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Are GoPro Accessories Universal-GoPro Accessories Compatibility with other Brands

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Are GoPro Accessories Universal

GoPro is the king of action cameras. Action cameras allow you to capture moments with extreme portability from different angles and excellent footage. Apart from GoPro, there is a large variety of action cameras present in the market. If you own an action camera and haven’t really tested it in the wild, you are missing out on a lot.

Action Cameras like GoPro have a large variety of accessories available in the market which allow a wide range of possibilities. However, the real question is are GoPro accessories universal?

Most of the accessories of action cameras are compatible with one another and so is the case of GoPro. But how to know which are and which aren’t? and what to do if they aren’t? Don’t worry we have got it all covered here.


If you have an action camera and wondering which accessories fit it, then let’s take a look at this mount. If the accessory comes with the typical three-strand type mount to mount your GoPro or another action camera, then it is pretty much compatible with most of the action cameras present in the market.

Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (1)

This accessory is universal as it can fit all kinds of action cameras. These kind of accessories are compatible with all GoPros. However, there are a few exceptions which won’t fit this mount. There are other convertible accessories that will allow you to use these without any issue.

How to make GoPro mounts universal?

Some cameras may not allow you to use the GoPro accessories with all cameras. However, there is an additional accessory that will make the GoPro mounts universal.

The accessory that can make the GoPro mounts universal is a converter from GoPro mount to standard tripod mount which has a size of ¼-20”.

Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (2)

You can easily find such adapters on Amazon and they are pretty cheap as well. Such adapters will allow you to use GoPro accessories with other action cameras or the other way around.

Which accessories aren’t compatible with all action cameras?

Now that we have established which accessories are compatible, let’s take a look at the accessories that aren’t compatible, starting with action camera housing.

Action Camera Housing

All action cameras have somewhat unique design and size, this means their housing will be different as well. Most of the action cameras come with a case, but some don’t. The action camera housing allows you to protect it from external damages and scratches.

Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (3)

GoPro’s came with cases until Hero 5 but after that most of them started to have built-in housing. However, other cameras don’t come with a housing like Yi 4k. In such cases you will have to buy the housing separately. The GoPros housing have 2 types of cases. One is the case for GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3, Hero 3+ and the other is the frame case for GoPro Hero 5, Hero 6, Hero 7, Hero 8, and Hero 9. However, some of the GoPros like the GoPro Hero 8 don’t come with frame and don’t require one. This is because they come with a built-in case frame, which does the job excellently.

In short, the camera housings are uniquely designed depending on the size and design of your camera and thus you won’t find a universal sized casing for action cameras.

LCD Screen

If we go back a few years and look at the best action cameras back then, it is noticed that they lacked LCD screens like the GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero 4. This means that if you own one of these cameras, you will probably not have an LCD screen.Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (4)

If you wish to have an LCD screen, you can buy one of the action cameras that already comes with one, but if you already own a camera without LCD screen, then you can opt for buying an additional LCD screen to view your images and recordings.


Batteries a bit controversial topic. There is nothing to worry about but some batteries are universal while others aren’t. The battery of the action camera highly depends on the type of camera you bought. For instance, if you bought any model of GoPro, then be aware that its battery won’t be compatible with any of the other cameras. This is because the GoPro action cameras have their own battery that only works for GoPros.Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (5)

However, action cameras like GitUP, Akaso or SJCAM have universal type batteries. Their batteries can be used with other types of cameras. It is recommended to know the type of battery and then look for one, knowing that it will surely work with your action camera.Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (6)

Smartphone Apps

This has to be the most obvious non-universal compatible accessory of the action cameras. Each camera has its own smartphone app. This means one action camera app will not be compatible with the app of the other cameras.

Wi-Fi Remote

Wi-Fi remote, also known as smart remote is an accessory that allows the user to control action camera with a remote. This is perfect for vloggers and people who love to take selfies.

GoPro comes with its own smart remotes that aren’t compatible with other action cameras. They are specifically designed for the GoPro action cameras only.Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (7)


If you are a vlogger and looking for the perfect videos, with perfect quality and audio, for your audience, then it is wise to buy the best of microphones.

A good microphone will provide perfect audio with least noise. It is a great accessory to buy for your sports camera.Are-GoPro-Accessories-Universal (8)

Most of the action cameras present in the market are made for specific type of cameras only. Therefore, you have to be specific of the type of microphone you purchase for your camera.

The GoPro cameras are compatible with the Movo GM100 Lavalier Microphone which is made for GoPros only. They work perfectly with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero 3.


As said previously, action cameras have unique sizes and designs. This means not all filters will fit your action camera. When buying a filter for your camera, you will have to make sure that its size is compatible with your action camera.

Are GoPro Accessories Universal-Frequently Asked Questions

Do all GoPros use the same accessories?
Almost all GoPro mounts and supports come with a GoPro quick-release buckle adapter or a normal 3-prong GoPro mount. Therefore, the camera often needs a corresponding 2-prong interface or buckle. Although the cameras lack any of these features, their corresponding housings do.

Will Hero 7 accessories work with Hero 9?
Some will and some won’t. Most of the clip-on filters of Hero 7 or earlier will not work with Hero 9. This is because of the difference in design of the lens port.

Do old GoPro accessories work with hero 8?
The flip-down mount point is integrated into the base of the camera body of the HERO8 Black (at left). However, the conventional 3-prong GoPro-style attaching method is still in place. Therefore, the vast majority of accessories that rely on the mounting attachment point will function flawlessly with the HERO8 Black.

Are all action camera mounts the same?
No, all action camera mounts aren’t the same. This is because the size and design of the different action cameras is different, for instance the action cameras of Sony are differently designed that GoPros. You may be able to use the suction cup car mount having size of ¼” with either of the action cameras but you will not be to use the helmet side mount of size ¼”.

Is Hero 9 and 10 the same size?
Yes, the Hero 9 and Hero 10 action cameras of GoPro have the same diagonal size of 2.27 inches.

Are Hero 9 and Hero 10 batteries the same?
The Hero 9 and Hero 10 are the latest of the GoPro action cameras. These cameras have a lot of similarities in their design and features. They both have the same size and the same battery.

Do GoPro accessories fit all models?
Any accessory that has the three-piece mount (as seen in the image above) will work flawlessly with any action camera that includes a case with that mount. These kinds of attachments are compatible with all GoPro models and fit each one of them properly.

How do you record a video while riding a motorcycle?
You can record videos while riding a motorcycle using the action cameras. Simply mount the action camera on to your helmet and record your amazing experience.

Are GoPro Accessories Universal-Conclusion

This was the list of the accessories of GoPro action cameras that don’t have universal compatibility. However, as we have seen there are some exceptions and the compatibility of some accessories depend on certain factors, like their size and type.

GoPro cameras can be used to shoot anything and allow you to capture some of the most exciting moments of your life. But it is a well-known fact that accessories listed here will surely assist in better results. The main question when we talk about accessories is are GoPro accessories universal? And the simple answer to this is no most of them aren’t with a few exceptions only.

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