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Razer Huntsman Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard instructions

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Razer Huntsman Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard



Brand Razer
Compatible Devices PC
Connectivity Technology USB
Keyboard Description QWERTY
Special Feature Lighting
Color Classic Black
Number of Keys 87
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB
Style Huntsman Tournament Edition
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.54 x 14.27 x 1.45 inches
Series ‎Huntsman TE
Item model number ‎RZ03-03080200-R3U1
Item Weight ‎14 ounces


Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard supports 16.8 million colors on individually illuminated keys and is fully compatible with gear from more than 30 partners, including Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear for popular games. a matte, metal top frame that is covered for greater structural strength. For gamers who are constantly on the run, a tenkeyless design with a detachable USB-C connection offers a compact form factor. Composed of high-grade PBT with a textured surface for increased durability and less susceptibility to long-term dirt accumulation. All keys and keypress combinations may be remapped to carry out sophisticated instructions using Razer Hypershift.

What’s in the box

  • Razer Huntsman TE


A. Type C port
B. Volume control keys
C. Media keys
D. On-The-Fly macro record key
E. Gaming mode key
F. Backlight control keys
G. Sleep mode key

  • USB Type C to Type A cable
  • Important Product Information Guide


  1. Connect the keyboard to your computer using the USB Type C to Type A cable. Razer-Huntsman-Tenkeyless-Gaming-Keyboard-img-1
  2. Use the Razer Synapse* app to customize its lighting and even create various profiles suited for different playstyles. Up to 5 of these profiles can be stored on your keyboard from the Razer Synapse app, allowing you to use these profiles even on systems without the app installed. Learn more about storing profiles Install Razer Synapse when prompted or download the installer from razer.com/synapse


When the fn key is held down, all function keys with secondary functions including other keys which you can combine with the fn key will light up. Pressing the fn key in combination with the function keys will activate their secondary features on your PC.



  1. Press the key combination to start recording. The On-The-Fly macro record key will light up to show that the device is ready to record.
  2. Type in the keys you want to record.
  3. Press the key combination to stop the recording or the ESC key to cancel the recording. The On-The-Fly macro record key will start blinking to show that the device has stopped recording and is ready to save the macro.
  4. Press the desired key where you want to save your macro.



The Gaming Mode disables the Windows Key function to avoid accidental usage. Furthermore, you can maximize the effect of Anti-Ghosting by activating the Gaming Mode function. You can also choose to disable the Alt+ Tab and Alt + F4 functions by changing the Gaming Mode settings in Razer Synapse. The Gaming Mode key will remain lit in white when the Gaming Mode is active.


Does the keyboard produce clicking noises or is it silent?

The deck is sort of noisy until you bottom out the key on the yellow lines, at which time there is a slight clunk. Because they are similarly useless, the lines are for sale. You might be able to utilize it to type more than 120 words per minute if you have a light touch and type quickly. The actuation is so sensitive that, if you type in any other way (I’m a heavy typer), you can’t even enter a password without pressing a key accidentally. To register, a key only has to be lightly brushed. Because I spend all my time correcting the additional characters, I am unable to work on it. Now the purple “light and clicky” one is the most obnoxious and loud keyboard I’ve ever had in my house, and I’ve liked mechanicals since IBM. The pitch and timbre of the click are so high and sharp that you can hear it across a house.

Does the Hong Kong warranty on this Huntsman Tournament Edition still last for two years?

No matter where they are purchased, mechanical keyboards come with a 2-year guarantee as long as they come from a retailer that has been approved by the manufacturer. This includes the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. Nevertheless, we still need to confirm the purchase date.

What distinguishes the Huntsman Mini from the Tournament?

Their key size is the primary distinction. The Huntsman Mini is small (60%), whereas the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition (Tenkeyless) is 80% from the full-size keyboard. The Tournament Edition received linear optical switches, whilst the Huntsman Mini had optical (clicky) switches.

How quickly is it responding?

For a quicker response, if you’re looking for specifications, you can also Google that, but if you want an opinion. I can press it as quickly as I can. much faster than the last keyboard I purchased, which was around a year ago.

Right now, I use a Razer Ornata. When I record video, there is a slight pickup. Will the louder keyboard pick up more noise? louder by how much?

A noisy keyboard, indeed. It has a high-pitched thock-like sound, which I enjoy. Spacebar is worthless. You’re set if you add some Corsair Wasd Gaming Caps to them. though quite loud.

Will I unintentionally push the blue switches if I place my palm on the keyboard lightly?

It’s conceivable that pressing the keys only requires a small amount of pressure. I’ve occasionally experienced the same problem and have had to educate my hands to not press a key by accident by using too much force.

How many keystrokes does each poll record?

According to tests, the industry-leading longevity of the RazerTM Linear Optical Switches is up to 100 million keystrokes. Get a prompt reaction from every keypress thanks to the 1.0mm optical actuation that registers at the speed of light, allowing you to respond and execute clutch plays with precision.

How silent is the linear optical switch? as in other keyboards’ cherry quiet red? I detest waking up others in my room.

Yes. Visit our Razer website or YouTube for more information if you’d like to hear the keyboard in action.

Are the huntsman tkl and mini’s linear switches identical?

Sure, but no. The original optical red switches are present on the TKL board. When you hit the key bottom, it is quite smooth and clacky. The mini’s updated red switches came with silicone dampeners to reduce the noisy clacking. As a result of the switches, the required force to activate the switch increased from 40g to 48g. The tiny 1mm distance across which you must depress the key has been somewhat increased to 1.2mm.

Can I replace the switch with a quieter optical one as the switches in this are rather loud?

The linear optical switches on the Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL are already quieter than those on the 2019 Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard. If you want to swap out the keycaps, the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set is all you need.

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