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ICLEVER BTH12-Best Wireless Kid’s Headphones

84 / 100

IClever BTH12

DIMENSIONS: 6.1 x 2.64 x 7.09 inches, WEIGHT: 6.1 ounces, CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth V5.0, PLAY-TIME: 40 hrs., CONNECTION DISTANCE: 36 feet, BATTERY CAPACITY: 800mAh, COMPATIBILITY: iOS/Android/Windows, MANUFACTURER: iClever

The iClever wireless headphones for kids are a stylish pair of headphones. They have various features that are specifically designed for children’s use, such as ear drum protection by restricting volume levels. The volume restrictions on these headphones can be set to 74, 85, or 95 decibels.


Aesthetic Appeal

These headphones are designed to be exceptionally comfortable, with soft cushions covering the earcups, allowing children to use them for longer periods of time. Because they do not press against the ears, they are extremely comfortable.
On the outside of the earcups, there are colorful LED lights. They have a foldable and adjustable construction.
On the ear cups are various control buttons. The volume adjustment and controller are located on one of the earcups, while the ON/OFF button is located on the other.

Limitation of Volume

Three alternative modes are available for limiting the loudness of the headphones.

  1. Toddler Mode: having a volume limit of 74dB, this mode is suitable for toddlers.
  2. Safe Mode: with an 85dB volume limit.
  3. Travel Mode: having a volume restriction of 94dB, this mode is safe to use.

Life of the Battery

The included type C charging cord can be used to charge the headphones. They have a long battery life and can play for up to 40 hours. These headphones have a four-hour play time after a ten-minute charge.

It’s a loud and absolutely mediocre headphone experience while I’m listening to music on this (I’m not stealing these from the kids). They’re not made to impress. They don’t, but that’s not a problem. These are kid’s headphones and not studio quality or bass enhancing monsters. When listening to songs like Starman, the stereo separation is actually rather good.



  • Economical
  • Good Sound Quality
  • 3 Volume Controls
  • Attractive Design


  • Bulky and Heavy

Final Words for IClever BTH12: These are one of the more sophisticated and elegant headphones for children, with three distinct volume levels to choose from. These headphones are an excellent choice for your children to use while learning, listening to music, travelling, or studying because they are pleasant to wear and have a long battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions-IClever BTH12

Is the sound quality satisfactory?

These headphones provide an average sound quality. They give the students a pleasant listening experience in general.

Is the battery large enough to play for an entire day?

Yes, they have a good battery life, with 40 hours of play time when fully charged.

Will this work with a TV that has Bluetooth?

They are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Will two of these, on distinct machines, function in the same room?

Yes, you’ll have to connect them separately, but they’ll function great.

Is this compatible with iPhone and iPad?

Yes, you can pair them using your device’s Bluetooth.

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