming TV under 1000.

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