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How Gaming Routers Work? Complete Information

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How Gaming Routers work?

Before understanding the working of the gaming routers let’s take a look at what are gaming routers. A normal router doesn’t prioritize the type of data that is being transmitted. It doesn’t care which type of data is transmitted; all the types are the same to it. However, Gaming Routers have a number of additional advantages specially designed for gamers, QoS being the most prominent. QoS stands for Quality of Service and it prioritizes the traffic based on its type. Some other features of gaming routers include better connectivity, higher speed, quick responses, minimal loss of data, and better hardware performance.

We have established that gaming routers offer better quality connections when compared to normal routers, but the question is how do gaming routers work?


Gaming Routers’ Important Features

Gaming Routers are superior to regular routers due to their working technique

  • Increase the connectivity speed and performance
  • Use QoS to prioritize your gaming activity over others.

Increased RAM & Processor

The gaming routers provide better hardware performance and this is due to one of the important features of the gaming routers which is more powerful CPUs and increased RAM. Gamer routers can handle more connections. They also decrease the latency which is the total time required by the signal to transmit from your gaming console to the other server.

Minimum latency is a very important factor for online gamers and the gaming router does this through its increased RAM and power. This also helps in increasing the QoS function which is discussed next and is an important feature for understanding how the gaming routers work.

Quality of Service

QoS is the most prominent feature of gaming routers. The gaming routers using this feature are able to prioritize the incoming traffic of your stream. The gaming router splits the traffic into two streams; and normal internet activity stream like browsing and sending emails. This means that the  gaming router may not increase the- normal activity speed but it will prioritize the data while streaming and intensive playing sessions.

Gaming routers give you the benefit of deciding the bandwidth of each device. This way it ensures that the  gaming experience in delivered as it was designed with high end graphics and audio. It also ensures that other non-gamer users of the routers can also continue their online activities. It also plays a role in decreasing the latency.

Any gamer will clearly understand the difference between the transmitting capacity of a normal router as compared to a gaming router.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gaming routers also improve the gaming experience by providing an excellent ethernet connection. Gamers know that an ethernet connection is better than normal routers for a lag free experience. This gives them better connection speeds than normal routers. Gaming routers provide WIFI enabled wireless router, which allows you to establish a wired connection with your PC while you’re gaming.

This way gaming routers provide a more speed and better response. They can handle huge traffic allowing minimum disruptions. It is very important to understand this in order to know how these gaming routers work.

How Gaming Routers Work-Setup Guide

  1. Type the address in to the search bar of your browser.
  2. Go to the Advance > Setup > Internet Setup. The first is the Internet IP Address setting. The internet service provider will provide you dynamically with a dedicated LAN IP Address. Therefore, this section doesn’t require any change.
  3. In the Domain Name Server (DNS) section, select the Get Automatically from ISP option.
  4. The next will be the Router MAC Address, select Use Default Address option.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image1
  5. Now, go to the Wireless Setup section.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image2
  6. Now, go to the Wireless Setup section.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image3
  7. It is preferred to utilize a LAN cable at all times, however if you are forced to use Wi-Fi for gaming, a 5 GHz band is recommended. Most modern routers are smart enough to determine the most optimal settings automatically.
  8. Now go on to the WAN SetupHOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image4
  9. Choose the Disable IGMP Proxying option.
  10. Set the size of the MTU to 1500. Some gamers also suggest that a lower MTU improves the packet loss and server disconnect issues.
  11. Go to the LAN Setup.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image5
  12. These settings are usually set by default. Disable the RIP Version.
  13. Go to the QoS Setup.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image6
  14. If you play multiplayer games Enable QoS.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image7
  15. The dynamic QoS doesn’t give you much control of what you are doing. Choose the Advance QoS.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image8
  16. Change the Uplink bandwidth to Mbps.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image9
  17. Go to WMM section.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image10
  18. Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings (2.4 GHz b/g/n)
  19. Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings (5 GHz a/n)
  20. Go to Advanced Setup > Router / AP / Bridge / Repeating Mode.
  21. Select the Router Mode.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image11
  22. Go to Port Forwarding / Port Triggering.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image12
  23. Select the Port Forwarding Option.
  24. Go to UPnP.HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image13
  25. Check the Turn UPnP On box.
  26. Go to the IPv6HOW-GAMING-ROUTERS-WORK-image14
  27. Make sure to Disable the Internet Connection Type.

These are the steps you require to follow in order to setup your gaming router.

How Gaming Routers Work-FAQs

What is the advantage of a Gaming Router?

The main advantage of a gaming router is the greater level of control it provides in terms of QoS. QoS control is available on nearly every router, but gaming routers take it to the next level. QoS refers to how a router prioritizes the traffic it manages.

Do gaming routers come with wifi?

No, you won’t be able to. The wireless signals from your ISP or Ethernet connection are provided by the router, which allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly. An Ethernet cable must be inserted into the WAN port on your router to access the internet. This feature is included in almost all best gaming routers 2021/22

Do gaming routers make a difference?

Even if you aren’t a gamer, the majority of users will say yes. QoS features improve user experience across the board, allowing you to manage your WiFi signal, traffic, and household bandwidth in a more intuitive and hands-on manner.

Do Gaming Routers Actually Work?

Are Gaming Routers Really Worth It? Gaming routers, in our honest view, aren’t worth the extra money. If you’re a gamer seeking a faster connection so you can keep taking headshots in Counter-Strike, then a wired ethernet connection is the way to go.

Why is my ping so high but my internet is good?

Routers and how updated they are, where they’re positioned, and whether their firmware is up to date are some of the reasons your ping may be high. Computers, and whether or not they’re old, unfit for gaming, or in need of cleaning. Whether or not the caches on your network or modem are full.

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