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How to disable Crash Detection on your iPhone or Apple Watch? Simple Method

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Disable Crash Detection on your iPhone or Apple Watch

With the latest launch of Apple products, we came across a number of new impressive features as well. iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra all come with the exciting feature of Crash Detection.

Apple has clearly shown how it cares about its customers by introducing features to “take care” of them. Before understanding how to disable crash detection on your iPhone or Apple Watch, it is important to understand what this feature does.

Crash Detection is a handy feature that not only detects cars or other types of crashes by detecting motion and speed but also automatically connects to emergency services. It is a background feature that offers peace of mind but can give rise to false alarms.

Several roller coaster lovers have reported this issue. iPhone mistakenly detected crashes and connected riders to emergency services. This landed the users in embarrassing situations.

How Crash Detection Works

Apple uses motion detection and speed sensors to detect crashes. When a sudden change in motion and speed is detected, it displays an alert of the crash. To ensure the authenticity of the crash, the alert is displayed for about 20 seconds. If the user doesn’t respond i.e. cancel the alert if plays a pre-recorded audio message for emergency services. This message informs them, that you have been in a car accident. This feature is also capable of sharing the coordinates of the longitude and latitude of your location along with an approximate search radius.

This feature, despite its intended purpose, can lead to some awkward situations with emergency service workers in case of false alarms.

How to Turn off Crash Detection on iPhone

By default, this feature is on. You can turn it off by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and look for Emergency SOS. Open it.How-to-disable-Crash-Detection-on-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch-3
  3. Scroll down and tap Crash Detection.How-to-disable-Crash-Detection-on-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch (1)
  4. A message will pop up on the screen, confirming Turn Off Call After Severe Crash. Tap Turn Off.How-to-disable-Crash-Detection-on-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch (2)

How to Turn off Crash Detection on Apple Watch

  1. To turn off the crash detection feature on your Apple Watch, first pair it with your iPhone.
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Go to My Watch
  4. Tap Emergency SOS.
  5. Scroll down and tap the toggle of Call After Serious Crash to turn it off.How-to-disable-Crash-Detection-on-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch-5
  6. A prompt message will appear saying Turn Off Call After Serious Crash. Tap Turn Off.How-to-disable-Crash-Detection-on-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch-4

Disable Crash Detection on your iPhone or Apple Watch-FAQs

Is Apple Watch Fall Detection on by default?

Fall Detection during workouts is enabled by default if you’re between the ages of 18 and 55 and configuring a new Apple Watch with watchOS 8.1 or later. You must enable the feature to detect hard falls only during workouts if you upgrade your current Apple Watch from an earlier watchOS version.

How does Apple Watch know you were in an accident?

If you’ve added emergency contacts, your device sends a message to let them know that you’ve been in a serious vehicle accident and to disclose your location. Your device will show a Medical ID slider if you’ve configured one so that emergency personnel may access your medical data.

Does Apple Watch Series 7 have Crash Detection?

No, Apple Watch Series 7 doesn’t come with a Crash Detection feature.

How do I disable emergency SOS Once activated?

You can stop the countdown if you accidentally start it. Release the volume and side buttons on an iPhone 8 or later. On an iPhone 7 or earlier, tap Stop Calling after pressing the Stop button.

What happens if you accidentally hit SOS on your Apple Watch?

On the End Call screen, select Yes to prevent 911 from being called. Stay on the line if you unintentionally dial 911 so they know it was an error; otherwise, they’ll need to come to check on you to make sure everything’s okay.

Is crash detection only on iPhone 14?

All versions of the iPhone 14 as well as the Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), Series 8, and Ultra all have Crash Detection enabled by default.

What is crash detection?

The new Crash Detection feature in Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup of smartphones and new Apple Watch gadgets is intended to be activated in a car crash and assist the phone’s user in calling emergency services in the event that they become incapacitated.

Can Siri call 911 Apple Watch?

The new Crash Detection function is meant to be activated in a car crash and let the phone’s user call emergency services in the event that they become disabled. It is included in Apple’s new iPhone 14 array of smartphones and new Apple Watch gadgets.

Disable Crash Detection on your iPhone or Apple Watch-Conclusion

These steps will simply save you from awkward encounters. Anyhow, if you are not a rollercoaster fan, and wish to have some extra peace of mind, it is recommended to keep this feature enabled.

It is to be noted that this article explains how to disable crash detection on your iPhone or Apple watch, the instructions mentioned here will only turn off the automatic emergency calling feature. Apple hasn’t given clear instructions on how to turn off the crash detection completely, meaning that your phone might still be detecting crashes without informing the emergency services.

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