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What you need to start recording videos-Best Beginner’s Guide in 2023

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What you need to start recording videos

YouTube has gained massive popularity over the years and many people have opted to record YouTube videos full-time. It allows people to express their creativity, make money and possibly become internet celebrities. Anyone can start a YouTube channel and start recording, however, it is important to know what you need to start recording videos.What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (1)

YouTubers put a lot of thought and work into their content and thus this industry has become more competitive than ever. It can get very difficult to stand out and make your content appealing to the audience. Every successful YouTuber has their own unique content that is developed with specialized techniques. However, the things and knowledge required for starting video recording are pretty standard. We have gathered here all the information that you need to know for this purpose. We have also added some tips that can help you to create successful YouTube videos.What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (2)

It was forecasted that in 2021, video streaming accounted for 81% of the total consumer internet traffic. This totally makes sense as it is the most effective and accessible type of content. One can always start with their smartphones, however, YouTube is a highly competitive environment and it can get quite difficult to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Therefore it is important, to begin with, videos that have excellent visual quality to not only gain views but subscribers as well.

Without any further due, let’s have a look at everything you need for starting video recording. We will start with the equipment required for recording high-quality videos.


Do we even have to list this? The most important device that you require to record videos is a camera. You can either use a webcam, a professional camera, a smartphone camera, or any other device that comes with a camera. No one is shy of the fact that cameras of smartphones are surpassing every boundary and are now capable of recording high-quality videos of up to 8K. From making reaction videos to tutorials, you can use any device that comes with a camera to record your videos.What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (1)

You cannot depend on your smartphone in the long run and thus at some point down the lane, you will have to opt for a dedicated professional camera for your videos. It isn’t recommended to invest in an expensive DSLR or mirrorless camera early on your journey.

Make sure that the device you select for shooting your videos must have a recording resolution of at least 1080P.

Once you have settled as a video content creator, the next step would be to choose the right type of camera for your content. Let’s take a look at different types of cameras that can be used for this purpose.

Action Camera

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (3)

Action cameras are one of the most popular types of cameras used by YouTubers to record their videos, especially for vlogs. They are the perfect choice for people who wish to capture the first-person point of view of their experience. As the name indicates, they are the best choice for capturing fast pace action scenes. They produce the best quality videos in the market. They have a number of other features like compact size, lightweight, ease of use, and handy.
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What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (4)

DSLRs are known for their high-quality videos. They are commonly used by professionals. If you are planning to take videography seriously, this is the best choice for you. They aren’t recommended for recording vlogs. They produce excellent quality videos even in low light conditions. They are, however, heavier and more expensive than action cameras.
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What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (5)

Another popular choice of YouTubers is the camcorders. The main reason for their popularity is that they have been specifically designed for recording videos. Camcorders are lightweight, compact, and budget-friendly. They can be used for many purposes like recording videos at home or when vlogging outdoors. A good camcorder is capable of recording high-quality 1080p videos at 60 fps.
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What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (6)

On a budget, and looking for an easy-to-use camera for recording your videos? This is the perfect option for you. It is a simple plug-and-play video camera, especially for gamers. A good webcam comes with full HD 1080p and 720p video recording capabilities. They are the perfect choice for live streaming as they can be directly connected to the computer.
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Mirrorless Camera

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (1)

Mirrorless cameras are gaining much attention now and are the best competitor of DSLRs. They provide similar results to DSLRs but come in a lighter and more compact body. They are also a great choice for recording videos at home and for on-the-go vlogging as they are light and easy to carry.
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Recording the perfect video not only depends on the quality of the video but also on the quality of the audio. It is important to have a good-quality microphone to ensure high-quality audio in your videos. An ideal mic must be capable of eliminating external noise and focusing on your voice only. You can get away with a not-so-good quality video but getting away with a bad audio quality is quite difficult. We have listed here the different types of microphones present in the market and their uses.

USB Microphones

USB microphones are the perfect choice for beginners. They are easy to use and have excellent sound quality. Apart from this, they are quite affordable as well. They allow you to start recording immediately and most of them come with noise-canceling features that reduce ambient surrounding noise.
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Condenser Microphone

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (7)

If you are planning to make review videos, this is the best choice for you. They can also come under the category of condenser mics. The best type of condenser microphone for solo recording is the cardioid type as it will focus only on your voice and cancel out other ambient noises.
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Lavalier Microphone

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (8)

Lavalier microphones are wireless microphones and are most commonly used in TV shows. It comes in a set of two, one is the transmitter and the other is the receiver which is used to pick up signals from the transmitter. They are capable of transmitting audio over great distances.
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What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (2)

You will need something to hold onto your camera and keep it steady. If you are recording video once or twice then you can some books or other household items to keep your phone steady. However, if you are planning to record videos regularly and professionally, it is recommended to use a tripod. You can find tripods for your smartphones as well. It is recommended to invest in a sturdy and reliable tripod stand to record stable videos. You can also use a gimbal stabilizer to keep the camera steady while handheld shooting.
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Being a beginner, we wouldn’t advise you to use studio lights. But that doesn’t mean you ignore this important aspect of recording videos, as lighting can highly affect the quality of your video, especially while recording indoors. You must have some good sources of lighting to record professional-looking videos and gain views on YouTube.

The three most important locations to place lights while recording the best possible videos are, key light, fill light, and backlight.

Key Light – The main and brightest source providing the maximum illumination.

Fill Light – To remove the shadows cast by the main source.

Back Light – Additional source to illuminate the subject, giving the recording some depth.What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (2)

The most affordable and easy-to-use lights for recording videos are the ring lights. They are the most popular among vloggers. Ring light comes in a round shape and emits light all around the subject. This makes the subject very appealing. The ring light is mostly used by beauty and makeup vloggers.
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What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (3)

The other types of lights for recording videos are softboxes and on-camera lighting. These lights are also a very good option for recording highly lit and excellent-quality videos.

Video & Audio Editing Software

YouTube has its video editing software, however, it is recommended to have your own software. Once you are ready with all the hardware, you will then need good video editing software to edit and shape the video according to your liking.What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (9)

You can find a number of editing tools for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is also advised to use an audio editor for clearing up the unwanted audio noises in your videos.

These are all the essentials you need before starting to record your first video. Once you are comfortable with these tools, you will be able to record professional videos that will generate views and subscribers.

Are there Starter Kits for Recording Videos?

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (10)

There are plenty of starter kits in the market for recording videos. These kits are specifically designed for beginners and come with all the essentials. They come in different ranges from highly expensive ones that are for professionals to ones that are simple to use and designed for beginners. The beginner kits may contain a camera, microphone, tripod, and sometimes ring lights as well.

Can you use your phone to Record Videos?

What-you-need-to-start-recording-videos (11)

This is one of the most important questions asked by a number of users and the simplest answer would be yes. If you have a smartphone with a video resolution of at least 1080p, you can use it to start recording videos. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to use your smartphone and not spend extra on a GoPro or specialized camera at the beginning of your journey as a video content creator.

Once you feel comfortable enough and have established yourself, you can simply opt for a better and more professional video recording device like an action camera, webcam, or DSLR.

When you start recording using your phone, it is recommended to use an external microphone for superior audio quality. If you own an iPhone, you might need an additional converter to connect an external microphone. It is also recommended to use a tripod stand to avoid shaky videos.

However, using your smartphone for recording videos comes with some drawbacks. First of all, the image quality is decent only and everyone knows that YouTube is one of the most competitive platforms; therefore, it is important that the quality of your video is extremely good. Some other issues one might face while using their smartphone for recording videos include overheating and low battery life.

Additional Tips to Start Recording Videos

Some other tips for making your videos look more professional are also listed here.

  1. Use sufficient light. The quality of your video highly depends on the lighting used while recording. Sun is considered the best source for video recording. It is recommended to record your videos in natural light during the morning or evening as light is softer at these times.
  2. To make your video look more professional, it is recommended to use a clean background as nothing looks less professional than a messy background.
  3. Be careful about your video editing software. Some software decrease the quality of the video. Being a beginner, it is recommended to use simpler tools and basic tools. The features you should look for in your video editor are the option to add text, trim or crop videos, transitions, add filters, and the ability to change the aspect ratio.
  4. Another important tip to make your videos look more professional is to keep the editing simple. The most important things you should focus on while editing your video are cleaning up the external background noises, adjusting light, and cutting out the awkward pauses.
  5. Make sure the quality of the audio is very crisp and clear as nothing is more annoying than a video having bad audio quality.
  6. Avoid shaky footage by using a tripod stand or some other things to keep the camera stable.
  7. Shoot from a variety of angles to understand the best angle for your cause.
  8. Plan your videos beforehand to spare yourself from the exhausting task of recording videos again and again.
  9. Promote your videos as much as you can, to gain views and subscribers.

What you need to start recording videos-FAQs

What equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel in 2023?

To start a YouTube channel, all you really need is a Google account and a camera that can record videos. Almost everyone will need to use their iPhone or Android to accomplish this. A dated video camera or webcam could be appealing, but smartphone cameras are far superior.

How much money does a YouTuber make?

An active YouTuber might earn the following by posting two videos each week: A YouTuber may make between $6,000 and $10,000 per week if they receive an average of $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. That amounts to a staggering ad income of $24,000 to $40,000 each month. This assumes that each video receives the full attention of a million viewers.

How do YouTubers record their videos?

There isn’t a webcam recording feature on YouTube. You may record and preserve videos using software on your computer. The video can then be posted on YouTube. Popular programs include Camera for Windows 8+ and Photo Booth for Mac OS X.

What microphone do YouTubers use?

The most common microphone used by YouTubers for vlogging is the cardioid microphone. This is a unidirectional mic and is ideal for recording the human voice.

Does YouTube pay monthly?

The payouts on YouTube change from time to time. There is no fixed amount that is earned monthly or yearly.

Can I make money on YouTube without showing my face?

Yes, you can earn money on YouTube without having to show your face; in fact, the YouTubers in the most popular videos like children’s videos, reactions videos, etc. don’t show their faces and are still able to have a successful channels.

Is video editing hard?

Learning about video editing might be overwhelming. After all, it combines both technical and creative abilities.

What makes a good video?

You must rapidly bring your tale to life while making a successful video in order to grab viewers’ attention as they scroll through their feeds.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid by YouTube?

You need at least 1,000 subscribers to start earning on YouTube, with a total of at least 4000 watch hours.

How much does a beginner YouTuber make?

A YouTuber can make about $18 per 1,000 ad views, or $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views, with the average YouTube pay rate ranging between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view.

What you need to start recording videos-Conclusion

Starting your own YouTube channel and recording videos can be an overwhelming task, however, using this article you can clearly understand all the equipment you need for recording the perfect videos. It is always advised not to spend tons of bucks on a new setup and so is the situation in this case.

You can simply use your smartphone or any good recording device that you currently own and start recording videos. YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform and to have your mark on it, it is important for you to know what you need to start recording videos and what professional and successful YouTubers use for their videos. The most important factors to keep in mind while recording is video and audio quality, lighting conditions, and good editing.

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