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Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones HiFi Stereo

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Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones

BRAND: Kimwood, FORM FACTOR: In Ear,CONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGY: Wired, PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 7.17 x 2.4 x 0.75 inches, HEADPHONES JACK: 3.5mm Jack, ITEM WEIGHT: 1.44 ounces.

The acoustic tuning of kimwood earbuds is well-known. It looks at every detail to make sure these wired earbuds have the perfect balance of powerful bass, smooth midrange, and clear treble. You’ll feel like you’re at a concert thanks to the vibrant sound.

Ergonomic Design

Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones features a comfy and ergonomic design. The design of these wired in-ear earbuds is based on comprehensive data research in the ear canal, which allows them to fit the natural curves of your ear for outstanding comfort and stability over long periods of time with no fatigue. It will give you the finest possible wearing and listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your music whether jogging, cycling, walking, or working out at the gym.

Good Quality Connector

The Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones transform to a 3.5mm international authorized connector in a matter of seconds, making them compatible with any audio device having a 3.5mm headphone jack. This design benefits iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, MP3/MP4/PS4, and other devices.

HD Microphone

Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones’ built-in HD microphone and internal sound-absorbing holes suppress external noise, ensuring call quality and consistent transmission. The controller is also well-placed, allowing you to easily control volume, monitor songs, play music, answer calls, and wake Siri.



The Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones have three controls to increase, decrease the volume, or to attend or decline a call.

Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones


  • The appearance is stylish and straightforward.
  • Even when pulled, it’s difficult to break.
  • The microphone is good, and the volume settings are convenient


  • but it lacks some bassy oomph

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make earphones work?
In the Control Panel, select Sound. Select Show Disabled Devices from the context menu when you right-click on Playback. In the list of headphones, right-click on the name of your headphone device. The option Enable should be chosen.

What happens if I get my Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones wet?
A short circuit may occur if you use your headphones while they are still wet, resulting in damage. Short circuits happen when impurities in the water act as a conductor, sparking every metallic component within the headphones that it comes into touch with. They are stunned and zapped.

What gives that my Kimwood Earphones in-Ear Headphones aren’t being recognized?
On Windows 10 desktops, the failure of your computer to recognize your headphones is a very common issue. An issue with the headphones themselves, a corrupt or outdated driver, malfunctioning USB ports (if your headset uses USB), a connection error (in the case of Bluetooth, for example), or a problem with the headphones themselves could all be to blame.

What’s the deal with my headphones not working?
It’s also possible that the problem isn’t with the jack or headphones you’re wearing, but with the audio settings on your device. You’ll be able to address the problem fast if this is the case. Check to see whether your phone’s volume has been muted or turned down.

Is it possible to encase earbuds in rice?
Rice that hasn’t been cooked can be used as a desiccant, as well. The earphones can be immediately put into a small bag of rice grains. The rice will absorb moisture and give the earbuds a delightful sushi scent.

Is it true that earbuds are water-resistant?
Waterproof headphones can tolerate water pressure in general. Headphones that are water-resistant should be able to endure splashes and rain.

Is it possible to wash earbuds in the washing machine?
After being washed, on-ear headphones have a 50-50 chance of working, so don’t quit up. Never turn them on if you’re in a hurry. Allow them to dry in a warm atmosphere for a few days.

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