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Logitech G713 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard instructions

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Logitech G713 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Brand Logitech G
Compatible Devices Gaming Console
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Keyboard Description Gaming
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Special Feature Backlit, Wrist Rest
Color White Mist
Operating System IOS 14, Chrome OS, MacOS 10.15, IPadOS 13.4, Windows 10
Number of Keys 87
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB
Series ‎Wired
Item model number ‎920-010413
Hardware Platform ‎PC
Item Weight ‎2.12 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎14.59 x 6.18 x 1.46 inches


In order to let you express yourself and play as you want to, the G713 Wired Gaming Keyboard from the Aurora Collection combines low-key vibes with high-key performance. With its lovely white appearance and plush, cloud-shaped keyboard palm rest, you’ll want to float away. Its tenkeyless design and customizable height make it the perfect little mechanical keyboard for gaming, giving you that satisfying game-playing experience all day. With four responsive Play Moods that match your current level of play in 16.8M configurable RGB colors, Logitech LIGHTSYNC brings your game to life. Use the free G HUB software to unleash your creativity, flaunt your personal taste, and even design your own unique animation effects for your RGB mechanical keyboard.

You can play and create at your best with flexible and quick USB cable connectivity with G713 Wired Gaming Keyboard. On virtually every platform and operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS, you may play with this Logitech gaming keyboard. With full media controls at your fingertips and the pleasant sensation of your choice of mechanical GX switches, such as GX Blue switches, GX Red switches, and GX Brown switches, let the (good) games begin. With keycaps and top plates in a selection of vibrant hues, this fully customizable keyboard from the Aurora Collection allows you to show off your creativity and mood. Separately sold accessories for the gaming setup.


  1. Remove the LIGHTSPEED receiver from the storage slot. Logitech-G713-Wired-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-img-1
  2. Insert the LIGHTSPEED receiver, with an extender and cable into the PC USB port. The receiver can be used without the extender and cable by inserting it directly into a USB port if desired. Logitech-G713-Wired-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-img-2
  3. Turn on the keyboard by sliding the power button. The Connection button will light up to a cyan color. Logitech-G713-Wired-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-img-3
  4. Download and install G HUB software to your PC/MAC for the best gaming experience (G HUB has an onboarding story for features). Go to www.logitechG.com/ghub



  1. Turn on the keyboard by sliding the button.
  2. Press the Connection button to cycle to Bluetooth.
    Light will turn to light blue and flash quickly – waiting to pair.
    Follow the Bluetooth connection for your device to pair with the keyboard.


  1. Insert the USB-C cable into the port at the front of the keyboard.
  2. Connect the cable to your PC.
    The battery indicator light will pulse green while charging and be solid green when fully charged.

Media Controls

G715 includes media controls. Skip back, play/pause, skip forward, and mute key, with a volume roller that controls your device volume.

Game Mode

Pressing the Game mode button blocks the Windows and Menu keys when pressed. Additional keys can be blocked using G HUB software.


Adjust lighting brightness by pressing the brightness button.


The top plate can be removed and replaced with optional accessory top plates.



Once connected, press the connect button to toggle the connection. It will be a light cyan color for LIGHTSPEED, and a blue color for Bluetooth.



Can you disable RGB?

The RGB on the Logitech G715 cannot be disabled, however, it may be adjusted using the Logitech G hub software. Also, if the keyboard is not in use or after a period of user inactivity, the illumination will be switched off. With the Logitech G hub software, you may configure this.

How can I link my second laptop?

Bluetooth and professional-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless connections are included with the G715. It may be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices or a PC/Mac using the accompanying LIGHTSPEED Wireless receiver.

Red switches are found on which type of key—linear, tactile, or clicky? I enjoyed the sound of the red switches when I heard them in a film.

The GX switches on the Logitech G715 are mechanical. Please click the following link to learn more: https://www.logitechg.com/innovation/mechanical-switches.html. If you have any additional queries, kindly contact Logi Support.

Can you use it wirelessly and cable simultaneously without affecting battery life?

The USB-C to USB-A cable that comes with the G715 may be plugged in whenever you wish to charge your battery or use it in wired mode.

The linear isn’t as quiet as the G915 TKL, is it?

The GX switches, excellent mechanical GX switch feel, and versatility for wireless or wired gaming are all features of the Logitech G715 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The G715 and G915 TKL switches are not interchangeable.

Do the command and option keys on a Mac come with keycaps on the keyboard? or are the only keycaps present the windows and alt ones?

Please be aware that it includes windows and alt keycaps. To learn more, kindly click the following link: https://www.logitechg.com/products/gaming-keyboards/g713-tkl-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html

Does it work with the PS4?

Although I haven’t tried it with a PS4, none of the accompanying documentation indicates that it is. All I could discover was that it works with Macs and PCs.

Can you buy the mouse pad separately?

The palm rest for the Logitech G713 wired mechanical gaming keyboard is sold separately as well as with the keyboard.

How to connect my iPad Pro to Bluetooth? I’ve tried often, but it won’t appear on my Bluetooth list.

Please adhere to the instructions in the following link to connect your device: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-ch/articles/7176247711127-How-do-I-connect-my-G715-with-Bluetooth-and-LIGHTSPEED-. If the issue persists, contact Logitech support team for further assistance.

Can I use this with my IMac 2021?

LIGHTSPEED Wireless is compatible with the G715 through the USB port. Compatible with Mac and PC. Bluetooth: Audio-connected Bluetooth-enabled devices. Downloading software requires an internet connection and is only possible on Windows® and macOS®.

Would the g715 keyboard’s lightspeed receiver still function when attached to a macOS USB-A to USB-C adaptor?

We do not advise our users to utilize extenders or hubs to connect the receiver. As the G715 supports Bluetooth, you may also use Bluetooth to link the device to your Mac.

Is this compatible with Ovulus Quest 2?

No, the G715 only works with the devices listed below. USB port for LIGHTSPEED Wireless. Compatible with Mac and PC. Bluetooth: Equipment that supports Bluetooth.

The keyboard is rather loud.

Compared to the majority of mechanical keyboards, it is not at all noisy. I’ve never had someone claim they could hear it on my microphone or when I was on call, but it still has a pleasant click.

Is it possible to convert RGB to any hue you like?

Yes, you can change the LIGHTSYNC settings on the G713 because it has perimeter and RGB lighting for each key. To modify the keyboard, download and install the most recent version of the Logitech G Hub.

Can I use my own cable instead of this one?

Please be aware that while you are free to use any compatible cable, we strongly advise using the original cable that came with the item.

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