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INIU BI-B41 Portable Charger instructions

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INIU BI-B41 Portable Charger



Connector Type USB Type C
Brand INIU
Battery Capacity 10000
Color Black
Product Dimensions 5.2 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight 7 ounces
Item model number BI-B41
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries are required. (included)


Enjoy the safest charging with more than 38 million customers worldwide. Because INIU exclusively uses the best materials, we are confident in offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty. The only 0.5-inch power bank on the market that exceeds the 10000mAh cap may be conveniently tucked into any traveler’s pocket or backpack. Take advantage of the capacity to charge for a day, which can recharge an iPhone 8 3.6 times, a Samsung S22 1.7 times, or an AirPods Pro 13.2 times.

Only 5% of power banks have a USB-C IN&OUT connection, according to INIU. INIU can directly charge all devices using your USB-C cables, unlike other chargers that can only recharge via the USB-C port. In just one hour, a 3A fast charger can charge an iPhone up to 78%. When compared to 2.1A chargers, INIU’s AutoFit doubles the pace at which your smartphone should charge. The innovative 15-Layer SmartProtect mechanism of INIU blocks out any anomalous charging at first. Remove the possibility of battery damage and overheating from your gadgets.

What’s in the box


  • 1* power bank
  • 1* USB C cable
  • 1* travel pouch
  • 1* user manual

How to activate

Charge it before using it for the first time to make sure all of the parts are functional. Simply connect your device to the power bank after that, and if your power bank has a button, push it. After confirming that your smartphone is charged, wait. Plug your gadget out when it has finished charging and put your power bank away.

How to turn On/Off

Simply press the ON/ OFF the device to turn it ON or OFF respectively.

How to Charge your phone

  1. The bank will begin charging your device immediately once you connect it to it with the proper USB cord.
  2. Press the power button to restart the bank if necessary.
  3. The battery indicator’s last light will flicker while charging until it is finished.
    • Not supported: QC/PD/AFC fast charging protocols.
  4. When not connected to a device for 35s, the power bank will shut off automatically.

How to Recharge your power bank

  1. To begin charging, connect the bank and an adapter using a USB-C connection. It is advised to use a 5V/2A converter for optimal performance.
  2. When recharging, the bank will flash the battery indication lights repeatedly until five solid lights are shown.

How to preserve the battery

  1. Use and recharge the power bank at least once every six months to prolong the battery’s life.
  2. Do not open, dismantle, drop, or crush.
  3. Avoid contact with hot surfaces or liquids.

How to maintain

Charging: Avoid keeping your power bank on charge for an extended period of time since it might overheat.

Avoid short circuits: Don’t make short circuits: Keep coins, paper clips, keys, and other metal things away from your power bank.

Storage: Keep the power bank away from heat sources, moisture, and dust in a cool, dry location.


Please tell folks to stop inquiring if a product is compatible with every known gadget. It’s taking up a lot of room. It is compatible because it is USB.

Since you charge via a USB connector, it would not matter if they purchased an older generation of the power bank that just had a micro-USB port (rather than a USB-C one).
If they upgraded to an S9, they must have kept their old phone’s micro-USB charging cord, so it’s not like they couldn’t also charge the power bank.

Can the USB Type-C port output? How quickly can it go?

This improved 3A USB C portable charger can power your iPhone up to 78% in an hour thanks to the 3A output from both the USB C and USB A ports. As seen in the video, a USB C to Lightning connection may be used to quickly charge an iPhone in 3A Turbo charge mode, and a USB C to USB C cable can be used to quickly charge the majority of Android phones.

How do you refuel?

Customers are advised to quickly recharge this 10000mAh power bank using the INIU adapter. Or, for the quickest recharge, you can select any adapter with a power rating of more than 20W. Rapid charging is not the sole benefit of doing this; it can also help avoid overheating or battery damage caused by slow charging.

Can I bring this power bank on an overseas flight?

Yes, continue only. (ten amp hours times 3.6 volts) equals 36-watt hours (TSA limit is 100Wh).
Check the label to confirm that the USB wall chargers you buy are dual voltage (110 – 240 volts/50 – 60 hertz). You should just require a basic adaptor for the country you are visiting.
Hair dryers and curling irons frequently use a single voltage of 120 volts and 60 hertz, so use caution while using them (USA). Travel versions with switchable voltage are available.

Was a wire to attach this to my iPhone 7 supposed to be included, or am I responsible for providing that?

That issue also affected me. there isn’t a charging wire to link the iPhone 7 to the power bank. not even an adapter. In response to the seller, I would like to point out that nowhere in the description or anywhere is it stated that you must provide your own iPhone 7 power adaptor in order to charge the device. If I’m mistaken, please show out exactly where it states that if you purchase this power bank to charge the iPhone 7, you must use your own charger cord AND converter.

How can I make this a charge?

It includes a short cable. That may be used to connect to a USB port. To use it to charge an Android-based phone, flip it over. You must have that cable if you use Apple. However, there is no electrical plug. You must have one that supports USB or have a USB-compatible outlet. Nowadays, this is quite a routine procedure.

Can I bring this on a plane internationally? Is it need to be in checked luggage or carry-on only? Is anyone who took this and has any problems?

Our lithium battery is 37 watt hours, but lithium batteries with 100-watt hours or less may be transported in a device in either carry-on or checked luggage.

Does Note 9 get charged?

Yes, Note 9 can be charged with this power bank. Your phone and power bank will begin charging immediately when you connect them with your charging wire.
Please be aware that the accompanying cord is a micro USB cable, which is incompatible with your phone, and is used to recharge the power bank. To charge your phone, you just need a phone cord. The QC 2.0 13.0 feature will not be supported by the power bank. Therefore, QC-design phones like the Samsung S8, S7, S6, and Note 5 may charge at their maximum rate in ordinary mode but not in QC mode.

Can I use different cords with this power bank? I’m attempting to charge a mini-USB device with it, but none of my other cords appear to work with it.

A USB-A to Tiny USB connection is required if you wish to charge a mini USB device. Connect your charging device to the tiny end (mini USB) of this charger and the big end (usb a) of the charger.

What is the battery pack’s charging process?

Simply put the battery pack into an outlet to charge it, just like a standard charger. After charging, just disconnect it. Put the USB port on the charger onto the phone to charge it, and there you have it!

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