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Omni Ultimate 38,400mah AC/DC/USB-C Powerbank complete review

84 / 100

Omni Ultimate 38,400mah AC/DC/USB-C Powerbank



Connector Type USB Type C, USB Type A
Brand Omnicharge
Battery Capacity 38400 Milliamp Hours
Voltage 5 Volts
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Product Dimensions 6.5 x 5.71 x 2.09 inches
Item Weight 3.08 pounds
Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Capacity 38,400 mAh, 142Wh ±5%
AC Output 120W Max
DC Output 150W Max, 5V – 60V up to 8A
USB-C Output 60W out 60W in
USB-A Output 5V/3A QC 3.0 compatible


All of your gadgets, including computers, cameras, drones, and cellphones, may be charged with Omnicharge. Functional and adaptable. High-powered AC, adjustable DC power, USB-C PD for laptops, QC 3.0 USB-A, detachable battery, pass-through charging, and solar charging are all features of this all-in-one power source. capacity of a 142wh (38,400mah) battery. Up to 100W DC and 120W AC output; complies with FAA and TSA standards. first-in-the-industry detachable battery. Replace your battery when it runs out and consider charging the extra battery somewhere else than the Ultimate body. Carrying two 142wh backup batteries is permitted by the FAA. Be prepared for anything. Three hours to recharge.



  1. Power and Menu Button
  2. AC Outlet Button/Move Up
  3. DC Outlet Button/ Move Down
  4. AC Outlet
  5. DC Input Port
  6. USB-A Ports
  7. USB-C Input / Output Port
  8. DC Output Port


AC Output


The Omni Ultimate offers a versatile power option for every circumstance with its 120V three-prong wall outlet. It can power a range of gadgets because it can provide up to 120W of output.

USB-C Output


You are now one step closer to a world in which a single port can be used to charge laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and more thanks to our enhanced 60W USB-C connector on the Omnicharge.

DC Output


The latest industry standard for DC output is the 150W high-power adjustable DC Port. The Omni Ultimate provides a customized charging experience by giving you a variable voltage and amperage.

High Capacity

With a 38,400 mAh capacity and high wattage input, a complete recharge takes about 3 hours!

Pass-Through Charging


You can power or charge your gadgets while also refilling your Omnicharge thanks to independent charging and discharging modules.

Removable Battery

With its first-in-the-industry interchangeable battery technology, you may swap out worn-out batteries. sustaining your journeys for a long time.

OLED Screen

Our OLED screen offers intelligent power readings so you can better manage the power levels of your gadgets. provide you with the knowledge you need to stay motivated all day.

Fast and Flexible Recharging

The Ultimate can be recharged in under 3 hours at 90W from the barrel port or 60W from the USB-C connector. A built-in MPPT controller allows the barrel port to be recharged from almost any source.

How to activate

Charge it before using it for the first time to make sure all of the parts are functional. Simply connect your device to the power bank after that, and if your power bank has a button, push it. After confirming that your smartphone is charged, wait. Plug your gadget out when it has finished charging and put your power bank away.

How to maintain

Charging: Avoid keeping your power bank on charge for an extended period of time since it might overheat.

Avoid short circuits: Don’t make short circuits: Keep coins, paper clips, keys, and other metal things away from your power bank.

Storage: Keep the power bank away from heat sources, moisture, and dust in a cool, dry location.


Where can I obtain a spare battery?

Go to Indiegogo, search for BOTH of their projects, and read the comments and updates pertaining to their issues. You might want to stay away from this product. Many people—including myself—have reported issues with EMF interference, dead USB and qi charging, dead devices, a KNOWN issue with charging Apple devices, lack of an instruction manual (so be sure you know what you’re doing), design flaws (watch my review video), the possibility of a fire hazard if charged incorrectly, and almost nonexistent customer service (no phone number, and good luck going through emails).

Is this permitted on aircraft?

It’s in an odd place. There is a condition that states that two power banks with a combined capacity of less than 160 Wh may be carried with airline approval, even if the powerbank is just under 150 Wh and the guaranteed okay is under 100 Wh. But as I discovered with United Airlines, obtaining airline consent isn’t always easy. Ultimately, I decided not to take the possibility of having a $400 item seized because the woman on the phone seemed to be quite perplexed the entire time.

Is the Omnicharge Ultimate or any other Omnicharge device capable of providing constant power?

Since pass-through charging is supported by all Omnicharege products, you may use it as a constant power source. Remember that power banks don’t utilize the same batteries as UPSs and that leaving a fully charged power bank plugged into the wall adapter all the time would drastically reduce its longevity.

Does this enter sleep or hibernate mode? After a given period of time, other powerbanks cease charging.

While Omnicharge is intelligent, at times it may be too intelligent. The Omnicharge’s Auto Shut Off function will switch the Omnicharge off when the current drawn is less than a preset threshold in order to save standby power usage.
In the “Auto Shut-off” option, choose NEVER to disable this function: https://support.omnicharge.co/hc/en-us/articles/360042752394-Omnicharge-keeps-shutting-down-while-charging-devices-from-USB

When it doesn’t support wireless charging like the omni 20 usb-c+, which costs half as much, how can it be considered “ultimate”?

I have many power banks from various manufacturers. The ultimate is special in that it can both charge quickly and deliver power at the same time. Up to 90 watts of charging power can be delivered simultaneously via the DC input connector and the USB C port. There is also a 60W type C PD port on it. In order to handle high-power DC in addition to USB A and type C output while concurrently charging via DC, solar power, or an AC adapter, the output barrel connector is separated from the input.

If so, how long can you power a PS4?

No. However, there are other gadgets that can do it, such as solar generators. You might want to look into a “500watt solar generator” if you want to be able to use a portable PS4, small TV, or projector. The PS4 is sometimes a power-hungry beast, therefore it might not last very long (maybe 1-2 hours depending on gameplay, resolution settings, and mah rating)! However, in the end, this is not the right tool for that need.

Does this support pps version 3.0?

Although all of our power banks presently employ USB PD 2.0 standards, Omnicharge has always been able to exceed our client’s greatest expectations.
We are always speaking with our clients to learn more about their needs and how we can best support them in achieving their objectives. We are always improving our goods, so maybe 3.0 standards will be included in the next gadgets.

The screen of my Omnicharge is blank and won’t turn on. Attempts to charge were unsuccessful; has this happened to anybody else?

The power button may need to be pressed and held for up to 30 seconds. If doing so doesn’t illuminate the LCD panel, the battery may be malfunctioning.

My laptop is a 15-inch Zbook. The power cable specifies 150 watts. So this will actually charge it?

With a maximum AC output of 120W, the Omni Ultimate is incompatible with the wall adapter that comes with laptops. With the right DC-to-DC connection, you should be able to power this laptop directly from Ultimate’s 150W DC connector.

Is a solar attachment available? Would that be suggested?

On this device, I have a Rockpals 60W foldable solar panel, and it performs admirably. Rockpals’ next hop is 100W, which is more than the input rating of 90W. Examine the output ratings of various solar panels to ensure that they will satisfy your needs and not exceed the unit input rating.

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