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How to Bypass Google Account Verification? 2023 Updated

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Bypass Google Account Verification

Before the launch of the Android 5.1 Lollipop, anyone could access your device by simply factory resetting it. This was a huge problem as anyone could easily use your device in case of unfortunate events of theft or lost devices.

With this update, the security bars were raised and a new feature was introduced. Due to this feature, if you reset your device and forgot your Google account credentials, it can get quite tricky to get access to your device again. This article however lists various methods on how to bypass Google account verification.

What is Google Account Verification?

Android introduced Google account verification and FRP (Factory Reset Protection) in Android 5.1 Lollipop.

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Google account verification provides protection to your device from bypassing screen lock after factory reset as well as from third-party access. This means that even if the device is reset by a third party, Google account verification will be required to unlock it, allowing only the person who is aware of the credentials to access it.

How does Google account verification work?

When a device is reset and restored to factory settings, you won’t be able to access it unless and until you have logged in to your Google account linked to that device.

A prompt will appear asking you to input your credentials to access the device. Once you have successfully input the details, the device will unlock.

Unfortunately, sometimes people forget their linked account details and perform a factory reset on their device. In such cases, they are unable to gain access to the device and are stuck with quite a serious issue. It can also be a problem for users who have bought a used phone and are unable to access the previous owner’s details. In such cases, it is important to bypass the Google account verification or bypass FRP lock.

Use Google Keyboard to Bypass FRP

Samsung owners don’t really have to worry about forgetting their Google account credentials when they factory reset their devices. This is because experts have come up with some easy steps to assist you in bypassing the Google account verification on your Samsung devices. These simple steps have been mentioned below.

  1. When your device turns on after a factory reset, you will see the Google account verification screen. Make sure your phone has internet access. Tap on Enter your email bar, so that the keyboard pops up.
  2. Once the keyboard is out, tap and hold the @ The Settings symbol will appear, tap it. This will take you to Settings.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (2)
  3. In the Settings menu, select Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP).How-to-bypass-a-google-account (3)
  4. Tap the three dots present at the top-right corner and select Help & Feedback.
  5. In the help section, select Using Google Keyboard option and then tap Web search.
  6. In the search box, type Settings and look for About Phone.
  7. Scroll to the Build number and tap it seven times to enable the Developer
  8. Go back to the menu section and choose the Developer option.
  9. Select the option of OEM unlocking and tap back two times.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (5) How-to-bypass-a-google-account (6)
  10. Reboot the device and connect to the internet.

After following these steps, you have successfully bypassed the verification process and can add a new Google account.

Bypass Google Account Verification without Internet

If you wish to bypass Google FRP without the internet, you can achieve it by following the below-mentioned simple steps;

  1. Put a Sim card in the locked device.
  2. Using another device, call this a Sim card.
  3. Answer the incoming call on your locked device and after that save the number by adding New Contact.
  4. After inputting the details, click Save and then select Google.
  5. Tap on Create new Google account and create a new Google account.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (7)
  6. Reboot your device.

By following these steps, you will successfully bypass Google account verification.

FRP Bypass Tool

Another method of bypassing Google account verification is by using a dedicated FRP bypass tool. It allows you to get out of verifying your Google account and provides full access to your device right away. This tool enables you to remove a previous Google account and create or log in to a new one. It is SSL-256 encrypted providing 100% privacy.

  1. Download the FRP Bypass Tool (https://www.imobie.com/go/download.php?product=dk&id=3 ) on your Windows PC.
  2. Open the tool and once on the FRP Bypass screen, connect your device and click Start.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (8)
  3. It will start to prepare the configuration files for your device. Select Start to Bypass and follow the instructions. This will put your device in recovery mode.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (9)
  4. In recovering mode, select System Version and DownloadHow-to-bypass-a-google-account (10)
  5. On your Samsung mobile, Wipe Cache Partition and follow the instructions in the DroidKit interface.How-to-bypass-a-google-account (11)
  6. After completing all these steps, the device will be restarted and the FRP lock will be removed.

How to bypass Google account verification for LG phones

Bypassing Google account verification can be a bit different for LG phones. You can get rid of the FRP lock for these phones by following some simple steps:

  1. Connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Go to the main screen and select Accessibility.
  3. Tap Vision > Talkback.
  4. Scroll down and look for Text-to-speech Output.
  5. In the Google Text-to-speech Engine select Gear settings.
  6. Tap Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine.
  7. Look for the Feedback menu and tap and hold it.
  8. Tap Terms of Service.
  9. A new window will open, asking you to sign in. Tap No, Thanks.
  10. It will take you to the Terms of Service page; tap the Google logo to go to the homepage.
  11. In the search bar type Test to search for it.
  12. The first result will be from Wikipedia. Under the title, you will see the description, press and hold it. This will bring out a menu consisting of two options Copy and Share along with three vertical dots.
  13. Tap the three dots. Tap on Assist.
  14. Hit No, Thanks when you are asked to sign in.
  15. Type Settings in the search bar and open it.
  16. In the settings menu, tap on Apps.
  17. At the top right corner, you will see three dots, tap on them and then select Show System. By doing so, an entire list of all phone system apps will appear.
  18. Scroll down and tap on Setup Wizard.
  19. Tap Force Stop and select OK.
  20. In the Setup Wizard menu, tap on Storage and select Clear Cache.
  21. Tap the back key twice and return to the Apps list.
  22. Select Google Play services, tap Force Stop, Disable, and then OK.
  23. Tap back to go to Settings.
  24. Restart your device.
  25. Now, without connecting to Wi-Fi, complete the initial setup of your phone. Tap on the Next arrow and tap skip on all screens until you reach Google Terms and Conditions. Tap I agree and then Done.
  26. The last step is to reset your phone again, and all this without connecting it to Wi-Fi.

How to disable Factory Reset Protection?

Google Account Verification is a default feature of Android and thus is straightforward to enable and disable. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Account and tap linked Google account. Go to more options and remove it manually. When your Google account is removed, the factory reset protection will be disabled on your device.

Issues that may occur during the Bypass process

Most of the users have claimed that the previously mentioned steps worked perfectly for them for bypassing Google account verification. Nevertheless, some users faced some minor issues. Let’s take a look at these issues and their solutions.

Your device doesn’t have a Google keyboard. Some devices come with a custom UI which is installed by the manufacturer. In such cases, the only method to solve the issue of Google account verification is by using the FRP bypass tool and your PC.

Pressing and holding doesn’t show any menu. This feature varies from device to device depending on the manufacturer and the type of display. Try pressing for a little longer or by applying a little more pressure.

Keyboard’s Settings menu doesn’t show. Some keyboards don’t have @ at the bottom left corner; instead of this they come to have a comma or some other button. This mainly depends on the version of the keyboard.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification-FAQs

Is it possible to bypass FRP lock?

To bypass Google lock, use a variety of third-party FRP removal tools. There isn’t an official way to get around Google FRP lock because of a security measure. But if you use the email address that was initially used to set up the phone, you can use it.

How do I bypass 2-step verification on Gmail?

You must go to Settings > General Settings > Reset in order to avoid using Google 2-step verification during setup. Once you reach the Connect to the Wi-Fi Network step in the setting process, continue.

How do I remove a Google account from my LG phone after a factory reset?

Then, access “Settings” and “Accounts.” Click “Remove Account” after selecting your Gmail account. Tap “Remove Account” to confirm. You can delete your Google account from your LG phone using this method.

What is Google FRP code?

The security feature known as Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is available on Android smartphones running Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher. You can utilize the FRP’s built-in security features, such as data encryptions and screen locks, to safeguard your device and your information.

What is an unauthorized factory reset?

The FRP capability was made available by Google along with Android 5.1. You changed your Google account password less than 72 hours before to factory reset, which is another explanation. The error notice “an illegal attempt to factory reset” will be brought on by those two.

How do I factory reset my MI?

Select “Settings” and then “General settings.” Backup and Reset factory data here, you can choose whether or not to remove the downloaded applications and material.

How do you unlock a Google-locked phone?

You will notice the “Forgot pattern” on your phone after several unsuccessful attempts to unlock it. Forgot the pattern, tap. Enter the username and password for your Google Account that you previously added to your phone. Clear the screen lock. Find out how to lock your screen.

How do I bypass Google LG verification?

Reset the LG device in “Recovery Mode” as the first step. Use the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power Buttons to enter “Recovery Mode.” Step 2: Power on the gadget, then go through the “Setup Wizard.” To open the “Accessibility Menu,” tap “accessibility” on the phone’s home screen.

Is there a free FRP bypass tool?

Yes, there are several free FRP bypass tools to bypass Google account verification and access your device.

How do I get rid of Google lock?

Select Device activity & notifications under Sign-in & security. Under recently used devices, locate and select Review devices. The Remove button, which is next to account access, may be found by selecting the phone from which you want to remove the Google lock. From the confirmation window, select Remove.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification-Conclusion

Google account verification protects your data and phone from others if it is lost or stolen. It is designed to make it difficult for anyone to gain access to your device. But there are cases when you don’t need this FRP, such as when you forget your linked Google account credentials and are unable to access your device. In such cases, it becomes a necessity to bypass Google account verification.

This article mentioned a number of methods explaining how to bypass a Google account. All these options are safe to use and will help you to gain access to your device. If the different methods don’t work for you, it is advised to use the FRP bypass tool to unlock your device.

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