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How to Mount Action Camera on Helmet-Comprehensible Steps For You

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Mount Action Camera on Helmet

Love cycling? Love shooting? Wish to do them together? No need to worry as this article will explain a detailed method of mounting action camera to a helmet.

An action camera in combination with the helmet can be used for shooting while cycling or riding a motorbike. A helmet mount will be required for this purpose. It can usually fit any type of helmet such as motorcycle helmet, skiing helmet, bicycle helmet and more.

A helmet mount will provide the perfect hands-free shooting experience with GoPro cameras. Many of the riders mount their action cameras on the handlebars of the motorcycles, but this isn’t recommended as it is not only dangerous for the camera, it will also give rise to issues like jittering.

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Mounting the action camera to the helmet using a helmet mount is one of the most recommended methods for shooting the perfect videos. But the question is how to mount action camera on helmet?

Before diving in to the mounting method let’s take a quick look at what are helmet mount

What are Helmet Mounts?

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Helmet mounts are simple devices that allow you to mount your action camera on the helmet. You can find a wide variety of helmet mounts in the market including chin helmet mounts, bicycle helmet mounts, and skiing helmet mounts.

Helmet mounts are the best way to shoot the best videos with action cameras and there are many methods that can be used for mounting the action camera on the helmet using these mounts.

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Different methods to mount Action Camera on the helmet

There are various methods of mounting action cameras on helmet. It is simple to choose the type of mount perfect for your needs. The different types will basically provide a different recording frame like sideways, or from the top of the helmet.

Top Helmet Mount

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One of the most common places to record videos using the action camera is at the top of the helmet. For this you will require a top helmet mount strap. This accessory can allow you to record videos while skating, paddling, climbing, biking, etc. This mount will allow you to record videos from different angles while carrying out your outdoor activities. One of the most popular helmet mounts is the GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount. Such mounting type will allow you to record from a wide range.

How to attach top helmet mount

You can follow a few steps to mount the helmet mount strap on to your helmet. This is one of the most common methods of placing the helmet mount.

  1. Find some vents for the straps of the helmet mount to pass through.
  2. Place the helmet mount at the middle of the top shell of the helmet. Make sure the helmet is placed at the center of the helmet to get the perfect recording.
  3. Hold the mount in the center and pass the straps through the vents and bring them close to the center again.

Make sure that the straps are holding the camera tightly in place and aren’t loose. If the straps are loose and the camera is shaky, it will not only decrease the quality of video but there will also be a chance of damaging the camera.

This type of helmet mount has several advantages. It can be attached to most of the helmet types and the straps are adjustable making it easier to mount the camera on to the helmet.

Chin Helmet Mount

This is the second most common type of helmet mounts. The chin helmet mount type provides the best angle for recordings. It feels like the recording has been done at the angle of your eyes. Chin mounts are considered to be the most aerodynamic position to place the action cameras.

The action camera is made up of 4 joints and is connected using screws. These screws are adjusted in way so that the joints can be rotated. Each joint can be rotated to 180 degrees.

The recording from this position is considered at the most suitable FPV. The advantages of using this type of mount are that it is easy to use, offers wide compatibility, is easy to detach and transfer and is the best helmet mount for POV shots.

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How to attach chin helmet mount

In order to attach the chin helmet mound to the helmet, you will require curved adhesive mounts in addition to helmet and helmet mount.

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These adhesives are really powerful and keep the camera in place and stick it nicely to the helmet. They are simple to use.

  1. Place the adhesive at the center of the chin of helmet.
  2. Once placed properly, use the release buckle to slide the adhesive mount in it.
  3. The helmet mount comes with 2 extender bars. Put these bars in with the screws and place the action camera and tighten it properly.

Apart from the adhesives, you can also use the straps for placing the action camera at the chin of your helmet. You can easily place the action camera and tighten it using the straps.

Such type of arrangement is most suitable in cases when you want to use microphone with your action camera, as it is very close to the mouth.

Side Helmet Mount

Side mounting is another of the popular method of mounting the action camera to your helmet. It is done in order to have a unique angle of recording.

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This type of helmet mount is also known as a skiing helmet mount. It can give great videos to be posted on social media. This mounting type is suitable for when you don’t have a face helmet. Placing your camera in this position will give you a side view of the recording which means the recording will be at slightly offset angles.

Since this type of mounting is done on a skiing helmet, it is to be noted that the skiing helmet doesn’t have any straps and thus the amount will completely rely on adhesives.

How to attach Side Helmet Mount

Placing the action mount on the skiing helmet is very similar to placing the camera on the chin of the helmet.

You will require the skiing helmet, action camera and curved adhesive mounts. The adhesive mounts are very strong and will keep the camera in place without any issue.

  1. Place the camera on the helmet to know the proper place.
  2. Remove the camera and place the adhesive properly on the helmet.
  3. The adhesive has buckles on the side. Use these release buckles to slide them in to the adhesive mount.
  4. Place the camera and tighten the position properly.

Always remember to keep some extra safety accessories, in order to avoid the risk of the falling of the action camera.

What is the best position to Mount Action Camera on Helmet?

As discussed earlier, there are three positions to place the action camera on the helmet. But how to know which position is better?

It usually depends on user preference. However, our experts and most of other users have suggested that it is best to place an action camera at the top of the helmet mount. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this;

  • Firstly, you will get FPV (front person view) footage which is considered ideal. Since the helmet is placed at the center of the helmet, it is able to have a 360-degree recording and it can capture the entire view. The recording will be very similar to what you will be looking at.
  • It is considered to be one of the safest positions, as it doesn’t use adhesives. It uses straps for placing the action camera on the helmet. The chance of damage or falling off the camera is minimum. Additionally, this position of the camera will give you a smooth recording with minimum shaking and tilting.

How to fix a shaky recording

Recordings while skiing, biking, skating, or performing other outdoor activities are expected to be shaky. Even after choosing the right type of placement, you can still face this issue. But is there any method to fix the shaky recordings?

Yes, there are a few methods using which you can fix the shaky recordings and end up with a smooth professional like a recording.

The most common method is to use video stabilizer equipment. You can use this to stabilize your phone or camera when you are shooting videos.

The other method is to use a good video stabilizer software. You can find plenty of such software on the internet for free.

How to Mount Action Camera on Helmet-Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a camera on a helmet?
You can out a camera on the helmet using a number of methods like adhesive mounts or mounting strap. These type of mounting equipment is easy to find and are also easy and straightforward to use.

How do you mount a camera on top of a helmet?
The most common method of mounting a camera on the top of helmet is by using mounting straps. Simply place the camera at the center of top of helmet, pass the straps through the vents already present in the camera and tighten them using the slider. If your helmet doesn’t have vents, you can simply use an adhesive mount.

How do I attach my GoPro to my helmet?
You may get front-facing and self-portrait views by attaching the front-facing mount to the flat portion of the helmet. Simply secure the mount’s base to any portion of your helmet and wait 24 hours for it to take.

Is it illegal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?
Yes, it is legal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet without altering the shape of the helmet.

Where is the best place to mount a GoPro camera on your motorcycle?
The best place to mount a GoPro camera on is on the top front of the motorcycle. You can also mount the camera on the chin of the helmet.

How do you record while riding a motorcycle?
You can record videos using an action camera and a mounting strap or adhesive. Mount the action camera on the helmet at the top, side or chin position to record videos while riding on motorcycle.

How do you mount a GoPro to a modular helmet?
You can mount your action camera on the side of the modular helmet using mounting adhesives which can be found online easily.

What kind of camera do bikers use?
Bikers use action camera like GoPro to record videos while they are riding their bikes. This provides a FPV of recordings.

How to Mount Action Camera on Helmet-Conclusion

Recording the perfect video while riding a motorcycle can get a bit tricky. There are a number of methods for this. You will require an action camera with some helmet mount for this.

Choosing the right position for placing the camera mostly depends on personal preference and requirement. The only thing one should know perfectly is how to mount action camera on helmet.

You will find a number of methods for mounting action camera on helmet in this article which are simple to follow, but the most important thing is to make sure that the camera is firmly mounted to avoid any damage to it.

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