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Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Bluetooth

86 / 100

Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

DIMENSIONS: 6.54 x 7.13 x 1.97 inches, WEIGHT: 9.9 ounces, CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth V5.0, PLAY-TIME: 30 hrs., BATTERY CAPACITY: 750mAh, COMPATIBILITY: iOS/Android/Windows, MANUFACTURER: Silensys

The Silensys E7 ANC headphones are one of Amazon’s best-selling items. This is owing to their excellent sound quality, plush design, and active noise cancellation. Due to their Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, they provide a steady sound transmission, which improves the quality of the produced sound. They offer a whopping 30 hours of entertainment. They are widely recommended for frequent travellers because they prove to be the most comfy and convenient companion for long journeys. The Silensys e7 ANC headphones also have a built-in microphone, allowing you to take calls and meetings while wearing them.SILENSYS-E7-ACTIVE-NOISE-CANCELLING-HEADPHONES

Appealing Design

These headphones are surely listed as one of the most stylish-looking headphones. They are shiny and feature a black and silver design. They have a metallic body with metallic earcups and silver metal on parts of the headbands making them a shiny pair of headphones. It also has a blue LED for indicating a connection. Their earcups are made of faux leather material, which makes them extra comfortable on the ears.

The earcups also have buttons for you to answer calls, adjust volume, control ANC and other functions.

Sound Performance

These over-ear headphones produce excellent quality sound with their large 45mm aperture drivers. They provide an accurate and responsive deep bass. These large and powerful drivers of the Silensys active noise canceling headphones sound of superior quality with crisp clarity and well-balanced deep bass.

Active Noise Cancellation

This is one of the most prominent features of these headphones. They provide the feature of active noise cancellation. You can turn on this feature to cancel the ambient noise, they will be reduced immensely. If you wish to be aware of your surroundings while listening to music you can simply turn off the ANC feature. However, due to its structure, the noise will still be relatively low.


Apart from these features, the Silensis E7 headphones have solid Bluetooth connectivity using Bluetooth version 5.0, which produces sound without any delay or connectivity issues. They also have an audio cable in case you wish to use them in wired mode.

Battery Life

The battery life of these headphones is also quite amazing. They provide an outstanding battery life of about 30 hours. The capacity of the battery is 750mAh.

SILENSYS E7 Wireless Headphone’s Controls

These headphones feature a triangle-shaped multifunction button (MFB) on the right earcup and a “+” and a “-” button, which can be used to control the tracks and adjust volume as follows:

  • To Play/Pause: Short press the MFB.
  • To Play Next Track: Short press the “-” button on the left earcup.
  • To Go to the Previous Track: Short press the “+” button.
  • To Increase Volume: Long press the “+” button.
  • To Decrease Volume: Long press the “-” button.
  • How to Answer/End/Decline Calls
  • To Answer a Call: Short press the MFB, while the call is incoming.
  • To End a Call: Short press the MFB, while being on the call.
  • To Decline an Incoming Call: Press and hold the MFB for 1-2 seconds, while the call is incoming.
  • To Answer another incoming call & put the first call on hold: Press the MFB triangle button twice, while being on the first call.
  • To Decline another incoming call & put the first call on hold: Press the MFB triangle button and hold for two seconds, while being on the first call.
  • To Switch between Two Calls: Press the MFB button, with 2 active calls.

How to Use the Active Noise Cancellation Feature

To Turn on the Noise Cancellation: There is a switch on the Bottom of the ear cup Switch it on by sliding it all the way to the right (NC). A white LED light will indicate that the noise canceling is active.

How to Pair the Headphones

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of your headphones by switching the button at the bottom of the right earcup to the middle position.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and connect it to the headphones. The LED indicator of the device will be solid blue indicating its paired.

How to Charge the Headphones

You can charge the headphones by simply connecting the provided USB cable. The LED indicator will be red while charging and will turn off when the headphones will be fully charged.

Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Long Battery Life
  • LED indicators


  • Heavy and Bulky

Our Verdict for Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
These headphones are comfortable, well-designed headphones that come with active noise-cancellation features. They provide good sound quality and have long battery life. If you don’t want to spend a lot of dollars on headphones and still wish to end up with great features, these are one of the best options for you.

FAQs-Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

How well do these reduce noise? Do these active noise-canceling headphones block out airplane noise?

The active noise feature works really great and these headphones are a good companion for flights and airports. They block out most of the noises.

What is the quality of sound in these over-ear Bluetooth headphones?

The sound quality of these headphones is quite impressive due to their good connectivity and active noise-cancellation features.

Is this comfortable enough over 4 hours? Are these Bluetooth headsets comfortable if you wear eyeglasses?

Yes, they are good and comfortable to wear for 4 hours even with eyeglasses. However, it is recommended to remove them after a long period of usage.

Do these connect to an iPhone?

Yes, they connection to all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Are these headphones made from metal, or are the chrome parts made from coated plastic?

The headband is made of zinc alloy material which is smooth and electroplated.

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