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Noot K22 Kids Headphones-Best for Kids

85 / 100

Noot K22 Kids Headphones

WEIGHT: 6.1 ounces, DIMENSIONS: 4 x 5 x 2 inches, CONNECTIVITY: Wired, CORD LENGTH: 4.5 ft, MANUFACTURER: Noot, CONNECTION: 3.5mm Plug

Noot produces a wide range of items, including numerous audio devices, cables, and chargers. Their devices provide both wired and wireless choices. They also have a selection of kid-friendly headphones.

The Noot K22 Kids headphones are one of Amazon’s best-selling items. They are available in two appealing colors: blue and pink, and are suitable for both boys and girls. They include all of the essential functions of headphones with added comfort. Universal compatibility, a tangle-free connection, a small design, and pleasant wear are all features of these headphones. They are one of the nicest gifts you can give to your children.


Aesthetic Design

Noot K22 Kids Headphones have a very appealing design for children. They come in two colors: pink and blue, and they are lightweight. These headphones have a flexible and well-padded headband. It has a nice cushion all around it and is adjustable. It can be adjusted to fit any head size thanks to the movable slider.

These children’s headphones include well-cushioned ear cups, which ensures the speakers do not press against the ears. Ambient noise is blocked by the huge circular cushions on the earcups. This allows them to be worn for longer periods of time without discomfort.

These headphones are also collapsible, allowing you to store them in a small place. This allows them to be easily stored in a child’s bag and carried around.

The cord on these headphones is braided and composed of superior nylon fabric, making them tangle-free. This also makes them more resistant to the wear and tear of children’s use.


The headphones are universally compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio connection. The headphones have a fixed 3.5mm audio jack that is constructed in an L form. When plugging into equipment with protective covers, the L-shaped connector can be a little challenging. The Noot Kids headphones work with any device that has an audio port, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Additional Features

There is no built-in microphone or controls on the Noot K22 Kids Headphones. You can, however, utilize the built-in microphone of your connected device to hear the audio through headphones and use the device’s microphone to be heard

Noot K22 Kids Headphones


  • Good sound quality
  • Child-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Tough and easy-to-untangle wire


  • No built-in microphone

Our Verdict for Noot K22 Kids Headphones

These are a great option for giving as a present to your children. With a well-built wire, they are low weight and very sturdy, and can withstand the harsh and tough use of children. The sound they generate is likewise of high quality. They do not, however, feature a built-in microphone, so if you’re looking for headphones to help your children with online learning, these might not be the ideal option.

Frequently Asked Questions-Noot K22 Kids Headphones

Is it possible to utilize this with a Chromebook?
Yes, they are compatible with Chromebooks. They don’t have a microphone, but you can use the Chromebook’s microphone.

Do you get sound from both sides or just one?
The Noot K22 headphones produce sound from both sides.

Do these headphones, like other children’s headphones, have a volume limit?
There is no volume restriction or volume limiter controller on these headphones.

Are these suitable for adults?
Yes, they are large enough to accommodate adults. These headphones have an adjustable headband, so you can easily modify it to fit your head size.

Are they OK for use on planes?
Yes, they function well on aircraft because they are designed to block out some noises.

Is it possible to modify the volume of the sound?
There isn’t a volume control on the headphones. The only way to change the volume is to use your connected device.

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