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Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds complete review

86 / 100

Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds

Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-imgBose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds


Brand Bose
Model Name QuietComfort Earbuds
Color Black
Form Factor In-Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Bluetooth 5.1
Water Resistance Rating IPX4
Battery life Up to 6 hours
Battery life w/ charging case Up to 18 hours
Charging Case Qi-certified charging case
Product Dimensions 1.99 x 3.42 x 1.34 inches
Item Weight 0.317 ounces
Item model number 831262-0010
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Better quiet leads to better sound. Bose, therefore, designed QuietComfort Earbuds with the best noise cancellation and audio quality available. Because music and passion both increase when distractions are removed. Baking. Coding. climbing rocks. In addition to everything else that defines you. With our adjustable noise cancellation, you may block out distractions as necessary or fully let in your environment. It feels and sounds like you are not wearing any earphones at all. Better yet? Additionally, these completely wireless earbuds have a Level-optimized Active EQ for high-fidelity music that sounds balanced and rich at any volume. Every part of these cozy earphones that comes into contact with your ear is constructed of soft silicone, making them pleasant to use all day.

These truly wireless earbuds use a capacitive touch interface in place of buttons. Similar to how you would with your phone, you may tap and push the surface to manage your content. Additionally, your music, podcast, or movie will immediately halt the moment you remove a wireless earbud from your ear to ensure you don’t miss a beat. Additionally, they are IPX-4 certified so that rain, perspiration, and other elements won’t interfere with your music. With iOS and Android compatibility and Bluetooth 5.1 optimization, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ensure a strong and dependable wireless connection for as long as you’re within 30 feet of your associated device.

You can anticipate up to six hours of playback time from a single charge, and the wireless charging case adds another 12 hours to your listening time. The charging case is compatible with any Qi-certified wireless charging pad for your convenience (not included). You may choose between the colors Triple Black and Soapstone for the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. You won’t ever need to take these off because they are strong but little.

What’s in the box



  1. On your mobile device, download the Bose Music app.
    NOTE: If you’re located in mainland China, download the Bose8 app. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-2
  2. Follow the app instructions.


In the Bose Music app, go to the My Products screen and add your Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

The earbuds are rated IPX4 water resistant. They are designed to be sweat and weather resistant but aren’t meant to be submerged underwater.


  • Do NOT swim or shower with the earbuds.
  • Do NOT submerge the earbuds.


  1. Insert the earbud so the eartip gently rests at the opening of your ear canal.
    NOTE: Each eartip is marked with either an L (left) or an R (right). Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-3
  2. Slightly rotate the earbud back until the eartip creates a comfortable seal at your ear canal.
    NOTE: Rotating the earbud too far back (or forward) may impact audio and microphone sound quality.
  3. Tuck the top of the eartip wing under your ear ridge. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-4
  4. Check the fit.
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 to insert the other earbud.


  1. Holding the earbud, gently stretch the eartip base and peel it away from the earbud. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-5
  2. Choose a new eartip size.
  3. Align the earbud nozzle with the back of the eartip, and slide the earbud nozzle onto the eartip. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-6
  4. Gently stretch the eartip base around the nozzle, and press down until the eartip clicks securely into place. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-7
  5. Insert the earbuds.
  6. Check the fit.


Press the button on the front of the charging case.


When the charging case opens, the earbuds power on. The earbud status lights and charging case status lights glow.


NOTE: When you remove the earbuds from the charging case, close the case to help preserve the battery life and keep the case free of debris.


  1. Place both earbuds in the charging case. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-10 The earbud status lights glow according to the charging status.
  2. Close the case.
    The earbuds power off.


Standby conserves the earbud battery when the earbuds are out of the case and not in use. The earbuds switch to Standby when you remove both earbuds from your ears for 20 minutes.
To wake the earbuds, insert both earbuds in your ears.
Use touch control by tapping or swiping the touch surface of the earbuds. With touch control, you can play/pause audio, change the volume (if enabled), perform basic call functions, access mobile device voice control, adjust noise cancellation, and use a Shortcut.


The touch surface is located on the outer surface of each earbud. The right earbud controls media playback, volume, phone calls, and mobile device voice control. The left earbud controls noise cancellation and your Shortcut.



  • Play/Pause: Double-tap the right earbud.
  • Increase the volume: Swipe up on the right earbud.
  • Decrease the volume: Swipe down on the right earbud.


  • Answer/End a call: Double-tap the right earbud.
  • Decline a call: Touch and hold the right earbud.


You can access your mobile device’s voice control using earbuds. The microphone on the right earbud acts as an extension of the microphone in your mobile device.

  • Access mobile device voice control: Touch and hold the right earbud until you hear a tone. Release, then say your request.
  • Stop mobile device voice control: Double-tap the right earbud.

In-ear detection uses sensors to identify when you’re wearing the earbuds. You can automatically play/pause audio, answer phone calls (if enabled), and adjust noise cancellation by inserting or removing an earbud.

NOTE: To disable in-ear detection features, use the Bose Music app. You can access these options from the Settings menu.


When you remove an earbud, audio pauses on both earbuds.
To resume audio, reinsert the earbud.


You can answer phone calls by inserting the right earbud.
NOTE: To enable this feature, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.


When you remove an earbud, the noise-canceling level adjusts to full transparency on the other earbud.
To adjust the other earbud to its previous noise-canceling level, reinsert the earbud.
Noise cancellation reduces unwanted noise, providing a clearer, more lifelike audio performance. Each time you power on the earbuds, noise cancellation is fully enabled at the highest level.
NOTE: To use the last set noise canceling level when powering on, use the Bose


Clear away noisy distractions without audio. Focus on what matters most — your work or whatever your passion.

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button l in the charging case until you hear “Bluetooth off.”
  2. Double-tap the left earbud to set your preferred noise-canceling level


A Shortcut enables you to quickly and easily access one of the following functions:

  • Check the earbud battery level.
  • Skip a track.

Set a Shortcut

To set a Shortcut, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.

Use your Shortcut

To use your Shortcut, touch and hold the left earbud.

Remove or change your Shortcut

To remove or change your Shortcut, use the Bose Music app. You can access this option from the Settings menu.


  1. Align the charging contacts on the left earbud with the charging pins on the left side of the charging case. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-12
  2. Place the earbud in the charging case until it magnetically snaps into place. The earbud status light glows according to the charging status. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-13
  3. Repeat steps 1 – 2 for the right earbud.
  4. Close the charging case.
    NOTE: If the case is also charging, it can remain open.


CAUTION: Use this product only with an agency-approved power supply that meets local regulatory requirements (e.g., UL, CSA, VDE, CCC).

  1. With the charging case closed, connect the small end of the USB cable to the USB-C port. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-14
  2. Connect the other end to a USB-A wall charger (not provided). The charging case status lights glow.
    • If the earbuds are in the case, the case can remain open.
    • Before charging, be sure the case is at room temperature, between 46° F (8° C) and 102° F (39° C).


  • You can use a Qi-compatible third-party wireless charger (not provided) to charge the case.
  • Place the charging case in the center of your wireless charger.
  • The charging case status lights glow.

NOTE: For more information, refer to your wireless charger owner’s guide.


You can store up to seven devices in the earbud device list. You can connect and play audio from only one device at a time.
NOTE: For the best experience, use the Bose Music app to set up and connect your mobile device

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button in the charging case until you hear “Ready to connect.” Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-15 NOTE: If you’re not wearing the earbuds, press and hold the Bluetooth button in the charging case until the earbud status lights slowly pulse blue.
  2. On your device, enable the Bluetooth feature.
    NOTE: The Bluetooth feature is usually found in the Settings menu.
  3. Select the earbuds from the device list.
    NOTE: Look for the name you entered for your earbuds in the Bose Music app. If you didn’t name your earbuds, the default name appears. Bose-QuietComfort-Noise-Canceling-Earbuds-img-16 Once connected, you hear “Connected to <mobile device name>.” The earbuds name appears in the mobile device list.
    NOTE: If you’re not wearing the earbuds, the status lights glow solid blue.


Use the Bose Music app to disconnect your mobile device.
TIP: You can also use Bluetooth settings to disconnect your device. Disabling the Bluetooth feature disconnects all other devices.


When powered on, the earbuds try to connect with the most recently-connected device.


  • The device must be within range (30 ft or 9 m) and powered on.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth feature is enabled on your mobile device.


  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button l in the charging case until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared.”
    NOTE: If you’re not wearing the earbuds, press and hold the Bluetooth button in the charging case for 10 seconds. The earbud status lights slowly pulse blue.
  2. Delete the earbuds from the Bluetooth list on your device.
    All devices are cleared, and the earbuds are ready to connect.


When you’re not using the earbuds, store them in the charging case. Close the charging case to help preserve battery life and keep the charging case free of debris.
When storing the earbuds for an extended period of time (more than 4 weeks), make sure they are stored at room temperature and the charging case battery level is greater than 40%.


Can I use a single earbud at once? Or is the left earbud capable of functioning on its own?

Only the right earbud will function by itself. The left earbud cannot do this since it uses the right earpiece to connect to your smartphone.

Does the multipoint connectivity feature of the Bose QuietComfort earphones work? (Ability to maintain connections to two devices and switch between them automatically)

No. The pairing list for the Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds may hold up to seven stored devices, however, only one device can be connected at once.

Use the USB-c? I find it surprising that these lack multi-point support. Is there a way to add it later?

A charging case is used to recharge the earphones themselves. The charging case is compatible with wireless charging and USB-C.

Will audio from phone calls play via both ears, like in sports, or only the right ear?

When the sport bose got moist from sweat, it merely started flashing white light on the left earphone, which eventually snapped. This one has me scratching my head.

They eliminated the “find my buds” option, which is a significant degradation; I wish these had it.

Despite having one of the biggest cases among earphones of a similar size, they are nonetheless easily misplaced. This function is available on Apple earphones. Bose, why not you? c’mon. Please assist us to keep our $200 buds.

Can anyone who has tested these headphones tell me whether the delay on the video is typical or significant?

While watching movies on Amazon Prime, Disney+, and YouTube, I noticed no lag.

Can they be used as hearing protection when working with heavy machinery?

No, you run the danger of breaking both the earphones and your own ears. When I used to work on a ship and was wearing AirPods pros, I learned this the hard way when passing past the engine room.

When I modify the fit of my right earbud during a conversation, I have problems avoiding accidentally terminating calls. Has anyone discovered a way to prevent this?

I too have experienced this. When on a call, try to avoid contacting the flat section of the right earbud; if this is not possible, gently adjust the fit by grasping the earbud’s edges.

Can noise canceling be turned off when not required? If so, does the battery life increase?

The noise cancellation may be turned off by double-tapping the left earbud. What effect that will have on battery life is unknown to me.

How long is warranty?

The length of the warranty depends entirely on where you purchase them. It will be 12 months from Bose in December 2021. You can purchase extra extended warranties. However, certain retailers, like those where you can purchase 5-gallon buckets of mayonnaise and receive a tonne of free samples, sell identical earbuds for the same price and include a 3-year guarantee from Bose.

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