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Sony WH-XB910N EXTRA BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Sony WH-XB910N

WEIGHT: 252g, DRIVER UNIT: 40mm, HEADPHONE TYPE: Closed, dynamic, IMPEDANCE (OHM): 48-ohm, MAGNET: Neodymium, FREQUENCY RESPONSE (BLUETOOTH): 20Hz-20,000Hz (44.1kHz sampling) 20Hz-40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz sampling 990kbps), FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 7 Hz – 25,000 Hz, VOLUME CONTROL: Touch Sensor, SENSITIVITIES: 96dB / mW, CORD LENGTH: Approx. 1.2m, CORD TYPE: Single-sided (detachable), PLUG: stereo mini-plug, WEARING STYLE: Over-ear

The SONY WH-XB910N headphones are noise-canceling wireless headphones. Bass is a feature that adds to the product’s popularity. All of Sony’s products have outstanding bass, but the SONY WH-XB910N is one of the few that has both good bass and moderate frequency. It’s worth buying because of the noise-canceling feature. Extra bass and noise isolation technology are included in these headphones.

The SONY WH-XB910N headphones are comfortable to wear and well-padded. To avoid noise cancellation, the earcups are appropriately covered. The SONY WH-XB910N is composed of fine plastic and has a well-cushioned headband.


Noise cancellation

With feedforward and feedback microphones on both sides, the WH-XB910N takes digital noise cancellation to the next level. You can now completely tune out the rest of the world and have your own private party with only your music to keep you company. These noise-canceling headphones amp up all of your low-end frequencies, resulting in massive bass.

Sound Performance

When an original audio source is compressed, the high-frequency features that provide depth and richness to composition are lost. Our Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores them appropriately, resulting in a high-quality sound that is more accurate than the original recording. Conversations flow effortlessly with hands-free calling that is now clearer than ever owing to a high-quality built-in microphone. You won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to do so.

Charging the Sony WH-XB910N

With a battery life of up to 30 hours, you’ll have plenty of juice for multi-day road trips and extended festival weekends. If you need to fill up quickly, a 10-minute rapid charge with the supplied AC adapter gives you up to 4.5 hours of extra playtime.

Voice Assistant

With just a single tap, you may engage either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. To utilize Amazon Alexa, go to your smartphone’s app store and download the Sony | Headphones Connect as well as the Alexa apps.

Sony WH-XB910N


  • Good bass
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Bluetooth does not always connect

Concluding Remarks for Sony WH-XB910N

These over-the-ear headphones have a long battery life, effective noise cancellation, responsive touch controls, and excellent sound quality, as well as compatibility. These Sony headphones are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for over-the-ear headphones with good bass and noise-cancellation functions.

Frequently Asked Questions-Sony WH-XB910N

Is there a microphone on the Sony WH-XB910N?
Yes, the Sony WH-XB910N has two built-in microphones.

Is the Sony WH-XB910N resistant to water?
The headset is not waterproof. If water or another substance gets inside the headset, it could produce a fire or an electric shock. If water or another foreign substance enters the headset, immediately stop using it and contact a Sony dealer.

Is Sony’s WH-XB910N a wired or wireless device?
The Sony WH-XB910N is adequate for wired gaming. They come with a 1/8″ TRS cable for usage with AUX-equipped consoles.

Is the Sony 1000XM3 a good gaming machine?
When it comes to mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, the Sony WH-1000XM3 is a superb gaming headset that not only connects wirelessly with these devices without a hitch but also delivers excellent audio quality.

Is the Sony WH XB910N compatible with Android?
Yes, the Sony WH XB910N includes a quick-pairing system that works well.

Is there a way to reduce or turn off the bass boost?
Yes. The headphones may be customized because they are controlled via a Sony app.

Is this device supplied with a charger?
There’s a very short USB to USB-C cable supplied.

Is there a simple way to silence this item so you can keep your calls private?

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