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How to Use the Fujifilm Instax 8-Complete Guide for You

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How to Use the Fujifilm Instax 8

What is an instant camera? The Camera that is capable of taking and printing pictures at the same time is called an instant camera. There are many brands that produce instant cameras but in the early 1980s. Since its entry into the instant camera market, Fujifilm has maintained its product line. And is the most well-known among all.

Even Polaroid cameras, sometimes referred to as Instant Cameras, are making a comeback, you might think of them as retro gadgets from the 1970s. In the last few years, numerous manufacturers have introduced an increasing number of instant cameras to the market, and both youngsters and adults are once again using these cameras.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is one of the most successful Polaroid/instant cameras and is highly well-liked by children. It is a straightforward, simple-to-use point-and-shoot camera that captures instantaneous images and develops them like the good, old Polaroid cameras. If either you or your child currently owns an Instax Mini 8, you should know how to use the Fujifilm Instax 8.How-to-Use-the-Fujifilm-Instax-8-1

Let’s talk about the simple steps to take pictures with Fujifilm Instax 8:

  1. Firstly, you have to insert the batteries
  2. Reload the film pack
  3. Turn on the camera by pressing the power button.
  4. Eject the film cover by pressing the Shutter button.
  5. To determine the brightness, point the lens at the center of your subject.
  6. Set the dial to the desired camera setting (The corresponding lamp will come on.)
  7. To capture the picture, press the shutter.
  8. Wait for the film to automatically eject before removing it with care from the film slot.
  9. Wait for the film to develop while you place it on a flat surface. Avoid shaking the film.

Important Tips about Instax 8

As we told you above Instax 8 is a very easy-to-use camera. But if you are asking why and how the picture can be bright/ dark as per your Demond. Here are some of the important key points for you to take pictures in dark or bright environments.


In the instant mini 8 flash setting, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the flash always fires. If you are taking pictures indoors you will notice the flash will work automatically. Like other cameras, the flash cannot turn off, Consider this when taking indoor images, and in particular, avoid taking pictures of windows or other reflective surfaces. It will reflect back and lower the quality of the picture.How-to-Use-the-Fujifilm-Instax-8-2


The camera doesn’t have autofocus and has a 60 mm f/12.7 lens. As a result, the manufacturer recommends shooting from a distance of 3 feet and up. However, in my experience, items farther than 20 feet from the camera won’t be as colorful. Practically speaking, the suggested shooting range is 3 to 20 feet. Additionally, keep in mind that the flash’s maximum effective range is 9 feet. As a result, images of objects that are farther away than you snap indoors will be dark.How-to-Use-the-Fujifilm-Instax-8-3

Film Handling

Allow enough time for the film to process and dry. Make sure your child and you have the patience to wait until the picture is finished. Picture quality is significantly impacted by drying time. Turn the image upside down and let it be alone, or keep it covered with paper. Till the image has been fully processed, avoid touching it with your fingers or allowing your child to do so. Doing so could degrade the image’s quality. Click here to learn more about the Instax film’s cost, handling, and other characteristics.How-to-Use-the-Fujifilm-Instax-8-4

Sensing and Setting for Exposure

This is probably the most crucial tip in this How to Use the Instax Mini 8 guide because it has a significant impact on the images’ quality and, consequently, your satisfaction and that of your children. Read it carefully to learn how to prevent your Instax Mini 8 photos from being either too bright or too dark.

Two of the three primary elements that affect the quality of the picture are exposure and shutter speed. The exposure basically refers to how much light enters the lens and strikes the film. The picture is brighter the more light there is. The shutter speed determines how long it will take for the shutter to open, allowing light to enter the camera and strike the film. The picture is brighter the longer the speed. Most modern cameras, especially professional ones, contain a computerized system that automatically sets both values (professional cameras also have a manual mode that lets the photographer set the parameters as he wishes).

After knowing all the facts and figures you and your kid can make the exposure according to your desire. So, let’s review what are the option:

  • Cloudy, Shade – F16
  • Sunny and bright – F32
  • Sunny, Slightly Cloudy – F22
  • Indoors, Night – F12.7

Check the Camera

The final suggestion is a general one that will allow you and your child to experiment with the camera as you put the previous advice into practice. Since most of us are no longer used to basic, analog point-and-shoot film cameras, the Fujifilm Instax Mini8 is one of those. The price of each photo is another thing we are not used to today. You cannot edit, amend, or just delete a photo. All of this highlights the advantages your child can get from trying it and learning how to use the flash, distance, and exposure setting correctly.

Once you and your child are familiar with how to use it properly, you will both feel much more at ease using it frequently and, most importantly, enjoying it.

How to Use the Fujifilm Instax 8-FAQs

What do the Instax Mini 8 settings mean?

Depending on the lighting conditions, your Instax Mini 8 or Instax Mini 9 camera can automatically select from any of the 5 various brightness and aperture settings: Sunny (f/22), Cloudy (f/16), Indoors (f/12.7), Very Sunny (f/32), and High Key

Why are the pictures on my Instax Mini 8 white?

This typically happens after the film has been loaded into the camera or printer and the film door has been opened. The instant film should only be exposed to light when a picture is taken because it is light-sensitive.

Why are my Instax pictures shaky?

Extended Shutter Speed. The shutter will stay open for a longer period of time to create a more even exposure if you are shooting inside or in dim light without a flash. If the subject or your hands move while the picture is being taken, the picture will be fuzzy. Always use a flash when taking pictures inside.

Is the Instax Mini 8 a good investment?

It is occasionally purchased by couples to be used at weddings so that they can create enduring memories there. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a fun, lightweight, and convenient camera. It is also reasonably priced. Additionally, it does not call for any specialized gear or prior photography expertise.

Why do my Polaroids have a white tint?

Nothing is more upsetting for an Instax user than waiting for a picture to develop only to find that it is entirely white. When this occurs, the photograph has nearly always been overexposed. When the film is exposed to too much light, overexposure results.

Why do my Fujifilm photos have a dark appearance?

When taking your picture, make sure nothing is blocking the camera’s front light sensor, flash, lens, or film ejection slot. Verify that the camera’s brightness adjustment dial is adjusted to the appropriate level for the light around you and that it is not too bright (such as looking directly at the sun)

How long does it take for Instax photos to develop?

about 90 seconds. Depending on the surrounding temperature, the length of time it takes for an Instax print to develop can vary, although the documentation for the device estimates that the typical development time is about 90 seconds. It appears to develop more slowly in lower temperatures, according to our experience.

How can I improve the appearance of my Polaroid photos?

If you’re planning a long day in the sun, keep your film cool until you’re ready to shoot (we prefer to use a cooler bag with a few ice packs inside), and keep your photos face-down away from any bright sunshine or warm rays as they develop. Polaroid photographs develop best between 55-82 °F (13-28 °C).

What does the Instax Mini 8’s high key function?

For everyone who enjoys taking pictures, the Instax Mini 8 and Mini 8+ are excellent instant cameras. The Hi Key option, which enables you to capture vivid photographs with softer shadows for a dreamlike appearance, is one of its best features.

Can Instax film be used again?

Yes, you can recycle. Two cameras and two packets of 10-sheet black-and-white film are included in each kit.

How to Use the Fujifilm Instax 8-Conclusion

We think now you are clear with the statement that how to Use the Fujifilm Instax 8. We have discussed each and every point very briefly to help you out and make the use easy for you. We hope you enjoy capturing your favorite moments and creating memories for you and your family and friends.

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