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imuto X6PD 30000mAh Power Bank complete review

86 / 100

imuto X6PD 30000mAh Power Bank



Connector Type USB Type C
Brand Imuto
Battery Capacity 30000 Milliamp Hours
Compatible Phone Models Apple iPhone XR, IPhone XS Max
Color X6PD
Product Dimensions 6.69 x 5.11 x 2.2 inches
Item Weight 1.54 pounds
Item model number X6PD
Batteries 4 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Capacity 30000mAh/111Wh
Input USB-C PD 5V-20V 60 W(Max)
Output Total 60W (Max)


imuto X6PD has Integrated A-Class Lithium polymer batteries with a 30000mah high capacity and ideal size backup battery charge Apple’s latest models of the iPhone 13, 12, 8, X, XR, and XS Max, as well as the MacBook 12″ and Air, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Note 10, the Nintendo Switch, and PD cameras, are all supported by USB Type-C laptops with a 60W power supply. Please be aware that a laptop with more than 60W may not be compatible. The greatest rapid charge option right now is USB Type-C and USB PD together. Fast, maximum 60W Power Delivery charging for USB-C Power Delivery devices. Boasting 1 USB-C (60W) and 2 USB connections, you can simultaneously charge your phones, tablets, and USB-C laptops at full speed using the Power Delivery connector.

With two USB A ports and one USB C port, this portable battery charger for smartphones intelligently recognizes your device and charges it more quickly. Three separate devices may be charged concurrently thanks to the USB-C PD 60W(Max) input/output and 2*USB 5V/2.4A output. Could not be compatible with laptops using more than 60W. If you desire quick charging, please use a 60W adaptor and 60W cable. The power remaining is displayed in digital format using innovative smart display technology. Until triggered, it is concealed. You have a residual quantity display capability that may show you how much battery life is left in real time. For practically all USB-powered devices, Taurus X6PD is suitable. Support PD 60W(Max), a unique intelligent charging technique created especially for iPhones that double the charging speed of a standard charger.

Product Overview


Digi-Power Technology

Unique smart digital display technology, showing the exact remaining power in digital format.

Power Delivery 2.0 Technology

The combination of USB Type-C and USB PD2.0 is the best quick charge solution at present. It supports mobile phones, tablets, and laptops within 1 OOW, corresponding to SY, 9V, 12V, 1 SY, and 20V of different voltage devices. Besides, it supports bi-directional fast charging and PD digital communication protocol.

iM-Power Technology

  1. Exclusive intelligent charging technology especially for iPhone provides a charging speed of up to 2S0% compared to the original charger.
  2. Automatically identifies charging devices, providing optimal current to charge faster and safer.


  1. Ultra-compact design: optimum size integrated 30000mAh capacity PD 2.0 power bank
  2. Excellent functional design: USB-C PD2.0 45(Max) input/output, 2*USB .a:: SV/2.4A output supports charging three different devices simultaneously.
  3. High capacity and top quality: 30000mAh capacity, quality guaranteed with built-in A-Class Li-Polymer batteries, safer to use.
  4. Digi-Power technology: shows exactly the remaining power in digital format.
  5. iM-Power technology: detects your device intelligently and delivers a faster charge.
  6. Multiple smart protection systems: keep your devices safe from over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits.

How to use X6PD

  1. Tum On: Press the power button, and the LED digital screen will show the remaining power once it has been started successfully (With load, the Type-C port could automatically identify and connect your devices)
  2. Turn Off: lfX6PD has not connected any devices in 5 seconds, its LED digital screen will off and the power output will shut down automatically in 45 seconds.


  1. When the connected device is charging the power bank instead of the gel charge from it, you can press the power button and hold for 3 seconds will force X6PD to charge the device.
  2. Please use the original or imuto’s charging cable for recharge.
  3. It is normal that X6PD gets a little warm when the multi-device is charging at the same time.
  4. If your device’s battery runs out, the charging speed may get slower because of the battery’s self-protection.

How to charge XGPD

  1. Charge by computer or certified adapter.
  2. The LED digital screen flashes and shows the percentage of remaining power when the power bank is charging,
  3. While the LED digital screen shows “100” and stops flashing means the power bank has been fully charged.


  1. For fast charging X6PD, please use a minute power delivery 2.0 USB charger and USB-C 3.0 cable.
  2. The incorrect operation will cause short circuit protection, please charge the X6PD to unlock the shortcut protection.
  3. The LED digital screen only shows the recharging status while recharging the power bank and charging devices happen at the same time.

How to charge your device

  1. Connect your device to X6PD’s output port using the original USB cable or a certified cable.
  2. Turn on the power bank.
  3. Disconnect your device once fully charged.


Would a:4All family insulin unit work with it?

The 4AllFamily unit benefits greatly from the imuto 3K bank’s cooperation. I’ve discovered that, even in 85-degree heat, I can maintain my medications at the proper 42 F range for 10 hours with one bank running continually. I have a couple of backup imutos for lengthy journeys without a power source, but I’ve found it’s seldom been necessary because most buses, trains, and even aeroplanes have USB connections that can be used as an alternate source of off-battery power. I’ve tried different power banks, but none compare to the imuto in terms of performance. In many instances, the others wildly inflate their capability. too uncertain to rely on those for expensive medication.

What watts must the bank have to operate before it turns off? I require a bank that won’t cut off if the draw is successful. 5W.

I am unsure because I have never attempted to recharge from a source that produces less than 3 watts. Imuto might be able to fill you in.

Has this ever been used with a steam deck? Will this provide more than 30w of power needed to play and charge a steam deck?

It said a maximum of 5V 3.4A, or 17W, therefore it’s most likely insufficient for your purpose.

How long does it take for this gadget to charge completely from 0%?

With a maximum input power of 12W and some energy loss throughout the charging process, the X6L totals 111 watt-hours. Charging takes roughly 12 hours.

Is this power bank’s maximum discharge rate of 60 watts, or can it also be refilled at that rate?

I have a battery tester/discharger and have successfully tested the capacity and charge rate, thus the answer is yes, it can be charged at a 60w rate.

Which cable is used to recharge the IMUTO power pack?

The X6PD contains two USB A ports, one USB C connector, and a USB C TO C cable as an accessory for charging.

How long should it take the device to recharge? I recharged when it was down to 10, but after three days I am still only at 66 percent. Is this typical?

In my experience, no. A 5V – 2.1A power brick will charge it to 99% in around 20 hours. After then, it will take another 4 hours, roughly, to move from 99% to 100%.

My unit doesn’t appear to charge all the way to 100%, is that normal?

The battery has been charged to 100%. The final one percent is charged normally. As a result of the sluggish charging rate and slight power loss experienced by the mobile power source, it seems to be fully charged even though the battery is truly fully charged.

Do all Android phones get charged by it?

Yes. Theoretically, it supports any smartphone, even Apple models. If you have any more queries, please feel free to write us at support@imuto.com.

Am I to think that this 1 pound bank has the capacity to hold five 6 ah Ryobi or other power tool batteries’ worth of energy?

30 amp hour or 30,000 ma hour battery pack at 3.7 volts 111-watt hour utilized to recharge or power anything put into it with pulse width boost converters that are CPU or DSP driven. capacity is not too difficult to ascertain.

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