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Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful? Is it bad to wear a Smartwatch all the time

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Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful?

Smartwatches have risen to extreme popularity in the past few years. They have become the most common wearable technology. They feature advanced technology that is placed directly against the body on the wrist, therefore concerns regarding their effects on the health are raised. More and more people are starting to use them daily. So, today’s question is Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful?

Smartwatches are wireless devices that are worn on the wrist and feature a number of features like your smartphones. They have wireless connectivity with the internet as well as your mobile phones. These devices can perform a number of tasks like:

  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Notifications Alerts
  • Responding to text messages and emails
  • Reminders
  • Health monitoring

These are just a few of the features of these devices, but they offer much more. They are one of the handy devices which are becoming a household device. With all their benefits, the concern regarding the health effects caused by them is also considered and after detailed research and study, it has been seen that the smartwatch radiation isn’t harmful to the human body.
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How are radiations created?

“Phones emit radiation and cause cancer”. This is a sentence you must have surely heard in your life. This is because it is partially true. Devices that use wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, cellular connectivity, etc. emit radiations in order to transmit the data.

Since the smartwatches are wireless, this means they definitely emit radiations which are electromagnetic radiations. This is because wireless connections like Wi-Fi require electromagnetic radiation to send data. These radiations result in the creation of electromagnetic fields also known as EMF. The level of radiation emitted by the smartwatches must meet the FCC standards in order to be used by us safely. Another reason for the emission of the radiations is that the processors of the smartwatches operate at higher frequencies ranging up to a few GHz. This creates EMF within the smartwatches which makes them a constant source of radiation even when they are not being used.

Are the radiations harmful to the Human Body?

When buying or using the smartwatch, one gets worried about the harmful effects of placing this electronic device on your wrist for long periods of time. It is often asked, “is smartwatch radiation harmful?” Well, you don’t have to worry about it because these radiations aren’t harmful to the human body.

The effect of the radiation on the human body causing cancer depends on the wavelength of the radiation. If the wavelength of the radiation is low, meaning it has a high frequency, it will be harmful to the tissues of the human body. However, if the radiation’s wavelength is longer which means that the frequency is low, it can’t cause harmful effects on the human body. This is because they don’t have enough energy to penetrate into the tissues of the human body.

If a person is close to the radiation, it means he is exposed to them more and there are more chances of the radiation, affecting the human tissues. Smartwatches are wearable devices and are placed on the wrist, which means they are closest to the human body and thus the chances of affecting the human body by radiation are at their maximum.

However, the radiations produced by the smartwatches aren’t strong enough to affect the human body.
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What are the Smartwatch Radiation Health Risks?


The radiation emitted by smartwatches is unlikely to cause any effect to the human body anytime soon. To answer Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful? however, there are some risks that still exist due to exposure to the radiation of the smartwatches.


The smartwatches are placed on the wrist for long periods of time. This means exposure to the EMF radiations is increased. Some users have reported headaches after wearing their smartwatches 24/7. It is mostly associated with the direct use of radiation-emitting devices.


Nausea and headaches are interrelated sometimes. When you are exposed to radiation for longer periods of time directly on your wrist, it can result in nausea, as well.


This is one of the most common health-related issues that has been reported by many users. This isn’t a problem that is specific to smartwatch users, all consistent technology users face this issue. This is mainly due to better access to technology resulting in decreased concentration and less productivity.

Memory Problems and Mood Swings

Memory problems and mood swings are the indirect harmful results of the excessive use of smartwatches. They are caused as a result of insomnia. The main reason is that the blue light used in technology can make it difficult for the brain to go to rest.

Body Dysmorphia

This is another most common health problem reported as a result of excessive use of technology such as smartwatches. When you have everything available on your wrist with the notifications rushing in on to your wrist, it gets difficult to be productive and thus problems like eating disorders and body dysmorphia arise.

These problems are very rare and can be avoided using certain precautions. However, the smartwatch’s radiation doesn’t affect human health directly.


How to Protect yourself from these Radiations

The radiation caused by the smartwatches doesn’t have a lot of serious health effects on human health. The effects can be reduced by carefully using the smartwatches and knowing how to use them. So far, you’ve got an estimate of “is smartwatch radiation Harmful?”

Airplane Mode

One of the most effective methods of protecting yourself from the harmful effects of smartwatches is to keep the smart in airplane mode when connectivity features aren’t required. In airplane mode, all the wireless connectivity such as the cellular and Bluetooth connections are disabled. However, you will still be able to use the primary functions of the smartwatch.

Decrease Smartwatches Usage

The smartwatch must be used only when it is required. You must have seen companies advertising that their watches work 24/7 to provide you the best experience. They can track your sleep and other health levels all the time to provide the best insights into your health. However, when you sleep, you don’t actually have to track to sleep and it would feel much better to sleep without anything restricting your wrist. This would decrease the exposure to harmful EMF radiations.

What are smartwatches used for?

Smartwatches have become the latest and most common wearables in the world of technology. They come with a number of features that assist us in our daily life. They are considered to be the daily companion of users not only for tracking your health but also to provide access to a number of features on your wrist.

Health Monitoring and Fitness Tracking

This is the main feature of smartwatches. Most people opt to buy smartwatches for their health monitoring and fitness tracking features. They come with excellent features like tracking blood sugar levels, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and much more. Apart from these features they also have the ability to track your activities, like running, steps taken, calories burned, sleep tracking, cycle tracks, etc.

Notifications at your wrist

This is another attractive feature of smartwatches. They allow their users to receive calls, messages, and other notifications on to their smartwatch directly. Some smartwatches also allow their users to reply to the notifications. This means you can easily access the alerts without having to check your phone again and again.

Find your device

Smartwatches also allow you to find your phone, key, or other devices. You can simply press a few buttons to locate your lost devices without any trouble. These are just a few of the features that are offered by smartwatches. The different and the latest smartwatches offer many other features as well.

These features can be accessed without having to expose yourself a lot to the radiations of the smartwatches.

Can I wear the Smartwatch always?

Yes, you can wear the smartwatch all the time, however, it isn’t recommended. As said previously, smartwatches emit some radiations and continuous exposure to this radiation can result in some health issues. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the smartwatches for longer periods of time or 24/7.

What You Should Know about Smartwatches Radiations

The radiation can be harmful to human health if not dealt with properly. This means a rare exposure to radiations having higher wavelengths will not cause a noticeable effect to human health.

Any device that comes to the international market must meet a certain set of health requirements. The wearable devices are safe to be used as they expose the user to lower levels of radiation as compared to the set harmful standards.

The smartwatches haven’t been around for long periods in order to show actual results of the results of their radiations.

What are the harmful effects of using Smartwatches?

Apart from the harmful effects caused by the radiation emitted by the smartwatches, there are some other issues as well that can result by the use of smartwatches.

Smartwatch may cause Accidents

This is due to the notifications that are directly received on your wrist. In other words, smartwatches have ease of access and stay on your wrist for a long period which means they can result in distractions. These distractions can be harmful while driving and result in accidents.

Lacks Privacy Protection

Smartwatches lack privacy protection. Most of the noticeable smartwatch manufacturers have good standards and methods of ensuring the privacy of the users. However, certain other brands lack this feature which can result in decreased privacy of the user’s data and other personal information.
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Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Do smartwatches give off radiation?
Smartwatches use wireless technology to connect to your device or carry out other operations. They use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity. This means in order to transmit data they use Electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, they are required to pass the FCC standards to ensure safety.

Is wearing smartwatch harmful?
Smartwatches emit radiation for wireless connectivity. However, the energy of these radiations isn’t strong enough to penetrate through human DNA. Therefore, they aren’t harmful to be used for long periods of time.

Can you get cancer from a smartwatch?
No, you can’t get cancer from smartwatches. The wavelength of the radiation emitted by the smartwatches isn’t strong enough to affect the human DNA and cause cancer.

Should I wear a smartwatch all the time?
It isn’t recommended to wear smartwatches all the time. Some users have complained about headaches; however, scientists haven’t found any direct link between the two. The smartwatches emit light radiations and have direct contact to the human body. Therefore, ideally, they shouldn’t be worn all the time.

Can a smartwatch cause nerve damage?
The radiations emitted by the smartwatches aren’t strong enough to cause nerve damage. The only possible cause of this pain is due over-compression of the watch band over the wrist when worn too tightly.

Is it safe to sleep with a smartwatch?
Wearing a smartwatch while you sleep must be avoided. This is because most people sleep with their hands and wrist close to their brain, thus leading to increased exposure to the radiations to the brain at night time.


Is Smartwatch Radiation Harmful? Conclusion

All smartwatches emit radiation when they are turned on and are working properly. These wearables are placed close to the body on the wrist. Continuous emission of radiation and prolonged exposure can result in some harmful effects on the human body.

However, the radiations emitted by the smartwatches aren’t really harmful. They don’t have shorter wavelengths to penetrate into the human tissues and thus don’t cause any health problems. Smartwatches haven’t been around for long enough to know their effect and studies continue as well to understand their effects on the human body.
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