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Sony MDR-ZX310AP ZX Series Wired On Ear Headphones

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Sony MDR-ZX310AP

WEIGHT: 125 g (without cord), CAPACITY: 1000mW, DRIVER UNIT: 30 mm dynamic – Dome type, FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10–24,000Hz, IMPEDANCE (OHM): 24 ohm (1KHz),  CORD TYPE: Y Type, CORD LENGTH: 1.2 m, SENSITIVITIES (DB/MW): 98 dB/mW, WEARING STYLE: On-ear

Sony headphones are high-end headphones with excellent sound quality and a variety of other features. The Sony MDR-ZX310AP headset offers excellent audio quality, a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, and straightforward media playing controls. These are wired headphones that may be linked to any audio device with ease.

Comfortability Level

On-ear headphones aren’t regarded as being particularly comfortable. Their earpads press against your ears, producing discomfort in your earlobes. The Sony MDR-ZX310, on the other hand, achieves a nice balance of low weight, soft earpads, and a moderate clamping force that does not exert excessive pressure. The latter is soft enough not to irritate your ears while still providing enough power to keep your headphones in place.

Convenience for you

Carry your headphones around with you everywhere you go. The swiveling earcup design of the headphones allows for convenient storage when not in use as well as enhanced mobility when traveling. There’s no need to be concerned about the earcups taking up too much room in your baggage or backpack.

Appealing Design

The enfolding, closed-back design wraps around the ear and seals in sound while blocking out distractions. Acoustics are reflected back to your ears, allowing you to hear noises that would otherwise be inaudible. The closed-back design helps to enhance the bass characteristics in your music, so you’ll feel every beat.


This is my third purchase of these shoes. The sound quality for the price, as well as the small weight, amazed me. You could wear them indefinitely and not experience any discomfort. The pressure around the ears is almost imperceptible. A bonus feature is a built-in microphone, which could be helpful as a gaming headset.

However, I also ordered a SONY MDRZX110, which is meant to replace the old unit. The sound quality was even better for me. It does not, however, feature a microphone.

Sony MDR-ZX310AP ZX Series


  • Exciting sound
  • Comfortable
  • Low price


  • There are no advanced features

Our Verdict for Sony MDR-ZX310AP

The Sony MDR-ZX310 headphones are extremely practical and portable. They look fantastic and maintain the Sony aesthetic. The Sony MDR-ZX310 is a decent alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on pricey headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions-Sony MDR-ZX310AP

Is the Sony MDR ZX310AP equipped with a microphone?
The Sony MDR-ZX310AP headset is more than simply a set of headphones. It boasts excellent audio quality, an inbuilt microphone for hands-free calling, and simple media playing settings.

What is MDR Sony, exactly?
Because they are “extremely flat sounding, inexpensive, compact, and can tolerate a lot of abuse,” the MDR-series Studio Monitor folding headphones have been hailed as a “favorite among sound experts.” The MDR prefix denotes the Micro Dynamic Receiver trademark.

Is it feasible for Sony headphones to be folded?
The headphones have a good microphone and fold up a little, however, the sound quality is terrible.

Where do SONY items come from?
The MDR-Z1R headphones, like all Sony products made in Japan, are known for their exceptional quality and performance. They’re painstakingly handcrafted using only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing techniques, resulting in superb sound quality.

Is it possible to combine music with Sony headphones?
These headphones are perfect for studio use since they are light, comfortable, and long-lasting, making them suitable for long days of recording and mixing.

Is there a limit to how many ohms a phone can handle?
In fact, a headphone with an impedance of 20 to 60-70 ohms should work with most portable devices.

Is Sony the company that owns JBL?
The business that owns JBL is Harman International. JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing (1902–1949), an American audio engineer and loudspeaker designer best known for inventing two audio companies that bear his name, Altec Lansing and JBL, the latter of which is derived from his initials.

Is it feasible to use a phone with a 250-ohm resistance?
To cut to the chase, your 250-ohm headphones will play sound even if you don’t have an amplifier. I routinely use my Beyerdynamic 990 pros with only my phone or laptop plugged in, and sound still comes through.

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