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iWALK DBL10000M Magnetic Portable Charger complete review

81 / 100

iWALK DBL10000M Magnetic Portable Charger



Connector Type USB Type C
Battery Capacity 9000 Milliamp Hours
Compatible Phone Models IPhone 14/13/12 Series
Color White
Package Dimensions 5.28 x 3.86 x 1.54 inches
Item Weight 10.5 ounces
Item model number DBL10000M
Batteries 2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


It has its own magnets for a stronger attraction than the phone delivers, specifically for iPhone 12/13/14 wireless charging. Fast wireless charging for iPhone 12/13/14 is supported with a wireless portable charger with 7.5W. Additionally, iWALK DBL10000M supports 18W PD USB-C input and output. Your iPhone 14/13/12 would get around two charges from this 9000mah phone charger. It is made to be simple to hold while chatting on the phone and simple to tuck into a pocket, clutch, or handbag. When you frequently require your phone and battery pack to charge at the same time overnight, simultaneously charging your smartphone and the battery pack is quite helpful.

What’s in the box

  • 9000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank x1
  • USB-C Cable x 1(USB-A to USB-C charging cable)
  • User Manual x 1

Key Features

  • It’s very fantastic how magnetic cordless charging works!
  • This battery is ideal for travel because it is portable, has a big capacity, and provides continuous power.
  • It charges rapidly and displays the battery’s remaining percentage.
  • At the touch of a button, it uses the magnet to fast charge your phone.

PD Input & Output


Maximum 18W is delivered to a 9000mah power bank through USB C input. The maximum QC output is 18W.

LED Power Indicators

The amount of power left is displayed on a clear LED digital display.

Pass-Through Charging


Excellent for charging overnight. Both the battery and the phone will be charged if you put it into a power outlet and attach a phone to it.

Phone Stand On the Go

No matter where you are, you can simply use your phone while standing it up to watch movies, read books, or study.

Small Size Easy Carry

Its compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

How to turn on

  1. Prior to using the magnetic charging feature, press the button to turn on the Power Bank.
  2. It’s typical for the Magnetic Power Bank to get heated while charging. If it overheats, it will automatically slow down charging or halt until the temperature drops.
  3. Non-MagSafe phone cases are incompatible.

How to use

  • Connect the electricity to your charger.
  • Put the charger in the place specified by the manufacturer or another level surface.
  • Position your iPhone on the charger so that the screen is facing up.
  • A few seconds after you set your iPhone on your wireless charger, it should begin to charge.

How to charge

A USB connector and wall adapter should have been included with your power bank. Connect the USB cable’s bigger end to the wall adapter. The smaller end should then be plugged into your power adaptor. Allow the power bank to finish charging.

How to maintain

Charging: Avoid letting your power bank charge for an extended period of time as this might cause it to overheat.

Avoid short circuits: Keep your power bank away from metal things like coins, paper clips, and keys to prevent short circuits.

Storage: Keep the power bank away from heat sources, moisture, and dust in a cool, dry location.


Are Apple Watches compatible with it?

No, it functions with other wirelessly charging gadgets. However, it does not function with it since Apple employs a separate standard for wireless charging on the Apple Watch.

Does it work with the XR?

Even though an 11 Pro is not Magsafe, I was still able to wirelessly charge it. Along with charging other wireless charging gadgets, I also charged my Airpods.

How to charge the actual gadget. I have identical ends on my cord.

To charge your portable charger, connect one end of the charging cord to a power outlet and the other end to it. similarly to how you charge other gadgets.

Why does just one of the two-digit numbers blink?

Only one number blinks when the gadget is charging itself, unlike a phone, in order to save power and hasten to charge. The smartphone will alert you when it is charging in order. Only for this reason does the number 1 blink. To inform you that it is currently charging

Does it function on the iPhone SE?

No. It works with iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, and iPhone 14 series phones that support wireless charging.

Can the battery be charged using the magnetic charging pad that I use to charge my phone?

Although I have not tried it, I doubt it. The Apple watch’s curved bottom prevents excellent touch with flat surfaces.

Can I charge my Macbook Pro by plugging it in?

Only little mobile gadgets like cell phones, iPads, earbuds, etc. may be charged by it. It cannot charge laptops, but by connecting to laptops, it can charge itself.

How can you tell whether something is charging or charged?

Only one number will flicker during charging, similar to how the right-hand number on a timer blinks. When completely charged, it will display the number 100 and cease blinking.

How long will the battery last if I carry it in my handbag in case of an emergency?

days, even weeks. Before taking it on a trip, I charged it up and put it in my desk drawer for more than a month. Still at 100% battery life.

How can you tell whether something is charging or charged?

Only one number will flicker during charging, similar to how the right-hand number on a timer blinks. When completely charged, it will display the number 100 and cease blinking.

Has anybody utilized an iPhone 11 with this?

My wife, who recently upgraded to an iPhone 11, received it from me. I was compelled to send it back to Amazon because of two obvious flaws. One was that the iPhone 11’s magnetic connection failed when it had a protective cover on, and it could only be charged through a USB wire. Two, I compared my Anker device’s charging time to that of the iWalk, and the iWalk was pitifully slow.

Does this apply in any situation? Do you require a unique case?

For this to function, a specific wireless charging case must be used. I mostly use the wire for charging because of this!

Can the phone be charged directly?

Yes, as soon as you establish a magnetic circle connection to the phone. However, you must first power the battery pack with a brief tap.

Why do they not ship these kinds of goods to Hawaii?

Due to the fact that it is a lithium battery, air shipping is not an option.

Will a Samsung Android phone be able to use this?

It should be if your phone has wireless charging. But I’m not sure.

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