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Top 15 Best Electronic Drum Sets under 500 in 2023

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Best Electronic Drum Sets under 500

  1. Behringer XD80USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set
  2. Donner DED-200 PRO Electronic Drum kit
  3. Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit
  4. Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set
  5. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit
  6. ddrum DD Beta XP Electronic Drum Kit
  7. Ludwig LC178X025 Questlove Pocket Kit 4-Piece Drum Set
  8. Mendini By Cecilio MJDS-5-BL Kids Drum Set
  9. Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit
  10. Alesis Drums Debut Kit
  11. Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Junior Drum Set
  12. Gammon Percussion 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit
  13. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit
  14. Pyle PTED01 Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set
  15. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Behringer XD80USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set


A professional-grade kick pedal with trigger pad, a dual-zone snare for normal head and rim play, three 8″ dual-zone pads, three 12″ dual-zone cymbals, and a three-position hi-hat control pedal are all included in the 8-piece electronic drum set called the XD80USB (open, half-open, closed). The included drum rack is simple to put up and includes all necessary mounting hardware. In addition, the multi-pin connector makes it easy to connect all of your pads to the outstanding HDS240USB sound module. The creativity will be quickly freed every time you sit down at your XD80USB thanks to the 175 sounds and 15 drum sets available!

Because we are aware of how much you like playing, we created the XD80USB drum kit for a quick and simple tool-free setup. It’s as easy as taking the kit out of the box, setting the drum and cymbal pads how you like them, and plugging everything in. Additionally, the XD80USB has music tracks pre-loaded in a range of genres so you may hone your abilities or, if you’re just starting out, learn to play genuine music. You may also play along with your favorite mp3s or practice tracks thanks to the Aux Input. Afterward, simply fold the kit up and tuck it away behind the sofa or under the bed when you are done with it. Your partner will now continue to respect you in the morning!

Donner DED-200 PRO Electronic Drum kit


The French DREAM chip’s software algorithm and processing power greatly restore the dynamic sound of each Donner DED-200 PRO drum set. The 6-layer velocity stacking accurately triggers each tone, coming closer to the performance of an acoustic drum. Enjoy every note with the help of 30 preset drum kits with 450 built-in sounds and 31 drum kits that span all musical genres. They were sampled from the acoustics of vintage instruments. You won’t miss a sound thanks to the improved triggering technology in the 8″ snare (dual trigger) and 8″ (single trigger) tom mesh head pads and the exact hitting area on the head and rim. Giving back The high-density double-layer mesh construction significantly increases strike force feedback while ensuring service life. The 4-layer force triggering can be satisfied by the high-sensitivity sensor.

The 10″ Crash and 10″ Hihat both incorporate accurate location knock sensors. Crash offers to block zones as well as dual triggering for the cymbal’s edge and surface. There are edges and blocking locations on the 10″ Ride. Every cymbal has a solid support system that prevents shaking, eliminates unnecessary vibrations, and provides more precise striking feedback. The product has a longer lifespan because it is made of the most recent environmentally safe silicone substance. When you activate the 50-group etude feature, the host will have a prompt for each drum piece button, making your practice more engaging. Each drum is outfitted with buttons. The primary unit contains a recording feature that allows you to capture the exact moment of your performance and store it for later playback or replay.

Your every stroke’s precision can be recorded by the 3-group coaching feature, and the scoring system at the conclusion of practice will show you where you had difficulties. You may increase the DED-200 to 5 drums and 4 cymbals, giving you the flexibility to mix more drum kits to fit your needs and preferences. As a tool for your music production, DAW software can be connected via the USB MIDI interface. You can also record your music creation using the sound card’s audio output. Your needs for practice, modest recordings, and performances can be satisfied by the DED-200.

Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit


The DTX402 series was developed to give novice drummers a fun, engaging experience as they swiftly develop their talents. Its upgraded pads and quiet design make it playable and pleasurable to practice on. Ten kits, ten songs, and ten training functions covering well-known musical genres are included in the DTX402 series. Each kit comes with 287 top-notch drums and percussion sounds that may be customized. The onboard training features are an excellent method to assess and develop your drumming. Whether you’re altering kits, practicing, or testing your skills, the free DTX402 Touch app makes it simple for you to interact with the module. Likewise, the free Rec’n’Share app lets you listen to your favorite music while taking high-quality audio and video recordings with your phone or tablet.

Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set


Because they are the greatest, Roland’s V-Drums are the most widely used electronic drums in the world. Each kit in the V-Drums portfolio performs at the top level, a monument to more than three decades of creating electronic drums. They combine exceptional sound, an authentic feel, and tough durability. The little TD-1K is no exception; it offers reputable V-Drums quality in a kit that saves room and grows with you as your playing does.

The TD-1K drum set is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy playing drums at home. It features a variety of expressive drum kits for performing any musical style, as well as entertaining onboard training and recording options for improving your skills and monitoring your progress. A Roland TD-1K owner also joins the V-Drums family, an exclusive group of musicians that comprises some of the best drummers and percussionists in the world, in addition to embarking on an exciting musical journey.

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit


For an immersive, expressive drumming experience, feel and the natural response is essential, as they are known as Alesis Drums. Introducing the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit, a new all-mesh kit from Alesis that provides the most realistic playing experience that contemporary drummers are looking for. The Nitro Mesh Kit is an eight-piece electronic drum set with a complete mesh head drum set from Alesis. Mesh’s heads are the preferred choice of electronic drummers for their natural feel and ultra-quiet response, making them perfect for late-night practice sessions and privately honing your drumming skills. Don’t settle for less than the best; instead, use Alesis drums to experience the new benchmark in electronic drumming. Electronic drums’ convenience and a classic acoustic set’s responsiveness are combined.

An 8-inch dual-zone mesh snare drum, three 8-inch mesh toms, three 10-inch cymbals, specially made Alesis hi-hat and kick pedals, and a sturdy four-post aluminum rack is all included in the Nitro Mesh Kit. fresh out of the box For quick, painless setup, all the necessary wiring, a power source, and a drum key are included; we even throw in a set of drumsticks. Alesis Drums’ Nitro Kit has a fundamental sound set that is ready for any genre you throw at it; it’s not just about the feel. We provide you with everything you need to boost your performance with 385 drums and cymbal sounds that have been skillfully arranged into a selection of 40 ready-to-play sets. Lock down the groove and perfect that crucial drum fill with the Nitro Mesh Kit’s powerful practice-centric features.

Nitro Mesh Kit is the perfect tool to get the most out of your performance because it has 60 built-in play-along tracks, a sequencer, a metronome, and a performance recorder. Whatever you prefer, the Nitro Mesh Kit has you covered. Turn up the volume or practice quietly. With a stereo 14 Inch TRS output, a 1/8 Inch aux input, and a 1/8 Inch headphone output, hassle-free rehearsing, practicing, and recording sessions are made a snap. Gain control over your studio, document your creation and explore the world of virtual instruments. Transmit MIDI data directly to a computer and connect your synthesizer, drum machines, and more using Nitro Mesh’s USB-MIDI and MIDI In/Out ports for more performance potential.

ddrum DD Beta XP Electronic Drum Kit


Drum sets are a significant investment, as we at Ddrum are aware. Given that certain electronic kits can cost thousands of dollars, we created the DDBETA XP to be strong and reliable without costing clients an arm and a leg. Drummers who have evolved past the basics should use the DDBETA XP. The DDBETA XP is the ideal affordable electric drum set for players who are ready for a full drumming experience. It includes a continuous hi-hat that realistically simulates full open, full closed, half open, and feet slash options, a bass pedal with a pad to replicate realistic bass drum contact, a dual-zone snare, and up to 170 total sounds.

The DDBETA XP not only has built-in playback and recording capabilities, but it can also be connected to a PC, Mac, or DAW (digital audio workstation) via the MIDI out or micro USB connection. Despite its variety of functions, the DDBETA XP was designed to be both small and controllable and silent as well, thanks to the volume control that was added. Small and congested spaces like homes, flats, and college dorms are ideal for it. Even better, the rack folds up for easy storage and transportation. Ddrum beta drum kit audio practice mac, affordable travel, portable home use, electronic, beginner players, a new concert.

Ludwig LC178X025 Questlove Pocket Kit 4-Piece Drum Set


The compact Ludwig Pocket Kit by Questlove was created to address the demands of beginning drummers and is suitable for children ages 4 to 10. The 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch tom, 13-inch floor tom, 12-inch snare drum, foot pedal, hi-hat stand, cymbal arm, snare stand, drum sticks, drum key, hi-hat and crash/ride cymbals, and crash/ride cymbal are all included in this kit. Additionally, there is a 6-part lesson plan with Questlove that is only available online.

Mendini By Cecilio MJDS-5-BL Kids Drum Set


The 5-piece MJDS-5-BL Junior Drum Set by Mendini by Cecilia with Cymbals is an “all-in-one” fully functional drum set made especially for beginning drummers. You have everything you need in this bundle to set up and start playing right away. The child drummer who wants the most authentic experience but might be too small for a full-size drum set will find it to be the ideal present. Purchase with assurance because it includes a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer’s flaws.

Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit


The DD-65, which was created with a drummer in mind, has eight touch-sensitive pads, two drum pedals, and an AUX IN jack for connecting your favorite MP3 player. The move to more professional and adaptable digital drumming equipment is marked by the drummer-friendly and fashionable design of the Yamaha DD-65 drum machine. You can load MIDI tunes from the internet into the internal Flash ROM memory and play along by connecting an MP3 player to the aux-in jack on the device.

The Yamaha DD-65’s thunderous pounding is created using stereo-sampled voices, a wide range of percussion sounds from around the globe, a bass boost speaker system, and digital stereo processing. The drum machine’s control panel has simple-to-use, intuitive functionality. Choose the Hand Percussion option, for instance, and the computerized drum set instantly changes to percussion voices like congas and bongos. The robust qualities of this drum machine make it no toy. operates with a Yamaha PA150 or PA5D power adapter or six “C”-size batteries.

Alesis Drums Debut Kit


The Debut Kit by Alesis is a complete electronic drum kit for youngsters that comes with everything you need to start playing drums right away. The drums themselves are the first thing to mention. They are four 6″ adjustable mesh-head drums that feel amazing without making any of the noise that rubber e-drum pads do, and they were all designed to be the finest possible starting place for the budding junior drummer in your life. The three electric drum set cymbals that come with the kit each have a huge 10″ playing surface, making them ideal for beginning drummers who don’t want to miss a beat.

Responsive foot pedals that can be stored conveniently with the rest of the Debut kit operate the Kick drum and Hi-Hat. The best electric drum kit for kids comes with everything you need to begin started in an exciting and fascinating world of drums, including an adjustable drum stool and headphones. Did we mention that there are also drumsticks included?

Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Junior Drum Set


The Ashthorpe has a 16″ x 11″ bass drum, 12″ x 10″ floor tom, 10″ x 6″ and 8″ x 6″ mounted toms, 10″ x 5″ snare, 8″ hi-hat cymbals, 10″ crash/ride cymbal, all stands, padded stool, drumsticks, hardware, pedals, and drum adjustment key are all included in this complete starter drum set, making it ideal for budding young musicians aged 3 Genuine Poplar hardwood shells, triple-flanged hoops, and improved brass cymbals, among other materials of the finest caliber used in the construction of this deluxe set, were chosen for their capacity to enhance frequency response and resonance for the best possible acoustic effect.

This tiny drum kit provides a comprehensive learning environment. This well-made set was carefully crafted to handle passionate young drummers while preserving long-lasting performance. Each Ashthorpe set has a premium, all-chrome hardware, and accents and is available in a variety of finishes to fit any preference. Easy-to-follow, comprehensive instructions ensure a hassle-free setup.

Gammon Percussion 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit


A smaller version of an actual complete drum kit! Gammon’s 5-Piece Full-Size Junior Drum Set comes with all 5 drums (a bass drum, a snare drum, two mounted toms and a floor tom), cymbals, stands, stools, sticks, hardware, pedals, and a drum key. This junior drum set is the ideal method for any young drummer to begin because it comes with everything you need to start playing right away. This junior drum set’s polished appearance is completed by genuine hardwood shells with a high gloss finish, black rims, premium batter heads, and chrome accents. Some assembly is necessary. The drum key, the necessary hardware, and clear instructions are all provided.

Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit


To imitate the whole drumset sound with tom-toms, hi-hat, snare, crash, and ride cymbals, this electronic drum kit contains 7 drum pads, a hi-hat, and kicks bass drum digital pedal controller, and is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Along with 300 additional cymbal or drum sounds, the Pyle portable electric tabletop drum set machine is supplied with 55 preset plus 10 unique preloaded drum kits. It also offers a drum trainer learning mode for beginners/starters. With the drum’s digital top panel control center’s LCD screen and a wealth of audio configuration options at your disposal, you can compose, record, and edit some incredibly distinctive and individualized music.

Use a USB cable to connect the Pyle PRO table drum to your computer so it can serve as a MIDI Connection for your preferred desktop application. Additionally, it contains a phone out jack for attaching amplifiers or headphones and an AUX in jack for connecting other devices. This portable drum kit comes with drumsticks that are ideal for practicing drumming, and it is powered by the provided AC converter or you can go wireless and operate it on (6) x “C” batteries.

Pyle PTED01 Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set


PTED01 Tabletop Digital Drum Machine Kit by PylePro Top of Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit with 7 Pads Aspects of the system LED Control Screen USB & Headphone Outputs DC Power, Kick, and Hi-Hat Inputs MIDI In/Out and USB Port in One Port 7 Drum Pads that Respond to Touch Multiple Voice Metronome Systems 128 GM Voices & 215 Percussion Voices 5 user drum kits and 25 preset drum kits the following measurements: 19.65″ (L) x 14.5″ (W) x 6.2″ (D) This all-in-one electronic tabletop drum kit is amazing. It’s incredibly adjustable, light, and portable, making it the ideal desktop set for the drummer who is constantly on the move. Touch sensitivity is included in each of the seven pads to provide precise responses. Use one of the 25 built-in presets or select from 215 distinct percussion voices to construct and store your own kit.

Use the built-in speakers or your own headphones to immerse yourself in percussion-heavy beats. Additionally, this set includes two pedals so you may experience the authentic feel of a kick drum and a hi-hat pedal. By using the USB cord to connect this device to your computer, you may use it as a MIDI controller for your preferred computer software, adding even more flexibility. The pre-installed tunes can also be played along with. This kit has a metronome and reverb effect built in. It is powered by the supplied AC adaptor or batteries. You’ll quickly master beat-making with the PTED01.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set


A pair of drumsticks that may be used to play the four different electronic drums are included with this VTech KidiBeats Kids drum kit for children. Your child can play along to nine pre-programmed songs in a variety of musical genres or drum freestyle. As they learn about letters and numbers, they can also follow the lights on the drums for a more structured form of play. Your child will enjoy learning the music thanks to the four different methods to play and the amusing sounds included. consists of two drumsticks.

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