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Top 10 Best Gaming Emulator For Android in 2023

Best Gaming Emulator For Android featured
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Best Gaming Emulator For Android

If you are here, it is expected that you are already familiar with emulators. However, for people who are new to this word let’s take a quick look at it and specifically gaming emulator for Android.

Emulators are tools that allow the creation of virtual clones of specific software on another device. Let’s look at the gaming emulators, they will allow you to mimic different gaming software on your Android devices.

Everyone has a list of games from their childhood that they would adore playing again, however, the devices that supported them are outdated and very difficult to find in the market.

Apart from this, the older devices don’t have the exceptional features we are familiar with today. Therefore, people tend to use gaming emulators for Android. These emulators will allow you to play games that were made even more than 20 years ago on your smartphones without any issue.

There are a large number of games present today but some people wish to have the nostalgic feeling of the older games. This love for classic games has pushed several platforms to create software that would mimic older games for our high-tech smartphones.

We have gathered here all the information you need to have, to know the best gaming emulator for Android. Without any further due, let’s take a look at them.

Best Gaming Emulator For Android At a Glance

  1. Nostalgia. NES
  2. ClassicBoy
  3. GBA. EMU
  4. Citra Emulator
  5. Dolphin
  6. M64Plus FZ Emulator
  7. MAME4droid (Arcade)
  8. My Boy!
  9. PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable)
  10. Drastic DS Emulator

Let’s take a deeper look at these emulators.

Nostalgia. NES

This is one of the best emulators for Android. This name appears at the top of many lists. It is one of the high-rated standalone Nostalgia. NES emulators. This emulator is the true definition of what we would say classic gaming in a futuristic way. It presents features that no one would have thought would exist in these games back then. This app is jam-packed with features that include the rewinning option. This rewind option allows you to go back in the middle of the game if you missed something. It also supports Bluetooth controllers and keyboard connections. What could be better?

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (3)

This app allows a lot of customization which makes it one of the best choices for emulators. It allows you to resize the virtual buttons as well as move them around. Another impressive feature of this emulator is that it allows you to play in multiplayer mode. It allows you to use “Wi-Fi controller mode” with the support of up to 4 players. Another of the most impressive features of this incredible emulator is that offers eight manual save slots to go along with the autosave option for your game.


ClassicBoy is easily another the best emulator for Android. This is because it comes with a number of impressive features. It has support for many platforms, from Atari 2600 VCS to Nintendo 64 and everything in between. Loading the software on your phone is pretty straightforward and simple. Once you start any game, you will get on-screen controller support.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (1)

In addition to the on-screen controller, you also have the option of using Xbox or Sony controllers, depending on your choice. You can find the App on Google Play Store. It is free to download and has a full-paid version as well. Taking a glance at this App won’t show it as highly appealing, however, it is the top-ranked and most robust app which allows you to play games dating back to Atari 2600.


GBA.EMU supports the standard .gba files. It can also support ZIP, RAR, or 7Z files, this means you won’t have to extract files or overload the storage of your Android phone. It also provides safe states. It also allows you to connect Bluetooth controllers. Apart from this, there are other options like creating custom key profiles and using cheat codes. All of these features truly give you an advanced experience of playing the old nostalgic games.

Another impressive feature of this emulator is that it allows you to customize the on-screen controls and tune everything to your preference.

Citra Emulator

Citra is an emulator for Nintendo 3DS. It is an open-source work-in-progress emulator. This emulator will allow you to play your favorite games from Nintendo. Nintendo 3DS is a two-screen device, therefore it can be a bit difficult to emulate. However, this emulator has pulled it outstandingly. This emulator is obviously supposed to be used for single-screen devices, therefore, everything you need is combined on a single screen, from the display to the controls.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (1)

The controls are given on a transparent layer on the screen. It comes with excellent features like motion controls, texture filtering, and gamepad support. The latest version has improved performance which reduces frame rate shuttering.


Dolphin is a very powerful emulator from Sega Dreamcast. It allows you to play GameCube and Wii video games on your Android device. The best console Sega was the Dreamcast with an internet connection (56K) with mouse and keyboard support. This can be relieved using the Dolphin emulator. Though it’s an old Dreamcast emulator, it still leverages hardware for a smoother and better experience.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (2)

M64Plus FZ Emulator

Missing the best games like Hexen 64, Doom 64, GoldenEye 007, and Super Mario 64? These games define our childhood and sometimes when you go down memory lane, you would wish to go back in time and play those remarkable games again.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (2)

Well, well M64Plus FZ emulator has made this possible for us. It is another of the best emulators that scans your device and creates a clean library. You are just required to tap on the game, and it will take you back in time. Just like other emulators, it is also highly customizable allowing you to switch between the long emulation lists. There is also a Pro version to get some extra features like SD cards and GDrive cloud backup. They also have some additional features like controller support and Google Drive syncing.

Another impressive feature of this emulator is that it can run on any device meaning it can run even on the cheaper Android phones.

MAME4droid (Arcade)

MAME emulator is the perfect emulator for Arcade games. The good old days when consoles weren’t around, and you had to go to gaming stations to play arcade games. The time when arcades ruled was the time, we got to play raw games. MAME standards for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and its Android version have the ability to support thousands of different ROMs. However, this emulator requires a good hardware and might have some glitches now and then.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (4)

My Boy!

This is another robust emulator for Android. There is a free version of the emulator. You can download the free version and determine whether you need the full version or not. And let’s break it to you, you will want the full version, as this will allow you to sync your saves over Google Drive. If you are playing GBA games across multiple devices, this feature is extremely important.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (5)

It allows support for entering multiple lines of cheat codes as well as speeding games from 2x to 16x. Another notable feature of this emulator includes the option to create a server. A server will allow you to connect to your friends and play with them.

PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable)

This emulator is for playing Sony PSP games on your Android devices. This emulator will let you play free homebrew games or will allow you to change your own PSP games in the .iso or .cso format. It will even allow you to transfer saved games from your PSP.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (6)

The performance of the game highly depends on the type of Android device you are using. This means you will need a good Android phone to run games. PPSSPP now runs on Android 12.

Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS detects the original resolution of the game and doubles the resolution, providing better clarity than you will get on other emulators. Another appealing feature of this emulator is that it provides support for Bluetooth controllers of any kind. This emulator has been around long enough which makes it quite versatile.

Best-Gaming-Emulator-For-Android (7)

This emulator will allow you to create save slots for various games. It also allows you to sign in to your Google Drive account. This is perfect for people who use and play Nintendo DS emulators on multiple devices. This app has a database of cheat codes which makes playing the games even easier. This is one of the best emulators for Nintendo DS games.

Best Gaming Emulator For Android-FAQs

What is the best free emulator for Android?
The best free emulator for Android is Citra, ClassicBoy, Dolphin, DraStic DS, and more.

Is there an emulator for old computer games?
Yes, there are emulators for older computer games like DOSBox.

Can you emulate old games?
Yes, you can emulate old games using one of the emulators listed here.

Are emulators legal?
Yes, they are legal to download and use, however, you should be careful while playing them. ROMs pulled from game cartridges are illegal to obtain, if the physical copy of the game isn’t owned by you.

Can you emulate old games?
Yes, it is okay to emulate old games but they aren’t useful without ROMs or game files.

Is Dolphin emulator legal?
Yes, all kinds of emulators are legal with certain conditions. This means they can be downloaded without worrying about legalities.

Can Nintendo takedown dolphin?
Only because it is in a clean room reverse engineering the GameCube and Wii is Dolphin legal. Dolphin will no longer be legal if it uses anything from a leak, and Nintendo *will* shut it down.

Best Gaming Emulator For Android-Conclusion

Selecting the best gaming emulator for Android highly depends on your preference. What type of game you are looking to play? What features do you wish to have? Do you want to play with your friends? All this has been extensively discussed in this article to assist you in getting the right emulator for you.

Some people offer wonder that emulators are illegal, but this isn’t true. Some emulators might not be safe to use but the ones listed here are completely safe and legal to use as well. These emulators are promised to provide a good nostalgic experience of the past.

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