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SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard complete review

82 / 100

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Brand SteelSeries
Compatible Devices Gaming Console
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Keyboard Description Gaming
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Special Feature Ergonomic
Number of Keys 61
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB
Style Wireless
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 11.5 x 1.6 inches
Item model number ‎64842
Batteries ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


The Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard is the world’s fastest keyboard with OmniPoint 2.0 switches for over 11x faster response and 10x quicker actuation. Adjust each key’s registration depth precisely to within 0.1 millimeters, ranging from quick 0.2-millimeter touches to methodical 3.8-millimeter pushes. Program two distinct actions for a single key, such as lightly touching the ground when strolling and pressing harder while sprinting. A more streamlined design retains full-size keyboard capabilities with side-printed features while taking up less desk space and allowing for more mouse mobility. Use a 2.4GHz wifi connection to play lag-free video games, and Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to a range of other devices. Double-shot PBT keycaps with a long lifespan and resistance to fading offer a premium texture for better typing accuracy and increased keystroke sensation.


  • Apex Pro Mini Wireless
  • Detachable Braided USB-C to USB-A Cable USB-C Wireless Dongle
  • Extension Adapter


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation



  • Use Engine inside SteelSeries GG to customize your lighting, macros, and more.
  • GG also has other amazing apps like Moments, which makes it easier and faster to clip and share highlights with friends.



  1. Profile Switching Key
  2. Macro Recording Key
  3. Illumination Brightness Keys 4 Multimedia Keys
  4. SteelSeries Function Key 6 Wireless Mode Switch
  5. USB-C Jack
  6. Tri-Level Feet
  7. USB-C Jack
  8. Tri-Level Feet SteelSeries-Apex-Pro-Mini-Wireless-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-img-2

  9. Detachable Braided USB-C to USB-A Cable
  10. USB-C Wireless Dongle
  11. Extension Adapter




  1. Connect the USB-C Wireless Dongle (10) to an available USB port on your device.
  2. Toggle the Wireless Mode Switch (6) to the “2.4 GHz” position.
  3. The Keyboard and USB-C Wireless Dongle (10) will automatically pair. 4 Use Engine to further customize your Keyboard or re-pair a Wireless Dongle by downloading SteelSeries GG software from steelseri.es/gg.


  1. Initiate Bluetooth pairing mode on your Bluetooth 5.0 or higher enabled device.
  2. Toggle the Wireless Mode Switch (6) to the Bluetooth position to turn on your Keyboard.
  3. The Keyboard lighting will start blinking blue when searching for a connection.
  4. Select “Apex Pro Mini Wireless” on your Bluetooth-enabled device.



The Keyboard can pair with and store three Bluetooth device profiles (defined using the 1, 2, or 3 keys).


To initiate pairing mode, press SteelSeries Function Key (5) + CTRL + Enter + 1, 2, or 3.
The chosen device key will pulse blue until successfully paired with a Bluetooth device. If no device is found, Bluetooth pairing will time out.



To cycle through the three paired devices, press the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Enter + 1, 2, or 3. Your keyboard will then automatically connect to the previously paired device.



SteelSeries Function Key (5) + “I” lifts the actuation point (lighter keypress).
SteelSeries Function Key (5) + “O” lowers the actuation point (deeper keypress).
Use Engine inside SteelSeries GG to configure the adjustable actuation on a per-key basis.



Press the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Profile Switching Key (1) repeatedly to cycle through the profiles.



  1. Press and hold the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Macro Recording Key (2) for 3 seconds to start recording.
  2. Type your desired key combinations.
  3. Press the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Macro Recording Key (2) to end Macro Recording.
  4. The Macro Recording Key (2) will now be flashing, press the key to which you want to assign the macro.



Press the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Illumination Brightness Keys (3) to reduce Illumination Brightness.
Press the SteelSeries Function Key (5) + Illumination Brightness Keys (3) to increase Illumination Brightness.



When battery is below 5 %, the keyboard will pulse red.


When charging, the ESC key will flash green. When fully charged, the ESC key will turn solid green.


Is the Mac command key included with this model, as it is with previous Apex models?

The arrangement of several of the modifier keys on a Mac keyboard differs from that of a Windows keyboard, however Macs may utilise almost all keyboards designed for Windows PCs, whether they are USB or Bluetooth. In particular, the WINDOWS and ALT keys on a Windows keyboard are reversed compared to the OPTION/ALT and COMMAND keys on a Mac keyboard. When utilising a PC keyboard with a Mac, this may result in incorrect keyboard shortcuts or other unexpected key press behaviour.

Since I didn’t previously own pricey keyboard models, is it worthwhile to overpay for the apex pro?

Getting the tkl would generally be preferable unless you are absolutely certain that you would need the buttons that are included on the full version. particularly if you have a desk. I never use the numpad or any other buttons that don’t have the designated special switches.

If the finger is lifted, does the key push no longer register, like it did in the Wooting 60He?

Most keys have an adjustable engage point (distance). You may set it up such that you must press the keys repeatedly or simply lightly. After the key is raised past the engage point, it stops.

Is it compatible with my iPad Pro?

first check to see if the GG programme can be downloaded. Moreover, I cannot suggest this keyboard in the slightest. I had to return two of them before finding a third that now functions. I estimate that it has 3 to 4 more days until the firmware starts to malfunction or one of the keys stops functioning like the other 2.

In addition to the LED display and customizable keys Does the new apexpro version change from the previous apexm750 rgb? perhaps as quiet? the same as default press? additional differences?

We each received rainbow-colored keyboards: my spouse and Myself. I enjoy mine. Once plugged in, it operates. I have no technical aptitude. Do I suggest my Hyper X? Yes. My keys do they sound? Yes. What else may I say? Personally, I have nothing to offer. But you can if you so want. What is the same or different, I’m not sure. I just plugged mine in and began to type. It is superior to the keyboard that came with my gaming machine, in my opinion. All I have to say about it is that.

Did I make a mistake? This keyboard seems to be extremely loud.

it’s actually quite quiet compared to most boards that use switches like cherry mx. If it’s still too loud for you, you could get some key cap silencers for it; I’ve used them on all of my previous keyboards and they work wonders with mechanical keyboards. These keys are essentially silent by themselves; the noise that comes from you bottoming out the keys will be taken care of by the silencers.

Are the keys susceptible to pressure?

No, there are no pressure-sensitive analogue inputs on it. As this keyboard employs magnetic sensors to detect key presses, some reviewers have claimed that it would be possible to allow pressure-sensitive analogue input through software/firmware modification. Hence, after some firmware changes, it could be allowed in the future, although I highly doubt it.

Does it function on the PlayStation 5?

It does. I used it on my Ps5 before I acquired a computer. But, you are unable to alter the led screen’s image or any of the buttons. Using a pittle menu on the keyboard, you may still alter the activation speed and colours.

If you alter them, can you truly feel the actuation point change?

No, there is no tactile signal, thus you cannot feel the actuation point. You become accustomed to it just like muscle memory. Just like typing with other types of switches, typing honestly offers its own unique sense of fulfilment. The advantages include the freedom to modify your typing style. typing with a feather or by bottoming the key.

What is the Apex Pro’s actuation force?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure of the exact number. Nevertheless, I can tell you that despite having had a LOT of keyboards over the years, this one is by far the most precise and pleasant. At the same time, the keys are loud without being obtrusively so. There is just a sharp break in the keys and a slight click to confirm.

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