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SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard complete review

88 / 100

SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL RGB Gaming Keyboard



Brand SteelSeries
Compatible Devices Gaming Console
Keyboard Description Gaming
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Special Feature Lightweight
Color Black
Number of Keys 3
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB
Style Whisper Quiet – Tactile & Silent
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.9 x 14.3 x 1.57 inches
Hardware Platform ‎PC
Item Weight ‎1.4 pounds


The pros’ preferred form factor is the small, ten-keyless model, which lets you position the keyboard for comfort and the best in-game performance. Our anti-ghosting gaming switches are manufactured from durable low friction material for near-silent operation and assured performance for over 20 million key presses. The APEX3 Keyboard whispers quietly and provides accurate keystrokes. You can keep playing no matter what happens to your keyboard since it is built with IP32 Water & Dust Resistant for increased durability to avoid harm from liquids and dust particles. You may select from millions of colors and effects with PrismSync RGB Illumination, which takes RGB to a new level with interactive light displays and reactive lighting. A clickable volume slider and media buttons on the dedicated multimedia controls make it possible to adjust brightness, rewind, skip or pause all at the touch of a button.




  1. Multimedia Volume Roller
  2. Multimedia Button
  3. SteelSeries Function Key
  4. USB Keyboard Plug
  5. Profile Switching Key
  6. On-the-fly Macro Recording Key
  7. Illumination Brightness Down Key
  8. Illumination Brightness Up Key


  • Apex 3 Keyboard
  • Magnetic Wrist Rest


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Xbox One
  • PS4







Volume Up: Scroll Wheel Up
Volume Down: Scroll Wheel Down
Mute / Unmute Toggle: Press the Wheel


Play / Pause: Single Press
Forward / Skip Track: Double Press
Back / Previous Track: Triple Press


SteelSeries-Apex-3-TKL-RGB-Gaming-Keyboard-img-4 Press the SteelSeries Function Key 03 + Profile Switching Key 05 repeatedly to cycle through the profiles.



  1. Press and hold the SteelSeries Function Key 03 + Macro Recording Key 06 for 3 seconds to start recording
  2. Type your desired key combinations
  3. Press the SteelSeries Function Key 03 + Macro Recording Key 06 to end Macro Recording
    • To cancel the recording process, press the Multimedia Button 02


SteelSeries-Apex-3-TKL-RGB-Gaming-Keyboard-img-6 Press the SteelSeries Function Key 03 + Illumination Brightness Down Key 07 to reduce Illumination Brightness

SteelSeries-Apex-3-TKL-RGB-Gaming-Keyboard-img-7 Press the SteelSeries Function Key 03 + Illumination Brightness Up Key 08 to increase Illumination Brightness


Does it feature membrane-style switches, since it claims to have “whisper silent switches”? Red switches, which I find to be rather loud, need to be replaced with something quieter.

I do in fact possess this keyboard. They aren’t membranes, though. The unique adjustable keys are the alphabetic keys. The arrow keys, number pad, and other controls are standard, non-adjustable reds. These are absolutely not whisper-quiet, in my opinion. It is unmistakably louder than a laptop keyboard (although, I guess it depends on the laptop brand). Having said that, I would not describe them as loud either. But, everyone in the room can hear you typing. Theoretically, you could make the keys incredibly sensitive by adjusting them. Next, softly press the key to release it. This would make them whisper quietly. Although, I imagine, would also make it difficult to type.

Is there a specific sleep button on it, or is there a possibility to assign a sleep button?

You won’t need to put the keyboard to sleep because it is connected. The space on the keyboard and the macros would be wasted if you were talking about putting your machine to sleep. Hit CTRL+X, followed by U and S. Your computer goes to sleep in a quarter of a second with the default keyboard setting. Hope this was useful.

claims to include buttons specifically for multimedia. I can see the volume scroll button, but where are the play/pause, advance, and backward buttons? I cannot spot them.

The keyboard has instructions for each button, making it extremely easy. For instance, pushing two keyboard keys simultaneously will have an impact on the keyboard’s RGB illumination or profile settings. The keyboard volume may be adjusted simply and easily with the scroll wheel; the pause and backward keys are located on separate buttons. With any luck, this answers your query since it came from a user of this keyboard.

Is this the identical keyboard from the Best Buy website, model number 64795, SKU number 6396205?

No, it’s 64812 for this model. I’m not sure what the difference is between the two after looking at both, but if you inquire in the hopes that they will match the price, they won’t. In my opinion, they persuade manufacturers to create various item numbers for their goods in order to avoid having to compete on price with Amazon.

Can you delete the program and the color setting will remain if installing the software is the only method to alter the illumination to one hue?

It’s safe to assume that after uninstalling the software, all that remains are the original 5 default program settings. The program’s purpose is to keep track of your preferences. once you’ve modified them. The software itself doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you don’t remember it, I’m sorry.

Typically, kbs feature shift bindings for the arrow keys, home/end, PgUp/PgDn, and the number pad. In a game, will this kb allow shift+num1 or will it still be the end?

The number pad keys’ behavior can be changed by using the num lock or by pressing the shift key while using them. For this reason, the number 2 on the right-hand number pad has a down arrow next to it.

Is it possible to select a fixed hue instead of a rainbow?

Absolutely, pretty much any imaginable concoction of colors and effects. As a foundation color, options include rainbow, random, and static colors. A variety of configurations may be made, and switching between them is simple. While AFK and not in use, I employ a “Rainbow” style. Finally, to avoid being distracted by the flask while using the keyboard, I switch to a discreet light hue. Then, if you’d like, you can add effects. For instance, if you have a static red color, pressing a key causes the color to change in that key and move down the row of keys like a wave. There are many more examples you may use.

Can you turn off the lights? I detest my present keyboard because its lights never stop blinking.

Without a steel series profile, the keyboard’s lights can only slowly and subtly change colors. Until the computer is switched off or the keyboard is removed, the lights won’t turn off. If it’s any use,

Is this compatible with the Xbox Series X? 

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t. That worked perfectly on my PS5, which I used before I had a Computer. The problem is that without the software on a computer, it is impossible to program customized images and extremely specialized key layouts on it.

Apex is in the name. Are methods appropriate for playing Apex? may be used for Fortnite gaming as well?

Indeed, I’ve used it to play both games and have had no problems at all. When you press any key, it responds pretty quickly. Because the keys are a touch light, I occasionally accidently push them when my hand twitches.

Can the Key Switches be switched?

You can obtain new KeyCaps for the SteelSeries, to put it succinctly. There is a whole range of customized keycaps for appearance, feel, and aural sensations for people with sophisticated taste in keyboarding experiences.

Is it possible to switch to white lights?

Like with other SteelSeries products, you can customize the colors and movements of the lights using the SteelSeries app or software. Good keyboard at a good price. You won’t be sorry.

The keycaps may be switched out or removed. Do I have to soldier it or can the switches be readily taken out and swapped?

The switches cannot be replaced in any way and are not even detachable. The hybrid switches work by employing a peculiar mechanical switch that presses down on a membrane underneath. And as far as I’m aware, Steel Series does not provide alternatives for them.

How long should I anticipate using this keyboard? Is this keyboard reliable?

I’ve only had this keyboard for a short while, but a friend of mine has had it for 5 or 6 years and it’s still in fantastic shape. No keys have broken off or ceased clicking, and no key caps have been lost. Overall, it ought to endure for a very long time.

This has what hotkeys, and can you program them?

This keyboard has more functionality than you will likely ever learn to use, much like a smartphone. Nevertheless, the downloaded tool that you can install on your PC and use to program a variety of different things is where this functionality is concentrated. For instance, you won’t have a cap lock indicator if you don’t download the app. The capslock key is configured to change color when activated to do this. The number lock operates similarly. A word of warning: if the software is not installed properly, there are several bugs that will prevent you from using your keyboard. And to return to the starting point, you need a little computer know-how and a standard keyboard. Many individuals could decide to return the merchandise as they may not be able to overcome this. I had to watch YouTube tutorials to delete it with my old keyboard and then reset my computer because I had used the wrong download the first time.

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